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  1. I usually watch this chaps videos for the weekly and monthly challenges, he’s pretty good at showing the quickest way to get things done; https://youtube.com/c/RewardsHunter
  2. Does anyone know if there is a clear end game for the show, have they ever said anything about it being a finite and clear cut story that will span x series?
  3. One thing that bemused me was that the plastic sleeve says The Legend of Zelda in the green ellipse but then the corresponding bit on the actual box says Vermin Anyone know why?
  4. If they announce Moonstone for this then I’ll be a day one.
  5. My last missed one was on the far right hand side, in Playa Azul. There was a grey dirt track behind a house parallel to the beach, only found after zooming right into the map and then slowly going up and down it section by section.
  6. Woot just got the achievement for driving on all the roads, interestingly it gave it at 574 so had to scout around for the final 3. Now I can start playing the actual game.
  7. I'm currently just pootling around the map unlocking all the roads, will get that 100% done before actually starting with the proper 'game' side of it. There are some gorgeous bits of scenery in this!
  8. Oh well, not the end of the world, thanks
  9. In FH4 I had to disable the in game radio and then fire up Spotify to play my own music as I kinda got bored of the same old on game ones. Have they made any improvements in FH5 to integrate it more into the game UI? Cheers, Indy
  10. bugger me that took a long time
  11. This PES one is crazy annoying, taken about 15 minutes to start the stupid thing off
  12. Anyone else watched See? I really enjoyed the first series and have just finished the second, it really ramps everything up a notch. Some great looking sets and aurally it’s awesome when listening through Atmos with the volume up. Storyline is a bit flexible though lol. Season finale was a banger, providing one of the best final sentences while dying I’ve heard for a long time
  13. Yes, bit of a Christmas present for myself... had the regular 4K edition that came out last year but then saw this and thought why not.
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