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  1. 8. Preventable: How a Pandemic Changed the World & How to Stop the Next One by Devi Sridhar Always found Devi Sridhar interesting and has an engaging way to explain very sciencfic data when she was on the news over the pandemic, so was looking forward to this book. Thought it was excellent, providing an insightful analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic. Found myself a tad overwhelmed with the data spoken about, but well worth it for her inside and vast knowledge on this situation. 9. Dead in the Water: A True Story of Hijacking, Murder, and a Global Maritime Conspiracy by Matthew Campbell and Kit Chellel Extremely well researched telling the true event of a hijacking of a oil tanker in 2011 It follows the investigation by the two authors into the hijacking, gaining first hand accounts from almost everyone involved and affected by this. Could see this being made into a documentary about this fascinating story and the wider world it explores. 10. Lioness: My Journey to Glory Hardcover by Beth Mead Quick read about Beth sharing her personal challenges growing up, all the way upto the incredible UEFA Women's Euro tournament. Extremely honest account of her life. Great book. 11. Sea of Tranquility by Emily St. John Mandel Having watched the TV show Station Eleven which is based on another book by St. John Mandel, wanted to read it , but wasn't available in the library, but picked this up instead by the same author. A really ambitious story that explores very personal themes across different moments in time. Emily's writing is just beautiful and found this so thought provoking after finishing it. Going to read other books from her when I can. My aim was it read fifteen book by the end of the year, hopefully can find time to reach it. Loved them all so far.
  2. Yeah, looks like its on Disney Plus, here in the UK according to JustWatch
  3. Trailer for the third (and final season), airs in the US on 28th July. Wow!
  4. Can stream this via ITVX, can see all your options here
  5. I think people should now be able to view how many roughly hours played the game so far. Its ten days since first played, I didn't start until the Saturday I think, cause its currently showing nine days in the list, so no details yet. If you need to know where to check this; on the main Switch screen, select the icon for your profile top left. Make sure you are in the Profile section on the left on the new page. Then on the right under the Play Activity it show show you the rough hours i.e. '15 hours or more'
  6. Upgraded to a Pixel 7a recently and have been going through all the default wallpapers and found this one which I liked. Mainly due to the design made me think of the shows buildings architecture.
  7. Its currently in the cinema and on the high seas Not on any streaming platforms atm.
  8. Game has arrived, nice DPD driver quickly redirected it to a local shop. Also picked up my new Pixel 7A phone. Good times
  9. No status change on my Currys order yet. Anyone else who have ordered from them?
  10. 5am on the 12th according to this site, but can't see anything official though.
  11. Nintendo have released this video for the story events from Breath of the Wild, to recap everything prior to the Tears of the Kingdom release:
  12. They have already filmed season three of the show
  13. Just a heads up, looks like from screenshots on Reddit and ResetEra, the game has leaked. Be wary of spoilers.
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