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  1. Roger Mitchell director of Notting Hill, Morning Glory, My Cousin Rachel and most recently The Duke which I watched and loved the other day, has died aged 65.
  2. Tiger King is back later this year:
  3. Looks like when you start the game there are three options for the difficulty level: Story Mode, Spirit Guide, and Expert Spirit Guide. Story Mode states: 'Rot Abilities recharge passively and when taking damage. Enemies are less aggressive and deal less damage' HTH
  4. Reviews are now out, currently sitting at 85 on Metacritic. Some video reviews below for anyone interested:
  5. Trailer for Tom Hanks new film, Finch which comes to the platform on the 5th November. Its directed by Miguel Sapochnik, who helmed some of the great Game of Thrones episodes including Battle of the Bastards.
  6. New trailer has been released, does look lovely. But think I'll wait for reviews (still unable to find out when they will be out) and player impressions before purchasing.
  7. There is a new four part series on Muhammad Ali from Ken Burns on PBS. First episode is out there, two hours long. Receiving high critic praise.
  8. Has anyone had any changes to their Currys pre-order? Had a look at mine and it still seems alright and at that lower price. Would have thought they changed / cancelled it by now if they saw any issues.
  9. New update is out for both PC and consoles, overview is: Training room - hone your skills against all the mobs and bosses you've seen Aspects - extremely strong powers to make your run easier (but you can't win the next Boss Cell if you beat the game) World map - see the paths you can take through the island When you pick up a scroll you can see the change to your overall damage for each colour Multi-binding moved to Custom Mode Lots of smaller quality-of-life changes Can read the full patch notes here
  10. They have finally announced the date for season three:
  11. Reviews for Eastward are starting to appear. Eurogamer gave it a Recommended. godisageek video review 8/10: SwitchUp video review 95%:
  12. Removed, added to the wrong thread.
  13. Update on the release date (now 4th February):
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