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  1. I have a mate who does this. Buys a console and goes game crazy for a short while then flogs it, usually at a loss. Games and all. Then a few months later buys the same machine again. Rinse repeat. He's been doing it since the N64 and PS1 days. I told him years ago, unless it's due to money issues (it never is) then he should just treat consoles and gaming like we would a VCR (LOL) or DVD player (double LOL) and just have the machines chilling in the background ready for when the mood takes you again. He must buy and sell each gens machines 3 or 4 times a generation. No
  2. I'm on a couple of places for synths and stuff, including this Volca specific Reddit. May be worth a post on there for any particular points. It's pretty active. https://www.reddit.com/r/volcas/new/
  3. Don't tempt me. Since my last post I allowed feature creep to set in again. Still having bags of fun with my Nubass and Beats but liked the look of the new Volca Sample 2, so bought it. I've only had it a week so haven't really delved into it, now have four Volca boxes, Beats, Drum, Nubass and Sample 2. Getting some fabulous noises from them, even had them run into a Kaoss pad 3 and Kaossilator Pro. Too much Acid. Wonderful little trips are occurring.
  4. This actually looks fun. Decent trailer. I watched the trailer for Slaughter House Rulez and immediately knew it would be a piece of shite, not this though, the trailer makes it look worth a watch. Deffo down for renting something that tangentially helps 2000AD material. That comic was a massive part of my life for a few years in the mid 80s, used to get my Nan to cut out the Dredd strips from whatever paper it was they used to appear in, would glue them together at the top to make my own mini comic. Hope it's decent because I'll be definitely streaming.
  5. I've never watched any American sitcom from the 50s, I've seen clips of I love Lucy et al but never watched any episodes, perhaps the odd episode of I Dream of Jeannie or Bewitched from the 60s but long, long ago. What I have watched, and watched plenty of, are episodes from the 50s and early 60s of The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits (in fact I've recently went through the entire run of The Twilight Zone on a second screen whilst gaming). Now this show is heavily, heavily weighted toward the I love Lucy's etc but has enough of a sprinkling of the TTZ vibe to make me want to wat
  6. Well that's fucking great fun. Honestly. Just gave Toy Story 4 in 4K HDR via pot player a go, Atmos the lot. The effect was great, really on the ball and with big bassy sound it really enhanced the video. But gaming, wow. I've just been playing Pacer (newish game by some of the Wipeout team) and it's like an old quote that stuck with me from the original Wipeout review in C&VG "It's like an evil druggy Rave". Had one moment when a blue bolt shot past my ship and seemed to fly off the side of the screen, 3D like. Love it. Haven't fine tuned it yet, got to fiddle with the l
  7. I bought this, along with loads of other top PSVR titles ages ago. Stuff like Astro Bot and Blood and Truth etc. I have the OG PSVR, the none HDR one, and I was enjoying Spider Man at the time on my very decent at HDR TV. I then tried TLoU2 and soon onto Ghost of Tsushima, all fantastic HDR games. I just couldn't be arsed going around the back of the TV and fiddling with cables in and out so the PSVR sat unloved yet filled with top software experiences. Long story short, I pondered a V2 PSVR several times but knew it would be a ball ache to pass on the V1 and I'm not so well
  8. As I said, I mainly use the PC for everything, games, all my streaming shite, video etc. I can go weeks without switching on any consoles so I won't miss the lack of HDMI synching. If it's any cop with games and Netflix et al I may buy a HDMI sync box down the line, if it's updated and compatible with 2.1.
  9. Just bought myself a couple of the Philips Hue playbars and the Hue bridge. Did a fair bit of homework so hopefully I've purchased all that I need to get some interactive gaming. I'm mainly on PC which I have connected up in the living room to a 65" Q9FN so I'm hoping that one on either side of the TV connected via the supplied sticky pads is enough to give some decent illumination. Will probably buy another for the top middle of the screen further down the line. Didn't entertain the HDMI option as I'll be going for a PS5 soon enough and I've decided that any new purchases this yea
  10. I've posted in here a while back, I'd mentioned my complete lack of knowledge with synthesis and music creation. I'd bought a ton of little gadgets on whims. Thinking I could go back to my old Acid/House/Rave days. I haven't been to any clubs or events since an outdoor all-nighter back in 2012 and I loved it but the combination of a big tent in a bumpy field, some potent stimulants causing excess freaky dancing, long after my ankles had gave in, which caused me to want to dial 999 in the morning to take me home on a stretcher (I didn't and they never, unfortunately) had made me realise I'd pas
  11. Someone has done a teardown video. It's the same chip-set as in the NES Mini. Think it will struggle with a majority of PS2 games. I recently dabbled with PS2 emulation and it's still a tricky beast, even with a very, very powerful PC a lot of games are poorly emulated. Perhaps Sony could code some magic on these low spec SOCs, or only include games already successfully emulated but the home-brew community still can't get consistent results with the PS2 hardware even with brute power.
  12. I'd normally keep out of serious debates on games but after coming to an impasse (I know he's optional but that ain't me) with Darkeater Midir a while ago I think I want an easy mode. Or at least a chance to summon without the ridiculous amount of HP he acquires if you do. As people like to mention when talking about their Souls experiences, finished 95% of Sekiro as of now, NG+ for both DeS on PS3 and DaS on 360, both without a single summon, but fuck this noise. Give me options. I may be slightly frustrated atm due to going back to him this morning and again getting
  13. Stumbled across this last night. Big fan of several of the cast, in fact I found it whilst watching clips of Berry in Snuff Box. I've only just started watching it now with my first eggnog of the day and have no idea if it's a load of old shite, but it's season appropriate so fuck it. Couldn't find a thread, which may be prescient.
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