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  1. Oh if I was getting one, was sorely tempted too, I'd have had a few pre orders spread across a couple of sites. But that's ok, that's because you want a bloody card. These tits who have no intention of putting the thing anywhere near a motherboard can fly into the Sun.
  2. Not a good match? I would have hoped Nintendo put some clever work into making it fit. I know it probably plays decent with the Joycons but I literally haven't used anything but the Pro controller since I got the machine. I don't really dig the small sticks on the Joycons and leave them permanently on the Switch, which is docked 95% of the time. It does play nice with the Joycons though doesn't it?
  3. Should have pre ordered this. Had Odyssey since launch and although I had a nice hour or two with it I let my eye wonder and left it alone. Been on a massive Switch bender of late and picked up Odyssey again. Totally clicked and have been breezing through it. What a wonderful game and a reminder why I love Nintendo above all other developers. Anyway, got that Mario itch. Hopefully I'll source a copy. I'm off to try at least.
  4. Horrible for anyone who has their order cancelled, I believe you took a punt on a couple of places UZI so hopefully you're still good, but I have to say what with talking about scalpers over on Ebay, who let's be honest cause these fuck-ups for genuine purchasers, that I'd love to be seeing a few of those chancer faces getting similar cancelation confirmation. Rubbing their hands with a half a dozen confirmation emails, thinking of all that sweet scalper cash, only to get an email from the retailer telling them to jog on. I don't mind a bit of capitalism but this shit just spoils proper people's day, so fuck 'em if it happens.
  5. Err, what's going on here? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/EVGA-NVIDIA-GeForce-RTX-3080-XC3-BLACK-GAMING-10GB-Ray-Tracing-Graphics-Card/233716843988?hash=item366a9c05d4:g:LJEAAOSw9TtfY683 Got to be a load of troll bidding, of course. 16 grand and 22 bids. Trololo.
  6. A lock in sale then, or whatever reason immoral companies sometimes oversell their allocation. Just put that there as a possible. I'll be sure to check interest rates before I post next time. Anyway, it's a shitty business over on Ebay. Selling a scan of a checkout screen at a ridiculous mark-up. Shitty.
  7. If a lot of retailers have been overselling their alloted units there's gonna be a lot of sad sellers and buyers on Ebay. People are basically listing scans of their order and checkout process. I know this is a pretty common thing, people selling their pre orders/orders but fuck me it's horrible, especially if places like Scan etc have pulled a moody for some sweet interest and a lock in sale against future stock.
  8. Yeah but remember the dark days. The year long wait days. Now those were days. 365 days. 7 days. Days.
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