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  1. That Charizard is lovely, hopefully it won't have a crazy price tag. @robdood I'm in a Japanese Pokemon group on Facebook, there's a lot of Japan based resellers on there so I picked one and sorted it through him. Can get his name for you if you are interested? Also if there are any cards in particular you are after let me know, i've got a decent amount of bulk from yesterday's fun and games.
  2. Oh damn… the set has 279 cards in it so would be an absolute black hole of spending to try and finish it. I probably will grab a couple of those Magikarp cards though, they look like they’ll appreciate quite well.
  3. Have opted for two Obsidian Flame ones from Pokémon centre, mainly for the stamped promos. Sure I’ll give you a heads up nearer the time, I really wanted to get in early but I think the hype for that set will be pretty constant for a while so prices should remain the same. Just need to shift a load of trading fodder to fund it… that or wait for the UK release
  4. I might buy from the guy I got the Yu Nagaba cards from, he seems pretty decent and delivery was pretty quick. I’ll be ordering early July so if anyone wants to jump in on that we can work something out re: postage etc. There’s also a couple of Facebook sites that will be selling it plus there’s japan2uk too. Got a really good deal on TikTok too if all places for a Universe box so plenty of avenues to look at.
  5. This is what we got from 4 x Pokémon Centre ETBs, incredibly low yield for 44 packets I reckon…
  6. We’ve opened two of the ETBs (22 packs) so far and for a set with almost 300 cards the pull rate is super low. I agree with the quality, after buying Japanese for the last set we tried to finish the quality difference is night and day.
  7. Very nearly got the full set, only one card off
  8. That Gengar is such a nice card, its on the list of about 6 alt arts we really want to get.
  9. And then I wonder why I'm skint half the time...
  10. We seem to have really good luck with the crown zenith triple packs, especially the Cinderace ones; pulled giratina from one via an online rip n ship thing on TikTok and the palkia from Waterstones of all places Recent purchase is a dozen packs of the Yu Nagaba promos, I absolutely love that art style. Then a few Paldea Evolved ETBs from the Pokémon centre and that’ll be it for bull purchases for the month.
  11. Ahh nice, didn't know we had a forum for these Been collecting these for some while now with my son although haven't ventured into trying to play the actual game yet. Can anyone point us towards a decent YouTube video that gives a pretty simple overview of it? Also, if anyone wants to do any trades hit us up!
  12. Indy @ S.E.


    Went to the Algerian Coffee Shop again today, it really is a treasure trove for coffee lovers. Have attached some photos of their menu for info
  13. The flakiness of achievements registering is so frustrating, got three in escape academy earlier today and none of them registered in the rewards app. With a bit of luck it might trigger tomorrow but not holding my breath, Also it’s a really good game for achievements too, using a walkthrough video you can smash through them in no time.
  14. According to Forza Wiki it was in Horizon 3 and 4 and in Motorsport 6 and 7. Hopefully they’ll do an Italy special as part of a future Festival Playlist and bring it in that way.
  15. I hope they put an Abarth 500 in there at some point then I can drive like a hooligan in real life and in the game
  16. Despite cancelling my preorder, and receiving the notifications that it has indeed been cancelled, I received an email yesterday saying I can expect delivery between 22nd and 28th. Free VR if so!
  17. Ended up cancelling the pre-order, will look to pick up at a later date... Looking forward to following the tread to get impressions from all you day-oners though!
  18. Got my email just now re: pre-order payment but very 50/50 about this now. Will give it an hour or so but I reckon I'll probably cancel it, new gadget lust is high as always but not sure how much use it will have. Watch it be the best thing since sliced bread now and me then paying double to get it later on. For those that are sticking with it, I hope its everything you expect and more!
  19. I’ve got Ragnarok to finish so will probably dip in and out of this after, it’s more to familiarise myself with the controls and menus which I suspect won’t have changed too much in this rather than reliving the whole story from start to end. I might spend half the time practising doing the shield parry on the guardians, that was so hit and miss for me. Just in case they make a repeat appearance in this!
  20. I'd have to start from scratch now as I've forgotten nearly everything... it'll be like getting two new Zelda's in the same year!
  21. Is anyone else considering doing a run through of the first game again before this is released?
  22. Surprise reveal of Elden Ring to close the show off.
  23. I was fully hyped for this but am now somewhat tempered, fearing that it'll be a repeat of my Steam Deck journey which was "ooh new shiny!" and then pretty quickly realising it wasn't for me and then selling on. New gadget allure is strong. Don't suppose anyone fancies loaning me theirs for a couple weeks for £40 rather than me losing out by that much when I Inevitably put it in the trading folder? 😅
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