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  1. Wow, I actually came first during one of those races. But generally 6th or 7th. It's a testament to the game that no matter how hard I get thrashed I keep coming back, though.
  2. Chalk me up as another one who's good offline but goes to pieces in any online race. I can't even seem to drive in a straight line. Don't think I've ever placed higher than about 6th yet.
  3. I have a pitifully small friends list at the moment so it's GinSoaked if anyone feels like adding me...
  4. It seems Asda have some in stock for sale tomorrow: http://your.asda.com/news-and-blogs/xbox-one-and-ps4-store-list It seems Asda have some in stock for sale tomorrow: http://your.asda.com/news-and-blogs/xbox-one-and-ps4-store-list
  5. Wasn't the problem with the PSP not the hardware sales as such, but that people didn't bother buying games for it?
  6. It's beautiful! Colourful, solid, chunky, vibrant. As ever, the way Mario "fits" the game world is far in advance of anything other developers seem to manage.
  7. The Wii U could easily find itself in third place by Christmas then, despite its year-long head-start? Amazing.
  8. Nice little tribute at the end of tonight's Newsnight, with footage of various Mario games and all the credits in the style of the Nintendo logo.
  9. They're abysmal. I couldn't quite believe it - they make the Wii U look like the most boring experience ever created. Such a shame, as it's a lovely machine, but the way it's stiffing at retail is Nintendo's fault, plain and simple. I'd be stunned if anyone watching those Tour de France ads went out and bought a Wii U on the back of them.
  10. You're probably right. But if it's the pad making it so expensive, and knowing Nintendo's reluctance to sell anything at a loss, then they're stuffed - if the thing isn't sub-£200 by Christmas they don't really stand a chance. And I get the impression that ideas for utilising the pad in fascinating and unique ways aren't exactly flowing freely at Nintendo.
  11. Am I right in thinking that Pikmin 3 will have numerous control methods, including GamePad, Wii remote/nunchuk, and Pro Controller? That doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the Wii U's main selling point. As the GamePad is the reason for the (relatively) high cost of the console, what if they relaunched the Wii U as Wii 2, bundled with a bog-standard Pro Controller, dirt cheap (at least two hundred quid cheaper than the competition), and started selling the GamePad as an optional extra? Ah, I dunno. But unless they can get the current premium set down to £179-£199, then they're fucked, regardless of the quality of first party titles. If they're misguided enough to believe that software alone will make people forget the £299 price tag, they're idiots.
  12. Love the bit where you have to skydive to the bottom of the mine, then when you get to the bottom one of the miners tells you you could have used the lift. It's full of great set pieces. I haven't enjoyed a game this much since, oh, Mario Galaxy 2, probably.
  13. I don't really see what's wrong with a game being easy as long as it's interesting and charismatic enough to make me want to continue playing, which this is. Knowing I can just switch it on and do a few missions, amble around the scenery, smash a few things up, all within about half an hour - that's why I like it.
  14. This really is one of the best games in years. Everything about it is so well-designed, solid, charming and fun. Yesterday I drove a Lego tractor down a Lego railway tunnel, then crashed it into the sea and got eaten by a Lego shark. What's not to love about that? Nintendo should have made a lot more fuss about it. If this had been on the Wii it would have sold millions of copies by now.
  15. Lego City Undercover is the Wii U's best game - that's a game they need to bundle in with the premium for £199 this Christmas and advertise the fuck out of it. Sorted.
  16. Most places seem to be doing the premium for £249 at the moment, or for about £269 with a game. ShopTo has the premium with Lego City Undercover for £269, for example. Was it £199 in HMV? Nintendo's silence despite every retailer under the sun desperately trying to shift their stock at massive discounts is deafening.
  17. It's quite rare that a game is brilliant right from the moment you start, but this is. Charming, funny, and it looks fantastic. Everything about it just feels right and it's immediately intuitive, no dreary tutorials or hours spent being told what to do. Love it. It's a shame that the Wii U has stalled because it deserves to be played by lots more people than it will be.
  18. Asda Direct are doing the Premium for £249 and the Basic for £199, so as with the 3DS the retailer discounts are already setting in. How long can it be before Nintendo acts? They can't risk waiting too long or retailers will stop bothering with it altogether. I've only recently got around to properly getting stuck into the Wii U, finally having a broadband connection sorted after a year without one, and it's just a lovely machine to use. Friendly, intuitive, charming. Miiverse is great, Nintendo Land is great... God knows why Nintendo is being so backwards at marketing the damn thing, because if more people actually tried it, they'd love it.
  19. My £199 order is the Premium Set with Nintendo Land.
  20. Yay! Amazon have dispatched my £199 order. Love 'em!
  21. Genuinely surprised, and pleased, by these reviews for Mario and Nintendo Land that are showing up. As good as Mario looked in screenshots, I never really expected it to be a 9/10.
  22. Xbox World was selling 20,000 copies last year - not many compared to the olden days of games mags, admittedly, but nearly three times Nintendo Gamer's last figure of 7,500. So Future is presumably turning its back on print in a major way. The Wii-U launch will be the first that isn't accompanied by a great big fat issue of a Future independent Nintendo magazine to read through, sharing the excitement of a new console. Such a shame.
  23. Amazon's Wii U Premium Pack page now has a little message up saying that any orders placed before November 5th will be despatched for release day, but any placed after that will be subject to availability. So that's nice. Now, fingers crossed they don't suddenly decide to cancel the £199 orders. The Zombi-U and Basic packs are still being sold with release day availability.
  24. The problem with that (even though it was brilliant for those of us who bought it at launch) is that it left Nintendo absolutely nowhere to go to boost interest. £129 was so cheap that even a cut to £99 wasn't that much of a big deal. At least if the Wii U starts to sag after the inevitable early interest they have the option of cutting it to around £199.
  25. Is this important news? This news piece seems to think so. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-09-19-nintendo-licenses-unity-engine-for-wii-u-both-in-house-and-out
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