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  1. This subject and the inevitable wheeling out of the word "entitlement" always shows how throwaway a lot of gamers consider games when it comes down to it. As mentioned above, people don't assume that everyone who wants to watch a movie/read a book/listen to a song that came out in the 80s (or any other decade) did so in the 80s etc and anyone who wants to experience it now is clearly suffering from a bad case of entitlement and should enjoy one of the many movies/books/songs we've been blessed with in the past 7 or so years instead. Game studios are uniquely terrible
  2. Have to agree with this. The setting and basic plot seemed right up my alley but the game has some of the most repetitive and boring gameplay out there combined with a distinct lack of enemy variety. Also, it's been a while but the ending wasn't at all satisfying (maybe they can fix that in a sequel).
  3. Pretty sure DS carts don't use batteries.
  4. Not trying to force my opinion on others, just stating it in a thread about streaming services. Has been mentioned in other threads before, sure, but we've also had plenty of "gamepass is such amazing unbelieveable value, lets all talk about how great this currently heavily discounted subscription service is" type discussions too. Anyway, I don't come close to getting through 10 retail games in a year, never mind being able to get value out of a subscription service on top of that, so I guess we're coming at this from different perspectives. I just think those of us who don'
  5. If/when microsoft actually start releasing quality first party games in significant enough quantities perhaps I'll change my mind, but for now I don't quite get the appeal of either unless you are incredibly time rich and happy to play whatever's there, as opposed to some specific games you actually want to play, or are just lucky enough to have constant overlap of the two. Posting lists of non-new release 3rd party and indie games makes little sense to me. Things you can pick up for peanuts in the 50 sales per year and actually own. Like I said, there are definitely people f
  6. Don't know where in Northern Ireland had one, but there used to be one in Dr Quirkey's on O' Connell St in Dublin.
  7. I've never seen it either. I've just never felt like going out of my way to watch it and it's never been placed in front of me. It starts to feel like maybe subconscious avoidance at some stage though when you haven't seen some mega blockbuster and years have passed since it came out.
  8. It's generally just a bit of dirt/grease built up under the button on the metal connector that the rubber touches when you push it. Can usually be solved in a couple of minutes by opening the pad and cleaning the metal under the buttons using a cotton bud and isopropyl. I bought 4 "broken" sfc pads last week, 2 of which had unresponsive start buttons and a quick clean of the metal under the buttons (I can't think of the correct term) had them all good as new (in terms of responsiveness).
  9. Still not seeing how that precludes them from being punk, or why you chose to namedrop SAW and not any other musician/producer, but fair enough..
  10. Why do you think that early 2000s amateur newgrounds(and other sites) browser games aren't punk at all and are instead like "SAW" ?
  11. Oh, right Never heard of them. Just looked it up on wikipedia and now I have even less idea what the similarity to edgy newgrounds garbage made by untrained amateurs is than when I thought you meant the low budget edgy horror movie.
  12. The movie? Not sure I get the comparison but I haven't watched it.
  13. All those utterly shit edgelord browser games on sites like newgrounds in the early 2000s.
  14. Nex Machina is one of the most perfectly crafted gameplay experiences ever and my game of the generation. As much as I like them (the following will sound quite negative but actually I'm a fan of Japanese shmups...), I'd take Nex Machina over the entire (often interchangeable if you aren't a hardcore fan of scoring systems) post 1993ish Japanese shmup library, particularly the Cave stuff which may as well be reskins of DoDonPachi with increasingly iffy artstyles as far as the non-hardcore are concerned, because the gameplay is just more exciting and it's easier for a "normal" playe
  15. I recommend Rise: Race the Future on Steam and Switch and I know there's at least one other person on the forum who's played and enjoyed it!!!
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