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  1. Cheers chaps, I’ve been eating the eggs and doing that but wondered if there was another way (shoulda mentioned the digging bit) as I’m moving a lot of trees
  2. Is there anyway to see what kind of tree a tree is? I’m starting to move my orchard but don’t want to chop trees that may have fruit I’ve already picked!
  3. Lies! I have it up there with the best, some parts are the best Mario platforming ever!
  4. What’s the difference between the base game and spec2? Base game is on sale and spec 2 not!!
  5. Cheers, the limitation being that on one console only I can play the games, not other users on that one can so one of them is pretty limited I’m just buying up the games the kids play on cart and will then make my new machine the primary console. Nintendo were pretty close, the game saves in the cloud has worked really well just the game sharing thats behind the other consoles/pc.
  6. New switch up and running, saves downloaded (one at a time, no select all option...) and games re downloading so all is good! I assume as my old Switch is primary the new one needs internet to check games before playing? Can you have more than 2 consoles sharing games this way? I now need a memory card, any recommendations as my last one was bought when the switch launched!? edit... this is more complicated! So on my new switch I can play digital games on my new switch with a online check but another account on the Switch can’t play them - is that because the account needs to be tied to a Nino account and in my on,one family plan or a limitation of this not being the limy Switch? That raises the question about new download games, if I buy Animal crossing on the new switch can I only play it with the online check and the other uses not play it? Or is it tied to the machine you purchased it on?
  7. Do we know how big the download for this is?
  8. I can login now but not do anything and then get kicked out again.
  9. So I get my new switch and link to Nintendo ID and the bloody eshop is down so I can’t try and download all the games I own Have Nintendo said anything about when it’s due back, maintenance or something?
  10. Hmm, what about games I’ve bought digitally can I just get them again or are they tied to the console and need to be transferred ? The situation I don’t want is to end up with two accounts across two systems with separate saves and games lists...
  11. Another annoying save question.... I have my account and games on original switch at old house but simply have to get a new switch for Animal crossing - do I need to transfer my account or can I just sign in on new switch and access my games and saves etc? I suspect I will have to do a system transfer but prolly can’t do that before the game comes out - can you merge saves at all?
  12. I take it nowhere has the AC console left to pre order?
  13. Shimmyhill

    The Spurs Thread

    Good, will show them lot upstairs that without investment the club will never progress - the manager was never the problem....
  14. Back into this with my other half on pSVR.... is there any easier way of swapping between profiles as currently seem to have to turn the headset and move controllers off and turn back on when in the other profile - sometimes have to kill the game too!?
  15. To be fair any old team can beat Man City 2-0 as Man Utd and Spurs have proven Pep will have next season with no European football at this rate so should be a canter to the title...
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