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  1. I’ve found the runetracer to be really powerful so always try and power that up, as well as either Santa water or the holy bibles. Knives are a solid go to as well, as is the wand. Not overly keen on the evolved cross or fire. This was a pretty good six that I ended up with the other night, just need to replicate it on a full stage with all of the 6 evolved
  2. This is fast becoming my most payed game this year, something strangely addictive about it that I can't quite put my finger on. Have upgraded most of the basic weapons by pairing them with their evos, got cocky and checked the collection and i've not even unlocked 50% of the items haha... long way to go which is fine with me!
  3. So after finishing stage one yesterday I did a half dozen or so bonus stages to accumulate some coin and get a better understanding of the power up systems. Had a go on stage 2, the library, and managed to do it first go… well impressed, the super evolution of the regular weapons is soo satisfying, absolutely tears through the swarms. Do get merked by death in about 2 seconds though lol
  4. Ahhhhh 28m42s on the forest level, got murdered by loads of the glowing bats… so close!
  5. I just gone one, took about 45 steps to verify and re-sign in but it has been got!
  6. Hit level 20 earlier this evening, getting some of the juicier power ups now so things are getting interesting.
  7. Got my email a little while ago, someone please buy my Steam Deck!
  8. i got caught out with this as it was one of the steps for a 1000/2000 point card, donated some points but didn't realise it automatically set up a continual thing.
  9. I did have Santa Water on level 7 or 8 I think, that was mighty impressive too. At the moment I'm mainly using Gennaro and then trying to focus on knives, whip, garlic, santa water and bible then adding on any other item. Works well I feel as a mix of close, medium and long range attack.
  10. Broke the 15 minute/level 20 barrier, things are starting to gel now. also Garlic is sooo good, especially when you get a swarm of bats!
  11. Decided to put my 512gb up for sale if anyone’s interested, it’s in the trading thread. Make an offer if the price is too much.
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