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  1. Something, something, we'll be back, go and make a cup of tea.
  2. amc

    Lone Echo 2

    I recently bought Lone Echo for basically free, think it was £7.99 on the store and I used an £8.00 Oculus credit. So yeah, free. Got several awesome games I need to play in VR before I even consider this. Hopefully go VR deep as winter creeps in.
  3. That's a good price. Love using light to add mood to gaming. Even when I'm not syncing my games some of my more played have their own profile I've created for them. So dank greens and blue etc with a bit of orange for the Demon's Souls remake and a similar coloured one but with some neon pink for Returnal. There's a 3rd party PC Hue app that has a camera capture feature that you could run whilst gaming on PS5 and have the camera facing the screen to sync what the PS5 is displaying thus avoiding needing a sync box but I haven't tried it yet. Seems like a similar idea to this. The official Hue PC app doesn't require a camera, it syncs what's on the screen in real time via software, obviously only works with what your PC is displaying. Be interested to see how camera capture compares.
  4. This is great. Super addictive. Nice little game to blast off some steam between Metroid Dread sessions.
  5. amc

    Nintendo Switch

    I've been using this for two years to connect to the bedroom TV. Have left the Switch connected up for weeks on end. Have it powered from a USB equipped smart 4 gang extension lead. No problems. https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B078RZQJ8D/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. I actually loved the first boss. It took several goes but found it one of the better bosses I've fought, in any game, for learning its weaknesses and what strategy I need. Really well sign posted. Each time I died I felt I'd learnt something that would make me do better on my next attempt. Tough but fair fight.
  7. From what I'm seeing it can be removed, so it can be replaced. It's just a protective film, it's not integral to the screen or its image quality. Nintendo are sending out a psa to not remove it of course, but if it needs to be replaced you can add one of the myriad protectors out there that people are buying. They will have the same anti splintering effect. It's not something anyone should remove but if they do so, either by mistake or to replace scratches it's none destructive (from what I'm reading). But yeah, an extra screen protector will negate having to remove a pre applied by Nintendo layer if you scratch it. So a good idea all told. It's just nice that there's something there already that will deffo add some scratch protection from the off, whether that's its exact purpose or no.
  8. Well yes, I twigged that, it's Mother Nintendo after all. The company who are either one of the most altruistic and customer consciences or litigation savvy companies in video game history, but the film, whilst not as protective as some advertised toughened glass protectors will still give the screen an extra layer of protection, especially from scratching, which seems to be most peoples worry when it comes to Switch, glass or plastic screen. It will be fine to add another layer, I suppose, but if you are worried about scratches then this film will protect the screen and give an amount of impact protection beyond just the bare glass, and if indeed it does get scratched, can be replaced. It's not an integral layer like the recent Samsung fold debacle, just a cautious extra layer from Nintendo who graciously don't want kids to cut themselves. Add a further protector but there's already a user replaceable scratch protection layer applied, but yeah, an extra toughened layer can't hurt.
  9. I thought someone posted an article earlier stating Nintendo has already applied a screen protector to it. If so I don't think I'd want two layers of protection applied. I know from when my Samsung S20 Ultra came with one already applied that fitting another wasn't necessary.
  10. Game is equal parts infuriating, thrilling and addictive. A pretty heady mix. One minute I'm fuming and gritting my teeth and the next I'm getting a rush from the flow and excitement. Never has a game been more 'tough this bit out coz you'll soon be buzzing'. Well, ok that's hyperbole, there's been plenty of games with those dynamics but this has it in spades regardless. I'm on for another late one, fuelled by sugar, caffeine and a brilliant yet sometimes infuriating sure to be classic that's well worth those maddening bits, hell I really like them after the fact, until the next one anyway.
  11. This feels fantastic. Even on my pauper Switch it looks beautiful, seems super crisp for 720p and smooth as silk. It oozes quality. Haven't finished Fusion (which I've only really tucked into recently, having installed it on various 3DS machines ever since the ambassador program) I'd wanted to finish that before starting this but nah, this is too good to sit on. Plus I'm a real sucker for any in game voice that sounds like a Cylon, Berzerk for example. Feels very special indeed, right off the bat. Thank you lady at the 24hr Asda. I'd only went for a few late night groceries. Metroid, crispy coated peanuts and a cold Frappuccino, fantastic. The night is young.
  12. I'm one of those mad Ubisoft+ subscribers, have been since last year, got this coming down as we speak. Just watched the Skill Up review and he says there's a 16GB Vram requirement for the HD texture pack. WTF, that's a silly amount of Vram and is obviously due to Ubi siding up with AMD, I can usually take these requirements with a pinch of salt, Resi etc, but he says it's causing issues in game if you have less than that and install said HD texture pack. My 11GB isn't going to cut it. All PC nonsense obviously, consoles not effected. I'm currently enjoying FC5 on my Series S and thought Ubi had cross progression set up in that and all its games going forward but I can't seem to get it working between Ubi connect on Xbox and Ubi connect on PC. Wish I'd started on PC as my bedroom 3060 looks so much better than the Series S version. Really enjoying the game though, no fucking way will I have it finished before I start 6. Still looking forward to having a play this afternoon.
  13. I'm actually playing Fusion on my 3DS, thanks monsieur Nintendo, wiz this game you're really spoiling me. Love it, did get stuck at an annoying boss but kicked his arse so ferreronuff, feeling juiced up to a point now that I don't think I'll be having anything as troublesome again. Probably get a spike now saying that. Got to finish quick before Dread, I've only had it sat on various 3DS for nearly a decade. I'm off my rocher. It's excellente!
  14. You aren't wrong. Onto S2 today, but my god, two statements, Five-O and Pimento. Literally the best TV in a long, long time. Incredible. Odenkirk is a giant. The rest of the cast are also fantastic.
  15. Fuck me. As someone who watched BB pretty much from the get go I can't believe how long this took for me to discover. I started watching Midnight Mass last night and it was, alright. I didn't fancy another episode so clicked on BCS for a little respite. Hot damn, I've binged every waking hour since. Love it, even took a break to watch Nobody this afternoon, I was that impressed with Odenkirk. I'd always thought it was just some low key comedy spin off. Still on series one, probably end up spending a bomb on takeaway and Ocado groceries whilst I binge this shit over the weekend.
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