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  1. yeah I'd really love some photos Adam, i know we've discussed that before and I'm kicking myself for not doing it back then when I had a lot of work and could have promoted it properly. I'll have to find someone to agree to be photographed but will let you know when I do and you can tell me how much it all costs. thanks.
  2. I need some of me instructing a client ideally. I already spoke to the guy who owns the private gym I work from and he's fine with me bringing in someone to take photos, so just need to get that arranged. And although it's vain and superficial I should get a decent picture of my own body in a gym because that at least shows people I practise what I preach. Not uncommon in personal trainers but not as ubiquitous as you'd imagine either. I'm still tinkering with Wordpress and have written a frontage and an About page, put a sidebar on with contact details and a map with the location of the gym I work out of. Just really want some images and maybe testimonials. I don't think they'd be hard to get; I'm in touch with most people I've trained through the forum and was pretty friendly with them all so they'd probably be willing to write a couple of sentences.
  3. I've created a Wordpress site and just working on it now, is there a way to add a logo to it that appears at the top of the page instead of the generic theme layout? I'm gonna upgrade it to premium anyway once I've got some stuff on there, so dunno if that's only possibly once you've upgraded. also I do want to make a Facebook page but I don't have any photos of myself working. Gaz is really good with social media and I'm gonna speak to him about this very soon.
  4. Yeah please, I really need it, obviously last time we spoke I just wasn't motivated enough but I'm pretty serious about making it happen now. "Motivated" isn't the right word - taking it more seriously as a business always daunted me and if I feel overwhelmed my typical response is to run away from something, but I'm trying to change that.
  5. Yeah pledge told me that on Tuesday, he said you can redirect it to your own URL so it looks more professional. I really just want something clean and simple with basic contact information and a page explaining what I can help people with. The last couple of days have showed me again that my real networking strength is through the internet so I definitely do need to focus on the online stuff.
  6. That would be fantastic, another forumite has hooked me up with the manager of his office building and she said I could put up posters and leaflets around the office and maybe even offer sample PT in the building, so I need to get some printed ASAP. I haven't had any photos taken while I'm working so I don't really have any images I could use but I really just want something nice and clean that says who I am, what I can offer people and where they can find me. I'm not expecting you to design me a logo and leaflets for free obviously so will PM you with some ideas and you can tell me what's a fair price for your work. Thanks again!
  7. I really appreciate any help anyone can offer. I've been talking to geekette about this over PM and it's something I want to take seriously this year and try to make a go of. I'm basically clueless about web design and don't know how to edit or even access a URL I own so she has kindly offered to help me out setting it up so I at least have a presence online. And Tofu that's really kind of you, I wouldn't know where to begin without you guys. This forum is an amazing network.
  8. i thought the same; any time someone draws fast in a movie/TV show and it's an actor it's never fast enough to make sense. there's a similar scene in Collateral, the Tom Cruise movie, when he draws on three guys who are already holding guns. it's ridiculous; the moment you saw someone move quickly in any direction you'd pull the trigger, and no matter how fast you are you're not faster than that.
  9. this is out in 2 days in Bongo Bongo Land, does that mean it will soon be available for illicit download? i don't know if they have the internet over there.
  10. jesus christ what the fuck is wrong with Mayor Carcetti from The Wire? why has nobody on the production team had a word with him yet? he's pulling me out of the show every time he walks onscreen
  11. Outkast is pretty much it from my teenage years. even Radiohead i can't listen to any more. i think this is my favourite song of all time actually:
  12. Surely whoever is volunteered needs to agree to it or everyone would just choose the most renowned warriors in the kingdom and all they'd ever do is risk their lives in small claims court every day.
  13. I don't think that's true at all. half of Louis' career has been about being unattractive because he's fat. It was the 'I'm just gonna say it: it's your fault' line that really pissed me off.
  14. Or just ugly, or had terrible acne, or any one of a million unfortunate things that people are born with and can't change. Complaining people don't find you attractive because you're overweight is like complaining you can't make friends in japan because you don't speak Japanese. Learn Japanese
  15. it was brilliant but the whole speech irritated me because everything she complains about is within her power to change.
  16. i started NG++ tonight and literally every 5 minutes i'm getting arbiter spirit invasions. it's kind of ruining it for me, i can't get anywhere.
  17. CrispinG


    "talk about the GDP, no one knows what that means!!" i love mike
  18. the episode was also a few minutes shorter so i'm going to assume they couldn't fill the runtime and padded out the script with Dani's title, adding an extra three minutes.
  19. utterly sick of her, she's the new Cat Stark. She can't even control her dragons. I thought she had some psychic link and commanded them like an army but she's more like a foster parent who adopted some riotous inner city kids and now realises she's out of her depth.
  20. the rescue attempt was absurd. Two rowing boats with about seven guys versus an entire fort. Also Ramsay made it clear he was in charge and stood there half naked covered in blood. No one thought to whip out a crossbow Indiana Jones style?
  21. nobody ever talks about Varys but he's one of the best actors in the show. Obviously Tyrrion stole the episode but that's not hard to do when you've got a speech like that to chew through.
  22. It affected me; I actually cared about their budding romance and the final scene was quietly beautiful because the film spent so much time developing their characters. I can appreciate the other side when it's done well: I loved Cloverfield despite all the characters being one dimensional yuppie wankers because it was a believable apocalypse scenario involving a giant monster. It's when you get a watered down version of both these approaches, like every CGI superhero movie of the last decade, that I completely lose interest.
  23. last two posts don't fill me with confidence; I thought Pacific Rim was unwatchably stupid and boring, but Monsters was interesting precisely because I found the two leads engaging. I don't understand people who can watch two hours of computer special effects.
  24. you know farming Soul Vessels from the Memory of Orro? i did the Bonfire Ascetic at the memory bonfire, it reset the Giant Lord one, but after i killed him and went back to Orro to find the Soul Vessel it wasn't there. before i tried going straight to Orro once i dropped the Ascetic and it told me to kill the lord of this world first, which i assume is the Giant Lord, so it's obviously reset. what's up with that? i've run out of locations to get them from now. i dunno why they insist on making this a thing at endgame; it's pretty annoying.
  25. I cracked up 3 times in the first 5 minutes of the season premiere. It's the Seinfeld observations painted surreal that get me about this show, like the bin men and especially the kid on his phone in the coffee shop. Second one was less amazing because it felt like a retread of the book shop girl episode right down to the punchline but I find it endearing how Louis the real life person is clearly dreaming constantly of some mysterious woman rescuing him from himself.
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