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  1. Cheers, I take it you can still just input the code on the console when signed into a US account?
  2. Was a great laugh, I think its why I’m still playing 4 years later - its just fun dicking around and chatting shit!! I’ll try and get the vid off Graham, i thought i had one of the car kill but i dont seem to
  3. Shimmyhill

    The Spurs Thread

    Conte master stroke…. play all the marginal players he wants out and make them all look terrible and get the press narrative to loosen those purse straps
  4. Well that’s shot to the top of my wants list, loved my original Fanatec wheel - I am so out of touch with these but the main reason i got a Fanatec setup back in the day was for PS/Xbox/PC compatibility, do they have a wheel that works across the next gen machines?
  5. When you did the console region change did you restart the machine? I bought a US $10 credit last week and couldn’t redeem it any normal way with VPN but worked on the console - the whole store was in US dollars etc.
  6. This was the Crusin blast of gaming tv, perfect for what you want!
  7. Honestly as the forums most annoyed by noise PlayStations make (note there has never been a ‘silent’ PlayStation, not one) I haven’t had the disc spin noise issue at all - its very noisy on powering on but goes quiet quickly - the PS5 isnt silent (obvs) but is so quiet and the noise it makes blends in so you dont notice it, i dont seem to get any coil whine thankfully.
  8. about the same size too, maybe we should chuck some clothes in!
  9. Early leak of next seasons map, pretty sure @Pistol must work at Epic…
  10. Bottas is still the better number 2 tho, he gets far too much stick really but its quite easy to quantify as he has more points than Perez in the car that’s generally been not as good as him number 2 rival/ MotoGP isnt anywhere near as big and both vastly eclipsed by the upcoming blood money FIFA World Cup!
  11. 3rd is his, i guess they can only hope he can get close enough to interfere with pit stops / run him wide etc
  12. One stop look on, could be interesting towards the end
  13. Maybe Merc are backing Max into Bottas after pit stop…. Even then you can’t see him doing anything!
  14. Must have been a tricky meeting for the stewards as clearly they have to punish Bottas but that means also punishing their boy, too much scrutiny on them to ignore the double waved element and hand the bigger penalty out
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