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  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hyperstone Heist on the megadrive is better than Turtles in Time on the snes, mainly because it has a run button, feels faster and more energetic and I prefer the megadrive music. It's also better than the arcade turtles games because of the aforementioned run button and also the gameplay being balanced for considerations other than eating all your money asap. It's also better than any Streets of Rage/Final Fight game because it just is
  2. They're probably useful if you have both a One X and a PS4 Pro and want to see which version of the latest game you should buy, but other than that I can't see the point other than getting ammo for online console wars. I do find the videos where they do 10x zoom to show the difference in graphics amusing, but I'm not sure if that's DF or one of the other big comparison channels.
  3. The only lcds I picked up since this thread were 2 game and watches, Greenhouse and a better condition Donkey Kong. Anywhere that sells the larger cabinet type VFDs etc over here nowadays is aware of the value.
  4. Does switch have any custom soundtrack options? Was playing Burnout Dominator on PSP last night and had to suffer through multiple language renditons of Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend" in the menus so.. not really sure if asking for some music is a good move
  5. Comments like this really make me realise that the devs will have a really hard time making something that doesn't upset either the fans of Burnout 2 or the fans of Burnout 3/the ones after 3 Going open world is an interesting choice, especially since Burnout Paradise is available on 3 of the 4 platforms this is coming to.
  6. Surely badmouthing Naughty Dog cinematic games (or the modern Tomb Raider games inspired by them) and concluding that Contra on snes is more fun is about as uncontroversial as it gets in the retro and arcade folder?
  7. Well clearly there's an element of backwards rationalisation to my crt comment If someone rolled up to my door tomorrow and offered to trade for a BVM I wouldn't say no. I just mean there's a tendency to think that you either have the one acceptable solution or dogshit, when in reality there's "the best" and then a lot of options that are perfectly acceptable. When I bought the xrgb mini I had intended on going all rgb like the guides said but I hooked up my Saturn with the s-video cable I had lying around and thought "good enough". I'm sure rgb is better.
  8. On the topic of rgb, I have an xrgb mini but have been connecting my consoles via s-video (because I already had some and the others were dirt cheap compared to the rgb route) for a few years and I'm content with that. If you mentioned that in an xrgb discussion people would act like you're commiting a sin. There's a perfectionist/obsessive streak in the "retro community" that makes out like anything other than rgb is awful but in reality it's perfectly fine. I got the xrgb mini because without it my old consoles had unplayable amounts of lag and looked like puke on my modern tv. Alongside that, I've also been playing snes/megadrive via composite and famicom via rf on a Sharp CRT for years and don't feel the need to get a Trinitron or BVM at all. I'm sure there's an improvement, but in a way it would feel less authentic to me than just a bog standard consumer CRT.
  9. The graphs pretty much confirm what I suspected for most of the games I'm interested in unfortunately. Most of them were about 500yen in a sale in early 2018 but have been around 2500 yen without a sale since then.
  10. Didn't know there was a watchlist feature. Will do that. Does anyone know if Sony ever sorted the whole "you can't purchase a game you already have through psplus" situation? I haven't had plus for a couple of years but I had a lot of vita games through it. Would resubbing mean I can't buy those games if they go on sale?
  11. There's probably 15-20 games I'd pick up in a sale. Maybe I'll keep an eye on the UK store too in case there's a big sale, but the vita account system makes that a bit unworkable (already own games on the Japan psn). Maybe used physical games is the way to go for some/most of them at this stage.
  12. Vita games don't seem to ever be included in psn sales anymore(maybe they are on the UK psn sales?), which is annoying. I had a vita since near the start and had psplus for years which meant I didn't need to buy many vita games, which was nice and all but also meant that even if I wanted to, I couldn't buy a game in the sales(did they ever fix that "feature"?). I ditched psplus a year or two ago and would like to pick up some games. I suppose we can assume that they're probably never going on sale in any large number again at this stage and will just sit on psn at full price indefinitely?
  13. Does anyone know of any retro arcade ports from the current gen of consoles? Ports meaning not emulated. I recenty learned that there's a port of the Killer Instinct arcade game on Xbox One, which I wasn't aware of and would have assumed to be an emulator even if I had known it was a thing. Virtua Racing on Switch. Is this a port or a heavily tweaked emulation? I know this isn't really of much consequence to the user experience, I'm just curious about ports. Zero Gunner 2- on Switch. I think they added the minus because the port is considered inaccurate? I have it on DC and couldn't spot the difference but I haven't played it that much. Ikaruga on Switch. Didn't buy it since I have it on 360 (which people say is an inaccurate port) but I assume this is a port of the 360 or mobile version?
  14. An emulated rom is the original game files but the fact that they're running through a software emulation layer seems significant. I think it's interesting that we seem to be heading towards a situation where the unofficial emulation "community" is showing signs of movement away from/dissatisfaction with purely software emulation and towards fpga cores with things like the Mister and the Analogue machines, whereas the more official/legitimate options will just be to pay for a rom running on an emulator on your console or to buy a little plastic box that looks like a snes/megadrive and houses a cheap system on a chip running a software emulator. Perhaps we'll eventually see offical fpga options, priced accordingly for those who care.
  15. I think Virtua Racing is a good example of your first point. I own it on Megadrive, 32x, Saturn, PS2 and Switch. Even now, my favourite to play is still the 32x port, despite the Switch version being technically a far superior "perfect" version of the arcade game. I was thinking about the more cookie cutter form of retro rerelease, whether it be a collection of emulated Capcom roms for switch, Nintendo Virtual Console stuff or the ps4 arcade archives or whatever it's called. Just a rom running on an emulator, and next gen we'll sell you the same rom running on an emulator again. It "feels" worthless compared to something like the 360 Cave shmups or Captain Commando on PS1 (I mean even aside from monetary value, a port will always be worth a mention in terms of gaming history etc, yet another emulated rom is just nothing). Then there's software emulation itself. The recent rise of FPGA implementations suggests that a growing number of people on the unofficial end of the emulation community feel that even good software emulation is lacking something compared to something running natively, which is counter to the official end, where if it's 2d, it will be running on an emulator (one of the open source ones?). Is the version of Captain Commando on the Switch better than the PS1 port? In 10 years the PS1 port will still be an artefact worthy of discussion among arcade/retro fans, the switch version will just be a rom running on an emulator same as the Raspberry Pi version. For me, this nagging feeling doesn't apply to "emulation" that involves including the old processing hardware etc in the modern device, wii on wii u, ps1 on psp, psp on vita. I assume that's closer to what an fpga core is trying to achieve in terms of "feel"?
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