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  1. Yen being in the toilet not putting you off @Darwock? 75000 has crossed some sort of psychological barrier for me I think. Also I hate product lotteries. I'll wait. Not surprised they're forcing bundles with a digital game, I think the yen price of the headset still works out significantly lower than Europe etc using the current exchange rate. Guess the Japanese stock allocation is going to be a joke again if it's straight to lotteries, there can't be many people here willing to bite at that price.
  2. I think there’s a sort of homogenized image of “gamer” that’s pushed by games journalism etc in a way that doesn’t really happen in other entertainment media. A belief that if someone likes games they therefore should like all genres and styles of game, I’m really into retro games, have a big collection that I play regularly etc. Love arcade games, “pick up and play” , am basically all about instantly gratifying gameplay experiences. I am at heart still a Dreamcast fanboy who hasn’t really been in tune with the mainstream since the Dreamcast/GameCube/PS2 era. Still enjoy first party Nintendo stuff. I also really like VR. Not so much the wave your hands around mini game stuff, but the 3D headset aspect. The sense of scale and feeling of presence you can get from higher end VR games is something I find myself excited about going forward. So, I like older/indie games with satisfying gameplay and also cutting edge VR stuff. Everything in between I really just don’t have much interest in. AAA games on a TV? Might just be a lack of imagination on my part, but I don’t find them remotely immersive and always just get bored and stop playing after the initial few hours once the game goes into the content padding stage, even if it was a game where the setting etc interested me. I’d generally rather watch a movie or read a book. I like the idea of playing certain big AAA games but the reality of sitting down and playing them never lives up to my imagination. I have a fairly long list of AAA open world games that have been played for about 10-15 hours and then never touched again.
  3. Have you played Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice VR on PC? I’ve been playing it recently and despite it just being the regular game on a vr headset played with a controller, it really elevates the experience for me. To be honest, I’d have little to no interest in playing the game on a TV and only bought it because it supports VR. Some of the environments are really impressive, even in third person there’s a massive difference between the sense of scale and presence you get in the headset vs just looking at a flat image on a tv. It’s hard to come from that and not strongly believe that any number of third person Playstation games would be extremely worthwhile experiences in a vr headset, even if just controlled with the Dualsense.
  4. There’s also stuff like Hellblade VR on steam. I’d love to see some of Sony’s AAA library get similar VR headset support even if it just involved playing with the dualsense. Unfortunately I’m sure Sony are aware by now that there is a large contingent of VR enthusiasts and games journalists who would lose their shit about that because “not a true vr experience” and others who’d write long negative articles about how it made them feel nauseous, so it will almost certainly never happen.
  5. I’m having more of a dilemma about this than most gaming hardware I buy I have psvr and a quest/gaming pc setup. I want this because the hardware seems like a major upgrade but I think there’s a real chance it’s going to flop at this price and end up with a very lackluster library, and that puts me off preordering. Without big games that take advantage of the upgraded visuals etc, what’s the point of all that fancy hardware? If it worked with PC at least there’d still be that option if if flops and the bigger PlayStation vr games dry up/ it just ends up as a quest 2 port player. At least there are modders keeping PCVR on life support regardless of the non-existent VR support from big companies . If this thing isn’t a commercial success it will be a paperweight in a couple of years or at best an overspecced headset for playing low budget indie/rhythm games. I got my ps5 adapter for psvr 1 in the post yesterday and tried a couple of games. Some games look extremely good in the original headset with the resolution bump the ps5 provides (a couple of dreams experiences have extremely impressive/sharp visuals on ps5 whereas dreams on ps4 was a blurry mess). I think Sony might have made the wrong decision for this point in time by so heavily prioritizing specs over affordability.
  6. How are the nreal airs in terms of comfort and resolution etc? I have the old Sony HMZ t3 but it's only 720p and not very comfortable.
  7. I’ve always been impressed that the Wii U had the hardware to “emulate” (if mister is emulation this is too..) GameCube games (but not discs) perfectly but the only GameCube games you could officially play on the thing were two full price Zelda remasters, with console VC conveniently stopping at N64. Thanks Nintendo!
  8. I thought the hardware was just for PS2 BC. Anything I’ve read over the years said PS1 was software emulation, but that could be mistaken.
  9. PS1 on PS3 was pretty impressive from a consumer standpoint because Sony let you play any ps1 disc on a software emulator, which now seems to be something that it would be impossible for a console to allow for some reason (legalities?). Is there anything stopping Sony or MS putting software BC in a modern console to let you play every PS2/original Xbox disc aside from effort/lack of desire to do so?
  10. That’s fair enough and I’m doing my best not to come across like I’m saying mister is bad, because obviously it isn’t. I think it’s great and worth the money. I just think there’s often an implication that it’s some sort of night and day difference compared to modern software emulation and I think it’s worth sharing a dissenting opinion, especially since the mister is pretty hard/expensive to get hold of right now. I think you have to already be somewhat far down the rabbit hole to appreciate the mister. You don’t have to mess around with those retroarch settings to have a good experience beyond an initial setup that is no more complex than the mister ini setup. I think a raspberry pi 3 directly connected to a Crt via composite and running thousands of arcade games that a mister can’t via Final Burn is as impressive as a mister. Also costs a fraction of the price. The mister crt setup requires having a higher end crt, add on boards for the mister etc. The pi worked out of the box with a cheap composite cable. One area where I think mister shines compared to software emulation is home computers like C64 and Amiga. If those are someone’s main interest I’d strongly recommend a mister over the alternatives. For consoles and arcade games I don’t think mister offers a massively better experience than software emulation but it wasn’t my intention to just come here and badmouth the mister, I guess I’m just curious what exactly people are finding so amazing about the mister experience vs modern emulators.
  11. I have a mister and it’s excellent but I feel like the discussion surrounding it always comes with the false implication that there is some major perceptible difference in the gameplay experience vs software emulation on a decent modern device (which is also excellent and not laggy, inconvenient, complex to set up etc etc). My most impressive emulation experience was probably the day I discovered MAME back in the day. Also I feel like dolphin for GameCube on a good pc is the closest an emulator has come to making a console obsolete by offering a superior experience.
  12. Putting aside the methods that people use to get it for peanuts and considering it as Microsoft actually intends/expects people to use it as an ongoing service, I think it’s probably decent value if 1) the Xbox is your only console,2)you own no unplayed games(which I guess is what might make having access to a bunch of old games of varying quality appealing), and 3) you have a lot of gaming time but just want to play “a game” and not particular games that may or may not be on the service. I’m surprised how many people here the second and third points seem to apply to. I have a library of PC games that I got free from epic and prime over the last few years that I never play, along with my steam collection which basically means I wouldn’t even consider gamepass for pc. There’s the promise of Day 1 first party releases but somehow I haven’t felt like I’m missing out on all those classics yet. I don’t like how maintaining ongoing subscriptions feels like wasted money if you play a long game that isn’t on the service/aren’t in the mood of gaming for a while etc. I feel like it kind of changes the relationship you have to the games you’re playing.
  13. Well, after 2 years of the thing being impossible to find here and then the price increase, I’d been bitterly talking about staying PC only this gen and not getting a PS5, but a week or so ago I happened to stumble across a mint condition used PS5 being sold in a shop for under the pre-increase RRP. Anyway, I built a pretty decent gaming PC a few months ago but I have to be honest, my PS5 experience so far has felt more immediately “next gen”. The graphics are about the same to my eyes but the controller with its adaptive triggers etc feels like a big advancement. Also I’m mainly a PC gamer and I know PC gamers get defensive about this, but sorry, PC gaming is still a level of effort and farting about setting stuff up that you don’t have with consoles. I’m playing through Cyberpunk. I bought it on launch day and played a fair bit on base PS4, I actually enjoyed it and wasn’t on board the hate train, but I eventually decided to wait until I got a ps5 to do it justice, took a bit longer than expected Anyway, the jump from PS4 to PS5 is massive. Far more impressive than PS3 to PS4 felt to me. I’m also benefitting from ignoring most of Sony’s output over the last few years because of a general dislike of 30fps after getting used to 60 on PC. There are a ton of games I’m a lot more interested in now thanks to the PS5 frame rate and resolution upgrades.
  14. How does buying and getting rid of a series x and ps5 and then playing gamepass on a series s while waiting for there to be games that make it “worth” having a series x or ps5 make more sense either financially or just in terms of effort than just buying and keeping a series x in the first place? If you scalped the ps5 then fair enough but that’s the only way this way of going about things makes sense to me.
  15. The upgrade to PS5 and PSVR2 hardware is exciting if you imagine yourself playing AAA games on it. Stuff like Pistol Whip will benefit from not having to use the move controllers but that’s about it really, does a higher resolution really matter for that tier of vr game? The hardware upgrades and resulting high price would only be fully justified if there’s a decent stream of AAA PSVR2 content, either vr conversions of existing games or new content. The announced games don’t inspire too much confidence that that will be the case.
  16. I got PSVR at release and am definitely at the higher end of the "interest in vr games" scale, but I'm out at that price. Not totally Sony's fault, to be honest, I'm out on basically any product that has an RRP that was set after the yen went to shit compared to the dollar. 60,000 yen for a PS5 and then 75,000 yen for the headset... Not getting PSVR2 basically ensures I'll be staying PC only this gen as it was the main reason I would have considered a ps5. I'll stick with my PC and Quest. I'm sure the psvr2 will be better but to what extent? Slightly higher perceived resolution? Who cares? The problem with vr is lack of worthwhile content. That list of psvr2 launch games isn't exactly enticing when you've already played Alyx and various PC vr mods. The early vr hype is pretty much gone now. I wouldn't be surprised if this thing flops, especially now that I've seen the price/announced games.
  17. True, I’d realized that part was biased towards my own use case and edited it out but you got your reply in too quick
  18. I really don’t see the point of most of the add ons if you’re using the mister with a hdmi screen, other than making it slightly more convenient/tidy. I have the de10 nano and 128mb sdram and after a few years of using those I haven’t felt the need to get anything else. All the add ons are very far from necessary but YouTube videos etc have done a good job giving newcomers the impression that they’re absolute essentials. When you get into the territory of buying adapters for minuscule input lag reductions I’d be more inclined to just play on the original hardware (probably costs less anyway).
  19. What do you mean by your question? I was asking a question about copyright and youtube. Zero interest in getting involved in the latest uk retro scene aggro beyond that.
  20. Did he have no alternative but to pay the 500 quid? Could he have disputed it/taken down the video/removed the picture/argued fair use etc? I'm just curious as I didn't know it was so easy to be stung for a fairly significant amount of money on youtube, as opposed to just having the video demonitized or taken down, considering how much of retro gaming YouTube is based around some sort of iffy copyright stuff. I've never heard of anything more punitive than a video being taken down/demonitised, but maybe it's a common occurance?
  21. How long was the Harryhausen photo on screen for? Was the video about “this photo of Harryhausen” or was it something flashed for two seconds in a video about old games? As a non-UK person, I find that the UK retro scene seems to have a lot of aggro and angry people involved. There often seems to be some sort of infighting going on around website ownership/management, niche products and now YouTube creators, something which I don’t seem to notice as much with stuff from other countries.
  22. No physical backwards compatibility resulting in Switch games hitting the bargain bins asap.
  23. There’s no shame in admitting you bought them to flip on eBay for profit. Up on eBay after an entire week of ownership just cos I bought about 60 Japanese n64 carts recently and I’m sure the total price was less than 100 pounds. Basically the entire Japanese catalogue of any merit aside from Sin and Punishment and Bangai O (more expensive) and Goldeneye (Japanese version slightly pricey compared to other Japanese games and not sure I want it in 2022). Japanese n64 games are dirt cheap, boxed or unboxed. I got carts because when boxed games are worthless you kind of see the reality that a bunch of boxes = a bunch of cardboard clutter. I got most of the classics, Mario 64, Mario kart, both Zeldas, pilotwings, starfox, smash bros, Paper Mario etc etc from 100 yen bins, most of the ones that cost a bit more are relatively crap games. So my recommendation for anyone who wants cheap retro games in 2022 is Japanese n64 games.
  24. 2006 is the Japan only PS2 game that came in a set with the emulated original arcade game. It doesn’t really have the Sega Rally “feel”, but it’s a decent enough game.
  25. There are a LOT. A few arcade racers (just the main ones that come to mind). PS2: Ridge Racer 5 Battle Gear 2 and 3 Burnout 2 (and the rest I suppose) Shox Rally (a surprisingly good game) Outrun 2 The King of Route 66 Motorstorm Arctic Edge Sega Rally 95 Splashdown Rides Gone Wild PS3/360: Daytona USA Outrun 2 online Sega Rally Online Arcade (not Revo) Ridge Racer 6(360) 7 (PS3) Blur Split Second (Also on steam) Pure (Also on steam) GTI Club Motorstorm games (PS3) Sonic etc etc Transformed (Also on Steam and highly recommended over the console versions).
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