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  1. Never mind all the vapourware talk… today is all about ordering cosmic red sides bit thingies
  2. Are they the glass doors on a Kallax? Im either getting a load of them or the custom ones made for Lego so would be interested in how you find them, do they fit well enough to stop dust etc and any chance of a closer pic of them!?
  3. And now the inevitable Chelsea goal, given their recent form being a goal down at half time is a completely different second half - fucking VAR.
  4. Giant mofo! I just bought a bow with ice so maybe I will go back that way and have a play!
  5. i have one of those, defi underuse it tho! Hmm, I didn’t seem to be doing much damage with them or setting off the canister for an explosion.
  6. I do but they don’t seem to do much - I get the feeling I should be upgrading my weapons and mods more so will look into that more as probably very underpowered and full of mods and metal etc!
  7. Is Arteta controlling the lights at Watford? Odd one for them to call off but who knows these day…
  8. Ive put 20 hours into this and am very much enjoying it as ive posted before but haven’t played it for.a while due to house/life stuff, with the sequel in mind ive picked it up again today and after getting used to the controls again ive carried on with the main quest. I have a question that ill put in spoilers but relates to the first very different enemy type… Also, my word this looks draw dropping on my new OLED after playing it only on a LCD before.
  9. Worldie scored by Norwich
  10. Hmm, that would be annoying - maybe some cheap credit and digital then!
  11. I was about to pre order the ps5 version so glad i read this, £50 on game collection for PS4 and that seems reasonable. How painless will the upgrade be? this is Sony after all…
  12. Indeed, ive finished it hence the query over the time played - as a huge fan of the VR game I found the PS5 experience just that, its not a great game like the VR one is and all the pad stuff was impressive but hardly a game changer just like guessing the number of marbles was on the switch…. It seems to have been as successful as that outside its tech demo too!
  13. Luckily it was a £35 purchase off here, too think i was going to get a non disc machine still feel mugged, its just such a mediocre game as the whole series has been - i feel like ive played more than 4 hours tho and same with Astro….
  14. Probably roughly right albeit it says i had 0 hours online and in VR both of them not true, big change around this gen with the PS5 being the exclusives machine reflecting in the low hours.
  15. Shimmyhill

    The Spurs Thread

    Great news about Lloris signing a new contract, gives us a couple of years to try and replace him - one of our own now
  16. Who won the cheater fc cup game tonight, cheater fc or cheater fc?
  17. Cheers, picked it up - doesn’t seem to look much better but obv runs better on the X - love this game, shame it never got a remaster.
  18. So you’re saying its better than the Wii U version I own….?
  19. We applied for it, Covid and injuries.
  20. Shimmyhill

    The Spurs Thread

    Well well well, very Spursy that
  21. I use a pro cook bamboo peel to launch and the cheap ooni no handle one to turn the pizza - I’m all about spending money on shiny things but can’t see id get anything more out of a fancy peel, id rather have a few bamboo ones to make and launch on than spend loads on a fancy one on its own!
  22. Shimmyhill


    First club in history to cancel a game due to being scared of playing Spurs.
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