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  1. Sega Rally Demo on Sega saturn magazine. Time trial on Forest track, hammered this demo till the final game came out.
  2. With all the Arcade racers at your disposal, well worth picking a wheel up. They don't break the bank either. Best Daytona USA experience out of all the formats to.
  3. Yeah 4 had a great balance of real tracks and fantasy tracks, like Amalfi coast and fujimi kado point to point races. All the Forza after 4 felt kinda dull afterwards. Can't say I'm that excited with what I've seen of the new series x/s one either.
  4. Yeah, got mine from CEX for £20 which included the clamp but had to buy psu of ebay seperate. Depending on your setup and usage, these are well worth the money and motivates you more to use it as your not having to set it up and put it away all the time. With the Wheel stand it just folds up and can tuck it away in the cupboard or corner of a room in a few seconds. You don`t need the clamp for it either. But again depends on how much you plan on using it really if its worth the outlay. https://wheelstandpro.com/product/wheel-stand-pro-for-microsoft-wireless-racing-wheel-for-xbox-360-v2/?region=uk
  5. You will want this one. Force feedback wheels were very ltd for 360. And trying to run 360 titles with FF via Series S/X backward compatibility is a no go either. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_360_Wireless_Racing_Wheel CEX is your best bet if you cant find one local.
  6. Been having a 360 revival over the past few months. 360 + Series S covers most bases for me especially when it comes to Sega's catalogue. Invested in the 360 force feedback wheel with Wheel stand pro recently and Daytona USA plays awesome on this, love the FF effects. Picked Sega Rally Revo up again and with the Force feedback wheel, transforms this game. Gives your arms a work out when you set feedback to strong. Forgot how tough this game was to. Also tried it with PGR4 which takes some getting used to after being so used to the pad. Still plays great though. Hydro thunder is another that surprisingly has force feedback which works well and is great for a quick bash Picked up Forza 4 again which is probably my personal fav out the series. Again plays great with force feedback. Only one i was surprised that didn't have FF was Outrun 2 Online. Regardless still plays good with the wheel. Managed to pick up Soul calibur IV to for a couple quid today which made me chuckle having the addition of Yoda. It's either alot more difficult than 1 or Im just bad at it now. For me the 360 is still the greatest console of all time, such a varied library of games. I got given a kinect sensor to recently, might have to spark it back up for Child of Eden 😁
  7. Because I disagree with your analogy? 🤣 🤣
  8. Watch Boba Fett ep 5. Will explain all.
  9. Agreed I would have a field day in this thread.
  10. 🤣 That's an awful analogy. Both terrible films!
  11. Great opener to S3. Good sequence with the mandalor at the beginning and nice dogfight sequence later on. Story Sets the season up nicely to. Best series out there by a mile, can't wait for the next episode. Just wished it was a little longer. Kudos to the visual effects, set designs and props, looks and sounds stunning in Dolby Vision/Atmos.
  12. What because it's entertaining with some decent action sequences? TLOU can't even get right one of the most memorable intense scenes, where Joel gets stabbed right! Let's dumb it down to "trying to get back on my horse and someone stabs me when I turn round" Yeah that sounds so much better than how it happened in the game. Im glad that folks are getting milage from this,but this series is so slow its coming to a halt in points.
  13. Just gone through a rewatch of both seasons and last 3 EPs of boba fett getting ready for this season. Love this show and is easily the saving grace of the Star Wars universe. Great cast, love how each episode is it's on entity and Mando and Grogu are a great duo in this! S3 has been along time coming, hope it lives upto S1 and S2. Today is the day we shall find out.
  14. Gone from enjoying upto ep2 to I can ditch this at any moment. They focused way to much on side stories and ruined the flow of Joel and Ellies journey. This weeks show was dull, boring and didn't deserve a whole ep dedicated to it. The only saving grace was the presence of a Daytona cabinet! As far as Game to TV series go, Halo is far more enjoyable than this.
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