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  1. amc

    Game music.

    Sorry chaps. Not trying to be stale. Just dying for a bit of cross-over between music and my other favourite hobby. Blow the thread up if need be.
  2. amc

    Game music.

    I'm not sure if I've ever made a thread, but fuck it. I started the day with a bit of Rare Hero and it felt great. Looking for inspiration. Games are a visual medium but damn does the audio make me feel good. Please lighten my evening with game music. WOW. was so drunk yesterday, making threads that have been done a million times already. I woke up this morning with a sink full of really nice glasses. Fuck knows where they're from or how they got there. I was drinking bottles of beer. Weird.
  3. Just edited it as you posted lol. Had more of an open world feeling, less in the city. I'm seeing Swiss Alps etc. But tbh it probably is that x something else. Just the one I'm (mis) remembering had more of a Christmas vibe and more in the countryside thing going on. Probably confused. The thing I'm seeing was pretty whacky. The film I'm probably confusing it with had some sort of spaceship at the end and lots of coloured balloons or balls, or something. Fuck my mushroom addled mind.
  4. I've got a vague memory of a film/short. Pretty sure it was Christmas related, or at least shown around Christmas. I wasn't a nipper, probably around 10 or so. Anyway, it had a boy running around chasing a red balloon, or at least a balloon, may not have been red. Definitely a European type flick with no or very little voice acting. Like I say I was fairly old, on the cusp of being a teenager perhaps, so I'm pretty pissed it feels so vague. It may be older than the time I caught the broadcast mind. I don't think it was the classic 'The red balloon' either. May be wrong if no other similar film supplants that though. Cheers.
  5. Sat on my bed and have just completed Ridge Racer for the first time in over 20 years. The first one on PS1. I absolutely rinsed it when I got my PS1 in 94/95. Like compulsively played it, my love of games today definitely has a good bit to do with OG RR. I've fired it up plenty over the years, did a few races here and there, mainly to test it out on my PS2, PS3 and Vita etc. But this morning with my first coffee of the day I loaded it up in Duckstation on my phone. I'm using an S20 Ultra and Razer Kishi. Anyway, I cleared Galaxian for the first time since my PS1 save. I know it's easy but as I've only been pissing about in the past I never really bothered to try. This morning I did it first go. This gave me a nice little buzz and so I deemed it necessary to play the game through properly. Glad I did because it's been a great start to my Saturday. Devil beat etc, all to Rare Hero. It's still my favourite RR. Ridge Racer Revolution next. I have all the PS1 Ridge games on my Vita, have enjoyed a dabble with them in the past but using Duckstation on my phone with its large screen seems miles better, the widescreen hack works great, doesn't seem to compromise the aspect ratio too much, if at all and the fixes for PS1 geometry do a great job at sprucing up the gfx, as well as a 720p resolution. Great start to the day.
  6. I have a Steam controller here. I love the look and feel of the thing, the haptics in the touchpads feel awesome. Just wish I could be arsed figuring out profiles for games etc and it taking some playtime away from my mouse/keyboard and Elite 2 pad. It really feels cool to fiddle with but how that translates into game control is something I don't have the patience to learn.
  7. I've pre-ordered the 256gb version. I'm a big fan of Gamepass on my S20 Ultra and Razer Kishi so I'm definitely down for being able to play my Steam library etc in a similar fashion.
  8. Loved Dead Space, hell I loved the world design so much I finished each game to the last, even 3. It was one hell of a good looking game in 08, right off the bat when flying through space toward the Ishimura I knew the game was going to be top drawer. That was some film quality shit in 2008. It played as good as it looked. As someone mentioned earlier, the game is still a looker today. I'm hoping they really go to town with the graphics technology/Frostbite because, on PC at least, the game still looks fairly current. Make my eyeballs bleed like the first did on my 360 and update the visuals enough to make this worthwhile. More importantly though, I hope any tinkering for the update keeps the stellar atmosphere that the OG game had in spades. DS is definitely one of the most atmospheric Sci-Fi world creations ever seen in a videogame. Please don't fuck it up.
  9. I don't really know much about Marvel stuff besides liking several of the films, Avengers, GotG, Dr Strange, Infinity War, Iron Man etc. I'm sure I asked once in a relevant thread about the hierarchy in the comics and so the films. The final of this series shows something pretty powerful but from what I can gather their are characters that trump even that and would have dominion over the multiverse, Celestials, Watchers or whatever. Is that right?
  10. Again, it was a game I actually bought digitally at launch on my One X. I have literally played it for 30 minutes. I'm fucking dumb for this launch shit then not playing until the game is free with Gold or the Epic store or what have you. Built a monster PC about a month later but sod buying it again. I don't have a Series X, no point with a powerful PC under the TV. So I have a One X in one room and a Series S in another. One X was 4k/30, I think, so if it has a whatever/60 on Series S that's where I'll be playing.
  11. DS3. Bastard. I have over 200 hours on that over on the PS4 Pro. Looks ok but fuck me does it lurch about. I didn't restart on PC when I built a new machine and another 50 hours on the clock since then I'm not going to buckle for my Series S. I love my PS4 but that Pro upgrade was fairly shite in hindsight. Boost mode included. Happily I can switch from One X to a bit of bedroom Series S with Far Cry 5, mind. Is Monster Hunter World FPS boosted ?
  12. I've just went back and watched it again. I know it's all a bit 'CSI enhance' with the super zoom but as nit-picky as that seems what it's actually showing is the capability of the hardware/software. And wow, with an optimised engine and what seems to be well implemented DLSS, the 2060 image looks incredible. A reconstructed image that looks drastically better than the current consoles. That example is with a 900p image too btw, performance mode. DLSS reconstructs that to a very crisp output with excellent image quality. I know it's just one example but this shit is magic. Looking at the three images side by side it was pretty clear how well DLSS performs with this implementation. Hopefully as it matures this is what to expect across the board. There's a good few other examples out-there too, mind. The console games looked fab, no doubt, but on the least capable RTX card DLSS really brought the fire. Caveats be damned, it looks fantastic.
  13. Ghost of Tsushima on PS4 Pro. Had this since launch and only just gave it the time it deserves. Literally paid launch prices and then played for about 20 minutes. Keep doing that, Nioh 2 was an amazing example, launch day price and by the time I got around to wanting to play it had released on PC. Abandoned my PS4 purchase and bought it again for the better shiny shite. Still only played 30 minutes of TLoU2 and god forgive me about an hour of BotW. Both launch day purchases. Anyway, GoT is fantastic. It has all the hooks I love, beautiful graphics and a world full of surprises and progression. Plenty of freedom to just piss around and collect flowers and stuff too. Just posted about this in a 15 year old thread. COD 2. I fired this up in the bedroom setup on 360. I think I had the urge after watching an old 1UP show from the 360 launch and I was curious how far I'd progressed all those years ago. About half way through by the looks. I thought I'd give it a little try at my saved checkpoint and...well, several hours later I'm still playing. What a fantastic game it was/is. I remember it being tough as balls at the difficulty I'm playing at but I must have improved my skills in the intervening years because I'm making good progress and surmise I'll have it wrapped up tonight. I fucking love getting surprised by the forgotten quality of old games I used to play, the mix of fun and nostalgia is a powerful combination.
  14. "Oh, hi Angel" Anyway, I don't know where it came from but I had a sudden urge to install COD 2 on my 360. It was one of those games along with PGR 3 that sold me on Microsoft's machine as being a fine investment in xmas 05. I basically just wanted to install and check how far I'd progressed all those years ago, from my save files data I'd last played in 07. Just weird curiosity. Two intense gaming hours later and I'm remembering a time when I fucking loved COD. The single player campaign is fantastic. So intense and moreish. I've had an absolute blast (been a long time since I thought that about a Call of Duty game) and have made tonight my 'finish COD 2 on the 360' night. Just ordered a Domino's coz I just want to play, no time to cook. I know modern COD has a massive fanbase so it must still be fantastic for a lot of people but I've long since abandoned the series and its focus on multiplayer. It's just such a fantastic fucking game. Intense as all hell. It's made me very nostalgic for a time when this game was what COD was all about. Captain Price is here too, in a fashion.
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