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  1. Herbert gets a free pass for life (even on Sky) due to that car and that race - I’m jealous of both of you to be fair, I need to get a model and a time machine I love everything about the car, mostly that it was shit for years and had one last shot before the rule changes etc
  2. So many greats taken but surprised this hasn’t been
  3. it’s like Perfect dark zero on 360 launch - looks pretty and next gen but once you (quickly) get past that you realise it’s pretty shite - it’s pretty short and not much to do thankfully! Are you going to get Ryse & 1-2 Switch also and have a mediocre launch game fest!?
  4. Damn you!! To be fair I never felt on edge with the car so clearly not trying hard enough - there is one corner that I was finding tricky but thats more off camber braking with wheel input silliness on my part!
  5. You have done really well to avoid it for this long, why are you trying to play dross like that!?
  6. What have you ordered!? Blast from the past - think my first wheel was a MS sidewinder and loved playing Grand Prix series, Grand Prix Legends and even a bit of Nascar/Indycar back in the day. All my old wheels have long gone, always upgrading or changing systems and a starting again
  7. Ahh that is a great combo - will have to try and give it a go later!
  8. That VGT or advanced drill catcher looks awful like all of them, well worse than most so that’s something - maybe it was Binotto’s parting gift…. I had a little sesh this afternoon, ive been unwell and still not right so it was a right old sweat fest that im telling myself will cure this cold…. Anyhoo the 25th anniversary race on Willow Springs is a great laugh - I hadn’t raced that track of late or own the car so was surprised how well I did (take it all back about the pros making it look easy ) and took the win after a couple of goes with some customary binning it on the same corner chasing lap times when not needed… Naturally now being a master of the course and car I finished the session doing a few laps on the TT and assume the BOP / Tyres are different given how different my pace was - can’t believe I let @Corranga keep that spot above me but Im knackered and will be back I did also have my fist go on Road Atlanta and thats a great track, did the circuit experience and thats another good combo and some easy credits - the inevitable TT on this track is going to be a hoot, I can imagine it will be a Corvette on solid tyres for the japes!
  9. That’s a sexy set of pedals there @davejm and ive heard they are amazing and a step up from the Fanatecs - wish consoles allowed a bit more choice with pedals! What rig is that?
  10. You know the rules state you have to post a pic of your setup now and everytime you make an incremental upgrade a new pic is required
  11. If contemplating buying the Lego Optimus prime counts… Star Wars prequels are terrible!
  12. Im a couple of hours into Resi 4 and holy crap its amazing - I think looking at the phone and moving it around is one of the most impressive things ive experienced in game, only behind the typewriter - thats up there with the Mario 64 wow moment and its a bloody type writer for saving, As for the whole gun mechanics and reloading - stunning, it took me ages to work out why I couldn’t fire more than one shotgun shell - cock it….. Honestly, Resi 4 is already an all timer for me but having bought loads of remakes over the years they haven’t captured the magic of the original because the play mechanics have not aged well IMO but this VR version solves that and being in the world with these play mechanics is just ridiculous
  13. Lego (with what looks like wickedbrick stands - I just ordered some more stuff from them), model cars, Radiohead art, sim racing…. Are you me @SharkyOB
  14. I have a spring / elastomer combo… @Corranga is spot on with all the points and reasons - he also appears to have a pair of Philips X2 so clearly to be trusted! Also ive found out that looking at new wheels to buy ends up with you buying other essential sim racing gear….
  15. @spatular the loadcell on the CSL is much better than standard brake - straight away I was faster with it because its much easier to be consistent with pressure rather than travel, where the CSL falls down IMO is the balance of pedal movement and modulation as you have read, adding the spring to the stack defi improves this but having had the original clubsport pedals I preferred how they felt. You can adjust the amount of force you need to hit 100% braking, it can be made pretty soft but its still linear without the mods. Ive never used the V3’s so its a bit of a blind purchase and ive since seen reviews that prefer the brake pedal on the CSL Elite V3’s and ive accepted Fanatec will release a V4 set soon and no doubt I will get upgrade fever all over again I would say before you get any loadcell figure out the mounting - you really do want a solid mount for the pedals, I get lots of flex on my pedal tray and more still on the wheel deck and knowing what I know now and what I want from a rig I wouldn’t buy the setup I have and got something more solid straight away. I dont regret what I have as its a huge price vs ‘will I actually use it’ but I could have saved some money thats for sure. Don’t worry about all the questions, ive asked many similar ones before and picked up loads of info from the helpful chaps here.
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