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  1. I've started. In a completly random move I'm going with a Lord of Plagues
  2. I'm undecided too. I have a cheesy female warrior holding a torch or the Crimson Court just turned up and I could paint one of them in pale armour or with glowing eyes, etc
  3. Ah thanks. Just make sure you get an entry in on time for May's challenge
  4. Yay!!! Thanks everyone. Flesh worked really well and gave a nice variety of figures and styles. For the next challenge how about "Light"? Could be a glowing weapon or a lantern or could just be a light shade of skin or armour.
  5. Looks absolutely horrible! In the best possible way
  6. I'm done. I spent a long time trying to fix things I should have left alone days ago.
  7. The purple skin looks great! Works really well with the other colours you've used
  8. I'm almost finished. I stupidly decided to add some weapons into the wounds of my zombie by drilling holes in it after I'd almost finished painting it. Just repainting those bits and finishing the base
  9. I was just looking through some old White Dwarf's and found this GW letter from legendary painter, John Blanche (but not signed by him). I never got back to them as I was only 16 and Nottingham was hundreds of miles away
  10. I found a really old Joker figure in my attic. I remember it came out not long after the Killing Joke first came out, for some reason the sculpt didn't have fingers on his hands, so I added them along with scraps of hair (not 100% successfully)
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