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  1. Well, after watching the whole series I have to say I pretty much hated it! Mostly because I didn't believe the motivation of any of the characters who were in the comic and I didn't care about any of the new characters. Still, kudos to it for not being a lazy retread of the comic
  2. Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.... I look forward to the subplot about magic blood or some other stupid bollocks. They've fucked up everything they've ever touched.
  3. Brilliant TV! Not a wasted scene or line. Could you imagine if it had been made by Netflix? 13 episodes, that would have followed the lives of all of the scientists that were amalgamated into Emily Watson.
  4. Dark Souls 3 is £9.99 at CDKeys. 2 is even cheaper
  5. You can play it more than once if you complete it in less than 30 mins (you then have the remaining time) or switch to a different account
  6. Demo is out on Xbox One UK
  7. Me & my daughter's Halloween bunting
  8. Day 17 The Emperor Peacock (based on a statue of Emperor Constantine)
  9. Day 14 The Sultan of Puffins
  10. Day 13 The Doberman Tsar
  11. It's a great effect, adds some nice chaos to the page. Thanks very much re my pics. I hadn't read Grandville (just looking at it I'm glad I haven't used a badger for any of my pics) I just got the idea into my head that I'd like to draw a load of authority figures with random animal heads
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