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  1. See news reports pop up that Caroline Flack as died. Ah, just seen there is a dedicated thread about it, apologies.
  2. Ah OK thanks for the clarification about Voxelgram
  3. I like these ones from the chilled section in Tesco, they also have a Margherita version too. Proper nice
  4. Game does look great, I can see this listed on the US eShop (for release on the 27th) but not on the UK one. I've contacted the devs to see if they can advise if/when its coming out over here.
  5. Just been announced that season seven of Bosch will be the final one, season six launches in April this year.
  6. I've played the game (docked) for about an hour now, the frame rate isn't great to be honest, drops quite badly when using certain special moves and loads of movement on screen. I have the latest patch. Enjoying it, but feels quite unpolished. The map design is awful too.
  7. Just received the game, quickly downloading a patch for it before heading out. Please to get it a day early and only for £20 (due to discount and a voucher).
  8. The next Switch Online games have been announced, releasing on the 19th: Super NES ・Pop'n TwinBee ・Smash Tennis NES ・Shadow of the Ninja ・Eliminator Boat Duel
  9. Yeah the A Quiet Night In episode is one of my favourites, is a lovely nod to the classic Jules Dassin, Rififi Not sure about the Rope comparison, this one isn't a one shot. You maybe thinking of Psychoville's Play for Today.
  10. Lots of matches called off today due to Storm Ciara, including the Manchester City Vs West Ham game:
  11. We have a release date for Murder by Numbers, 6th March: Pidgeon wooers and independent developer Mediatonic and beloved indie publisher The Irregular Corporation are proud to announce that their weird and wonderful detective puzzler Murder by Numbers will be launching in Japan and the West on Switch on March 5 and Steam on March 6. Murder by Numbers will be available on Steam and Switch for $14.99/12.49€/£11.99. It will be available for pre-order on Nintendo Switch beginning February 20 at a 10% discount, and to celebrate the release of the game it will also be discounted 10% for the first week of release from March 5-11. The Steam version will have a 10% discount for its launch week from March 6-12.
  12. Season Two of the fantastic Kingdom is released in March
  13. This does look great, been eagerly waiting for a Western release date.
  14. Here is a link to the above mentioned podcast I've not watched the episode or podcast yet, will be viewing/listening to them later
  15. I get these from Sainsburys, find them really nice. Worth a try
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