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  1. Sorry but you’re talking shite, I’m trying not to come across as harsh but you keep repeating utter horse shite so I’ve bitten… You can not tell if there is damage to carbon fibre unless you scan it, you also can not test for stress fractures on wheels without taking them off and scanning them - you are trying to claim that a low tech series that allow cars to run around fall apart should have the same rule set as the most complex racing series on the planet!? People have died in F1 because teams take gambles with safety and just look at tour bike racing if you want examples of CF failures where teams thought on a visual inspection all was ok.
  2. The main issue is no one can really compete with Man City, Man U or Chelsea - Liverpool threw 200 million at a nearly team and did win the big prizes but our owners are never going to do that and hope to financially compete with the stadium etc. You could praise them for it as its sustainable and a long term plan and we have been a club with 6th place funding competing in the top 4 for a decade, of course in the social media/tribal rival fan base world we live in that’s abject failure
  3. I flicked through loads of QR games yesterday to hit the game pass task, all worked fine and some I haven’t played in months!!!
  4. Indeed, if you don’t go for an overtake you’re not a racer and all that - Max has plenty of Lewis about him but of the two is defi the one who races dirtier so just by percentages he is gonna have issues he needn’t have and has had plenty already in his young career. Horner just needs to accept that but of course the siege mentality is always going to kick in esp in such a PR driven sport.
  5. Horner is so fucking salty, bless him tho as until Mazespin he had the most dangerous driver on the grid under his wing to defend and boohoo he got a taste of his own medicine (literally chopped Lewis twice pre crash and weaved over limits twice) and its all unfair and dangerous. I hope Perez gets a ban for taking out poor old Kimmi on a high speed bend…
  6. Good to see the car that isn’t the fastest win a race for a change!
  7. Ahahhahahahhahahahahhahaahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahababa
  8. Perez 10sec penalty incoming….
  9. Is the Ferrari engine mapping issue that it’s got the 2019 map running!?
  10. 50/50 and with Max weaving as ever and Hamilton avoiding two chops before this one I think the blame is more on Max for this one - he basically got out dicked as tried it too hard.
  11. I thought they raised a good point about the engines, how much damage are they likely to take etc. With that in mind have Mercedes pushed red bull with a plan for tomorrow and releasing some power once it was clear Lewis couldn’t pass? It could have made for some interesting tactics but I guess if the red bull sails off again then it’s just a better all round car and that’s the season settled!!
  12. Lols what a load of rubbish, Spurs fans have long been self deprecating and famous for valuing the style of football played over results if it comes to it. I’m sure there are plenty of more modern fans who exhibit some of the delusions as you say but that’s not the outlook of the majority and much like AFTV I’m sure as a non fan of the club your opinion is based upon those who shout the loudest on social media. Ive not met a Spurs fan that has any expectations going into any game let alone a season / cup / Europe and certainly wherever I’ve sat in the ground or any podcast I’ve listened to backs that up.
  13. Nah, can’t use kids for cobalt any more so they moved into data…
  14. I’m going to be in the minority here but I don’t treat Horizon games as a traditional game, I don’t want structure or handholding to tell me what to do and how i must do it as I’m not interested in ‘finishing it’ just messing around - its my pick up and play when i feel like it and this is over years not weeks and I’ve still ignored loads of the races etc but occasionally I go through a load of them…. I’d not be that bothered of there weren’t any traditional races in it I get the map complaints about too many icons and choice paralysis but much like Zelda you turn it off and the game is better for it, discovery is the best map!
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