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  1. I think they reactivate randomly sometime later as you continue to play.
  2. Just bought the version 2 of the Elite controller. I've held off even though I'd wanted to buy the original pad ages ago. Reason being was the amount of people saying it was an awesome pad but was a bit shoddy in its build quality. Bit late now, and I really should have googled beforehand, but didn't, has it ironed out the previous iterations problems?
  3. I have to say Dudley, I really enjoy your vids. Perfect for chilling whilst playing a more relaxed game.
  4. No more boring PC talk after this, promise. Tried DLSS 2.0 and it does improve the image quality, black isn't all weird anymore but there are no gains in FPS, and for me at least the new resolution doesn't lock to 60. So when I'm playing on my TV it'll still be at 1080p. But yeah, deffo better image reconstruction. Looking forward to the new game-play content.
  5. Either way, as @Dark Soldier and @Thor say, it's one damn fine looking game when turned up to its best. And it plays great too. Looking forward to this DLC.
  6. I fucking love it. It's tough as old boots but fair in its toughness. Suss out the foe and the arena and what shit to use to win and it's a sublime battle. I love 2016 but clearing some of the enemy encounters here is intense and gratifying to all hell and in some cases beats the previous game, for me of course. Absolutely love it.
  7. Do you have an overclock on the GPU? I'm pushing around 2000mhz on the core and +500 on the memory and it was hitting 60fps 80% of the time. With G-Sync it was mustard but tbh when switching to my big TV (VRR but no G-sync, yet) I was knocking it down to 1080p + a touch of sharpening. With no overclock that sounds about right, maybe a little low, but not much. I haven't tried DLSS 2.0 yet but the above was with 1.0. It's a heavy fucking game with all those RT bells and whistles. I think 2.0 is more about improving the image quality (they've improved the AI reconstruction algorithm/learning) rather than performance gains. Though maybe it's not mutually exclusive.
  8. I remember reading Edge before the Saturn's release and they had a few images of something called Dragon game or similar. I was super intrigued and looked out for any mention of the game in the following months. The screen shots looked pretty tasty for the day. When that game morphed into Panzer Dragoon I dropped my import PS1 pad and went out and bought a Saturn. Heady days. Was not disappointed. Although I strangely never bought Zwei or the RPG game. Loved Orta though, hair pulling and all. To the Eshop.
  9. Just ordered a Korg Volca Beats. Think it'll fit in with my attempt to create the simple lost acid tracks I'd envisioned in my minds eye back in my youthful days . Can't wait.
  10. amc

    Half-Life: Alyx

    I've had very little game time the last few days, played a few flat games and a bit of PSVR but my time with Alyx has been interrupted by real life and helping a few older family members out. Everyone is golden for the next seven days. I'm heading to the shops for personal stuff and I'm going to treat myself to some shit hot booze and grub. Then I'm home and playing Alyx for the rest of the day. Thread has got me hyped.
  11. Can't wait to get it downloaded and scope this out. Was running at 1440p with DLSS and a tiny bit of sharpening with the full gamut of RT features enabled and was getting mainly 60fps with all those mind blowing effects. Trouble was the DLSS was causing some weird artifacts in game, mainly turning blacks into what I'd describe as oil paint or something. Still looked fantastic but DLSS was definitely causing some strange anomalies, trouble was without it the frames would tank, that's on a 2080TI. Supposedly 2.0 should fix them.
  12. amc

    NIOH 2

    I so want to purchase this but I'm one of those people who likes to complete the preceding game, especially if I'm enjoying it and invested. And boy am I invested in the first game. At least a hundred hours, I've been doing all the sub missions etc, the thing is I had a little google to see where I was up to and nearly shit a brick. Barely half way if I want to continue doing the Twilight and sub missions. Anyone know how far I have left if I start to just stick to the main story missions. I'm at the Ogress. I'm thinking of just calling it a day and getting two. Otherwise I'll only start playing it next year or something. Would feel a bit shit doing that mind.
  13. amc

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Yeah, the couple of hours I've spent with the game was sitting. Definitely going to play standing up this evening. Oh and you were spot on about Astrobot. It's fucking brilliant.
  14. I'm playing it on a very decent for HDR 65Q9FN TV (not for much longer mind, gonna take the jump to a stupidly sized oled with HDMI 2.1 soon) and the HDR is up there with GT Sport. At 4K ultra settings I have to say it looks phenomenal to my eyes. I'm loving not only the fidelity but the actual graphical style of the game. The more I play the more I love it. Can definitely see why lovers of 2016 are a little pissed but I'm even enjoying the jumping and exploration. If it wasn't for Half Life Alyx it would definitely be my favourite game of 2020 so far.
  15. The more I play this the more I love it. Finding once I sussed its flow it became a lot less tough. Plenty of using the chainsaw on the low level enemies had me pretty well equipped with health etc to beat the bigger guys. Only playing Hurt Me Plenty mind. I loved 2016 and I'm absolutely loving this too.
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