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  1. I may have already asked this... getting old I am getting a 1tb ssd and USB adapter thingie and hoping to get some games downloaded onto it for series x launch day but I don’t own an Xbox at the moment... I can borrow a friends and assume login to my account on that, download the games to the external drive and then plug that into my series x - does that sound feasible?
  2. I will have to check my screen grab, I think it’s that island that has a bridge to the main land that no one lands at - just a late landing random discovery!
  3. @Freeman Defi get gas, as a hardcore charcoal would never use gas on a bbq type I went for pellets and they are good but a complete arse at times - I got the gas to see if it would be easier and worth the compromise in flavour... it’s a million times easier and there is zero flavour difference! I have a pellet smoker so I’m very familiar with the pros of wood and charcoal cooking but in the ooni I don’t really see any benefit to it. I would recommend a metal peel for turning and a wooden one for launching - we have the basic ooni metal one and a pro cook bamboo one. Also ha
  4. I found a covered up Ecto-1 in game the other night, had no idea there was a ghostbuster tie in
  5. I bought this last night too, it’s been good fun thus far - always good to support a forumite!
  6. I was going by what I read a couple of months ago when a tech site were saying the xsx has a better I/O throughput due to hardware compression where nobody knew how the Sony software based compression would affect its throughput even if it was running on some fishy core - I did watch the Cerney lecture and only get 16% of my tech analysis from Twitter!
  7. I dunno as it’s part of the velocity engine and will be in the dev tools while you’re quoting raw figures with zero overheads and cpu in burst mode to cope - Sonybhave got some decent on paper I/O speed with no details of how it can be used in the real world unlike MS who have demonstrated it - even if you don’t like that look at how a vodka are doing the same on the 3xxx series cards!
  8. Cheers, by chance the Sabrent 3.1 adapter was back in stock and only £3 cheaper so I’ve gone for that and a 1tb ssd (that will defi be cheaper come Black Friday.....)
  9. SFS tho, you’re comparing apples and oranges on paper figures.....
  10. What’s the deal with external SSD drives and usb 3.0 v 3.1, can the series consoles make use of the extra bandwidth on 3.1 as I thought not (unlike the PS5) but don’t want to buy the wrong thing!
  11. I didn’t have a preorder for a PS4 and couldn’t get one for launch, woke up on launch day and had one reserved in Argos - I think there is a chance of retail units still.....
  12. He said mongol, short for mongoloid or someone with Down’s syndrome...... retard being a further clue that he wasn’t talking about a fucking dog! You’re a ‘woke and SJW’ comment away from twat of the week with that post
  13. ive added some on the website and don’t have an Xbox so they haven’t downloaded!
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