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  1. Most definitely, there have got such a catalogue of games to use and they come out with nonsense like this.
  2. I used the elastic band trick for this. Plug in your controller via USB so it doesn't time out and then put two elastic bands around the analogue sticks. You can then adjust them so that you end up circle-strafing and can then just leave it running for 10-15 minutes or so depending on how you've set it up.
  3. This is precisely why you have kids.
  4. Original Sega Master System controller. The d-pad had no flex and was made from the hardest material known to mankind; had permanent grooves in my thumb throughout all my time with it.
  5. Yes I’ve seen that show, absolute lunacy… Erik was my standout favourite, so funny. might hunt it down and watch it again if it’s on any streaming service or YT.
  6. The Aliens Firestorm game is just as quick; start the game, pause menu, change the colour of the gun and put a decal on and achievement unlocked.
  7. Bit late to the party for the most recent UK season, started off slow but really enjoyed the last few episodes. I do however think I am in love with Morgana Robinson though.
  8. Getting all the secrets in Goldeneye and then single crediting the game using dual controllers. Felt like the king of the world after that!
  9. Yep exactly that, once there are enough points you just convert to gift cards and then redeem them all in one hit.
  10. I tried that twice but I kept on getting timed out from the server
  11. I’ve tried a few times now but I’m gonna have to accept that I won’t be getting 75 points for one hour of Elder Scrolls. Not bashing those that like that sort of game but I just fail to see the appeal of it… plus so many menus, screens and stats! Going to forgo the headset and instead save up for the memory expansion card. Not sure I’ll get it in 2022, need about 200,000 points more.
  12. I haven’t opened this up yet (saving it for Christmas) but I did buy the smaller 4K box set when it was released last year. looked way better than any other version I’d seen, does look overly shape in some sections but the 4K bump and Atmos sound stage really elevate it to another level. I fully advocate buying any of the 4K versions, you won’t regret it.
  13. This city model is made for a Spiderman game...
  14. fast and furious 1-9 rambo 1-5 harry potter 1-8 matrix 1-3 lord of the rings 1-3 police academy 1-7 more than enough for a months worth
  15. yes this is my method too, for both desktop and browser searches. Works very well as you just click on the thumbnails, perfect activity during morning ablutions.
  16. I usually watch this chaps videos for the weekly and monthly challenges, he’s pretty good at showing the quickest way to get things done; https://youtube.com/c/RewardsHunter
  17. Does anyone know if there is a clear end game for the show, have they ever said anything about it being a finite and clear cut story that will span x series?
  18. One thing that bemused me was that the plastic sleeve says The Legend of Zelda in the green ellipse but then the corresponding bit on the actual box says Vermin Anyone know why?
  19. If they announce Moonstone for this then I’ll be a day one.
  20. My last missed one was on the far right hand side, in Playa Azul. There was a grey dirt track behind a house parallel to the beach, only found after zooming right into the map and then slowly going up and down it section by section.
  21. Woot just got the achievement for driving on all the roads, interestingly it gave it at 574 so had to scout around for the final 3. Now I can start playing the actual game.
  22. I'm currently just pootling around the map unlocking all the roads, will get that 100% done before actually starting with the proper 'game' side of it. There are some gorgeous bits of scenery in this!
  23. Oh well, not the end of the world, thanks
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