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  1. A very impressive trailer has been released for Judas and the Black Messiah, about the story of Fred Hampton, chairman of the Black Panther Party. Starring Daniel Kaluuya, LaKeith Stanfield, Jesse Plemons and Martin Sheen. Producer Ryan Coogler and directed by Shaka King. If you want to read more about the film, here is a decent BBC article.
  2. Trailer for Charlie Kaufman's new film, I'm Thinking of Ending Things, is out. Has a superb cast, including Jessie Buckley, Jesse Plemons, Toni Collette and David Thewlis. Coming out 4th September.
  3. Finally completed Act One, that was an epic finale to that section. Game just keeps gwtting better
  4. Weirdly my game glitched out when I started a main, Jin would just start running forward and there is no was to control him (think he was just too excited to finally be on the last mission on Act One). Tried restarting the game and rebooting the console, but every time I loaded the game and continued the same thing occurred (game has the latest patch). Had to go back to a previous save file and now back upto the same section and all seems fine. Very strange. Anyway some more photos to ease the distress of Jin wanting to run away:
  5. A new trailer has been released: Only a month to wait now
  6. In the final mission for Act One, still loving this game:
  7. Lucky enough to get some lightning shots this morning:
  8. Villeneuve has done a nice long masterclass interview for the Shanghai International Film Festival, he goes over his career and discusses Dune, enjoy:
  9. Getting close to finishing Act One I think, got a new hat and found a friend:
  10. Still slowly going on through Act One, loving this so much.
  11. The short documentary called The Speed Cubers is now out, looking forward to watching this later. The synopsis: Discover the special bond -- and uncommon competitive spirit -- shared by the world's Rubik's Cube-solving record breakers
  12. Still roaming about Act One area, loved to know how many hours I've already out into this. Do wonder why it isn't shown, is it something hard to implement for consoles games or just the developers choice? If someone like Hello Games can have it in their No Man's Sky game with such a small team, does seem weird with all the staff and resources Sucker Punch have they couldn't add it. For some reason the last session seemed to be taking mostly horse photos, not sure why:
  13. A new patch is out, shame no QoL updates: Ver. 1.1.2 (Released July 28, 2020) General In ludo, when there are no pieces on the board that can be moved, you can now only re-roll the dice the number of times that the Starting Threshold was set to. Raised the maximum Play Count for each game from 99 to 999. Improved the stability of synchronous communication when playing online. In Riichi mahjong, fixed an issue that caused 1,000 points from the scoring stick to vanish when Ron was called at the same time as Riichi. In Riichi mahjong, fixed an issue that allowed players to win by picking up a tile while in furiten. In Riichi mahjong, fixed an issue that caused players to make a “Closed Kan,” which changed the tiles needed to win after calling Riichi. In Renegade, fixed an issue where the CPU wouldn’t move, preventing the game from progressing. In Texas Hold’em, fixed an issue with the process for determining priority when multiple players have the same hand. In the Game Globe, fixed an issue that caused some information in the Personal Best section to be displayed incorrectly. Fixed an issue that prevented the game from progressing when certain steps were performed in Last Card, fishing, Riichi mahjong, Chinese checkers, billiards (9-Ball), checkers, chess, shogi, mini shogi, backgammon, and slot cars. Fixed several other issues to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.
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