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  1. Shimmyhill


    Nope, makes Spurs champions init! On a serious note, any insides on the Arsenal Fan TV stuff that’s going on? I know most on here will not be fans but seems an absolute horror show for the club and I guess a danger of supporting fan made stuff.
  2. We haven’t touched a take away pizza, I can’t think of any restaurant pizza I would want over it either and that’s just a std Neapolitan style pizza - it’s so good! How much was it in the end and what pushed you to the breville over the Effeuno
  3. For PR Vettel is the better choice but Perez is likely to get more out of the car as he can overtake and grab a car by the scruff of its neck and make it over perform - I guess it’s down to which option brings more money to the team.
  4. I finished left behind tonight, tres Bon with a great story and further proof that pleasing as Ellie is much better than playing as Joel - the couple of silly games you play out are brilliant! Two next I guess but may just have a new game+ first...
  5. Was a good win, that fucking shark scared the shite out of me and nearly killed me twice We had a mate of mine who hasn’t played Fortnite for two years with us last night, he did well and good fun was had by all - probably for the best you couldn’t hear me screaming on the comms!!
  6. I finished this today also, I really liked it but mainly because of the music and atmosphere - the story was very good and it did hit me in the feels a few time, I felt compelled to continue and actually want to play it again on a harder difficulty and have gone straight onto the DLC before picking up 2. The above is a statement I never thought I would make so that’s huge praise. I still think the ‘game’ part of it is pretty poor but once I was past the opening couple of hours there is fun to be had in the combat but mainly trying to avoid any gunplay (and maybe that’s the point) as that is ND at its worst imo with cumbersome movement and some terrible hit detection on enemies etc . However where the immersion is almost killed is the formulaic ‘Ohh look at all those bits of cover in a line, I wonder what’s happening here.....’ that even gears of war would be ashamed of - it’s a shame as at other times the combat is genuinely shit scary (my partner recorded me playing it and my reaction was funny as hell, I’d killed clickers and the other bigger arsehole version but wasn’t sure I was in the clear and had genuine relief when over! It’s an odd one for sure, it feels like it could be genuinely one of the best games ever if someone else handled the player movement and combat but despite that I did very much enjoy it when I finally got past the first bit on the third time of asking - I want to play it again, I’m happy to hand wave all sorts of things that generally piss me off in these games because there is definitely something about being in that world with the music and atmosphere. 9/10
  7. It’s Breath of the wild isn’t it, the opening moments and the next (for me) 120 hours of perfection - my only only regret is that you can never experience it for the first time again. Ohh, imagine it was out for lockdown My first victory royale in Fortnite is also up there for me - not many moments have given the same level of exhilaration, relief and sheer joy and I’m still playing the games chasing the same dragon!
  8. Don’t start me.... I gave up on RDR2 due to the controls but I love GTA games in general esp 5!
  9. I don’t like naughty dog games, they have such poor basic control of the character and I’ve bounced off this game twice but a few days ago I started my third attempt at it since the ps3 days... I still think the character movement is poor, the combat passable at best but my word this game has such incredible atmosphere and as someone who doesn’t care about story in games as a rule I have been fairly engaged in it - I’m enjoying it to a degree but it’s full of frustrations that I just don’t get how people look past them... I mean having to search ever inch of every identikit property / bit of woodland /urban area etc is bad enough but with the cumbersome movement of the character it’s just painful at times (I feel the same about unchartered 4 but have long since given up on that) esp when there is so much solid scenery that you could easily fit thru but the game doesn’t want you too! Frustrations aside there is something about this game after all, I had to change pads as ran the battery out - says it all really! I haven’t finished it, it’s 4am and I’m in the winter bit having just got free.... it feels like I’m coming to the end of the game and it’s defi changed my opinion of it! Ohhh, the music - amazing, possibly up there with my all timers and easily the most atmospheric game I’ve played. If the basic character movement and controls were not so bad I could see why this is so loved, that still baffles me but I am loving the game...
  10. I guess after we all giggled at the West Ham result..... What I don’t get is why Spurs aren’t playing Toby and Vertingen, maybe they lack a bit of pace but they would have lapped up a fairly static attack that Sheffield Utd had, one suspects it’s some Jose antics
  11. Similar - wooden peel to prep and launch, metal to turn and take out and then have a round wooden (Lidl special) serving board to put cooked pizza on! It’s a decent work flow when doing a few but we also picked up some stackable pizza trays in Lidl as an ooni group had a cracking idea for making the pizzas first and putting them on baking paper on the stackable trays to then take out and have a cooking production line!
  12. do you have the metal peel with no handle? We have found a wooden peel (doesn’t need to be ooni, ours is pro cook as much cheaper) is best for launching (putting the uncooked pizza into the ooni) and the metal peel for turning but just take it out and manually rotate - the small metal peel with handle is meant to allow turning while in the oven but a cost too far for us as we have no issues with the setup.
  13. Pfft, thugs the lot of em them Pistons Im a 90s NBA glory hunter fan!
  14. I genuinely think it’s a shame Liverpool won the league in the way they have done, their fans and players deserve to have the crowd there but I’m sure it still feels amazing so while we all know it doesn’t count and will always have a * by it well done, very much deserved and enjoy The whole fan thing is a bit odd, I’ve been to Anfield more than most Liverpool fans I’m sure but I’m not sure that really counts does it - there are glory hunters for any club that’s had success and boy will we be suffocated by them in the coming days, weeks, months and decades esp people of my vintage who as dedicated Liverpool fans as I am Chicago Bulls but better that than a Tory supporter right.
  15. They do look impressive, I’m not sure I see the need for one - gas is so easy on the Ooni and I’ve no issue cooking outside all year round so an indoor electric one seem overkill for home use but each to their own! Its defi a bit of a cliche but my word we will never touch a takeaway pizza again, it’s not a hard process to make the dough but the results are so much better!
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