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  1. No, are we friends? 5259-8796-6580
  2. No probs, added you, come on over!
  3. Turnips 616 Staying open till 12 for forumites. GSSQH
  4. I checked and it’s still open dodo GSSQH
  5. The shame! My house (and island) is a mess! but yes dear I will attempt to place an order.
  6. Not sure, add me 5259-8796-6580
  7. I have a price of 616 this morning. Open to friends GSSQH
  8. I have managed to sell on another island, @michael please take me off the list, thanks.
  9. @Larsen B am I in the list please?
  10. If anyone else is interested I can stay open till 11.30, BD8QF 460 bells per nip.
  11. Turnips are selling for 460, please visit! BD8QF
  12. gonk

    Pokemon Go

    Yeah that would be good, start of community day so can make the most of the lucky egg. I’ll send you the gift, just open after 10 then.
  13. gonk

    Pokemon Go

    Yeah that’s fine, what sort of time do you want to do it?
  14. gonk

    Pokemon Go

    Hey who is TommyTomoking? We are 1 day to best friends. Using the spread sheet I thought it was Totoro, but don’t think it is as he said he had reached 40 but TommyTomoking is still 39...
  15. gonk

    Pokemon Go

    Yeah that happened to me, had to delete it and reinstall.
  16. gonk

    Pokemon Go

    Yeah I am, I think you sent me a gift today which I opened so we have levelled up. Whoever opens a gift tomorrow will trigger Ultra Friends so ideally we need to both have a lucky egg on at the same time.
  17. gonk

    Pokemon Go

    Yeah and at Best friends after 90 days you would get 200,000 instead of 100,000.
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