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  1. I'm not sure how my friend does it, know he does have American credit cards as well as UK ones, so might be due to that.
  2. Wonder if anyone can help me, the Argentina Nintendo eShop has some games on there really cheap atm , usually I ask a friend to purchase them and gift me the code, I can't do it as I don't have a credit card, but the friend is a frontline NHS worker and obviously extremely busy and I can't want to disturb them. Just seeing if anyone does already get games via that store, would be willing to purchase the games and provide me the codes for me to download onto my Switch. Of course I would pay the money up front via PayPal. I have checked with a Mod and they advised it was OK to post this query.
  3. Finished watching the series this morning, was OK. They mostly seems rather unfocused and stretched out to fill the running time. Each one needed better editing as they all (bar one) became repetitive or filled with unneeded scenes which made me lose interest. The one one which I thought was engaging the whole way through was episode two Subway Vigilante. That was fantastic. The rest could have been thirty minutes long each and been much tighter and gripping.
  4. Reviews for Minecraft Dungeons are starting to come out, getting decent scores so far: Techradar - 3½/5 Destructoid - 8/10 Gamesradar -3½/5 Ladbible - 8/10 Trustedreviews - 3½/5 Currently sitting at 76 on Metacritic, no specific Switch reviews on their yet. @bradigor were you provided a copy of this game prior its release next week, would be interested to hear your views
  5. Women Make Film by Mark Cousins is out today on BFI Player and Blu Ray. Synopsis for the series: Women Make Film is an epic exploration of cinema history through the lens of some the world’s greatest directors – all women. Told in 40 "chapters", narrated by Tilda Swinton, Jane Fonda, Debra Winger Adjoa Andoh, Kerry Fox, Thandie Newton, and Sharmila Tagore , shot and edited by Mark Cousins - life, love, politics, humour and death, are all explored and examined in this epic 14-hour road trip like no other. I adore all of Mark Cousins' work, I give copies of his The Story of Film: An Odyssey, to all my new students each year, as its a masterclass in the history and analysis of film history. Great stepping off point for the students.
  6. The newer version has a box which is more red: the older one shows a hand in the image on the box: The Lite version is cheaper, but is purely handheld, no way of docking it and displaying it via a TV. HTH Edit, can read about the new different versions of the Switch (not the Lite) here Also, this article about which version, normal or Lite is best for you.
  7. Brooker on BBC Newsnight discussing the new episode:
  8. Been in a good run of book during this lockdown. Been alternating between a heavy read and then something light. Leviathan Wakes by James S. A. Corey - Superb first book in the series (have watched all the TV seasons but was still gripped) Me by Elton John Official Autobiography - surprised how honest and revealing this was Caliban's War by James S. A. Corey - thought this was even better than the first book. Gotta Get Theroux by Louis Theroux - been reading Louis discuss certain epsiodes he made and then re-watching them afterwards. Don't think I've watch the Weird Weekend ones which they were first broadcast. Now not sure what to read next, I have the next Expanse book (Abaddon's Gate), I also was given the Foundation (1951) Isaac Asimov. Can't decide which one yet.
  9. Look like Kermode has got a new show coming out titled, Kermode And Mayo’s Home Entertainment Service, there will be six half hour episodes, which starts on the 15th May on BBC4. Description of the first episode is: Up for discussion this week are Netflix’s The Eddy, BBC’s Normal People (including a chat with director Lenny Abrahamson), Eliza Hittman’s Never Rarely Sometimes Always, streaming service MUBI’s feature documentary Romantic Comedy, and Terry Gilliam’s classic Twelve Monkeys. Mark and Simon also reveal what the nation has been watching at home and round up the best (and worst) of the rest of streaming culture across movies and premium television.
  10. Just tried the demo for Death Squared, great co-op game, was really enjoyable. Checked and annoyed with myself, seen that I just missed it being in the same, was £1.79, now back up to £11.99. Shame
  11. OK great, thanks for the response. Didn't want to get S3 and then realise there were major changes or improvements with the new release
  12. Was going to pick up Picross S3 (prior to the sale end on the 30th), but wondered if I should just jump to S4 instead? Is there much Quality of Life improvements on S4 over S3? Not played much of Nonograms styles games, but currently loving Murder by Numbers. Know, once I get addicted I might be purchase all of them, but wanted to check if S3 is fine or the improvements of S4 is worthwhile is it mainly just more of the same styles and not really justified for a newcomer to start with. Did read S3 is supposed to be more beginner friendly than the newest release which is more for a experienced player as its more challenging.. Had a quick go on the demo for S4 and did seem nice.
  13. Just seen this video showing all the games included in 51 Worldwide Games. Can only find it in Japanese atm though: Game is out 5th June. Edit, found this visual guide of which of the games has multiplayer options compares to the whole list: Whole list:
  14. Know this is off track for this thread, but have you tried Reverie on the Vita, its like a love child of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Earthbound.
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