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  1. I dislike cinematic trailers but I also dislike cinematic games.
  2. I played this at the Japanese ps4 launch and it was pretty good, still the only Yakuza game I’ve played. No interest in playing a remake, but glad it’s getting localized.
  3. I massively prefer Transformed as a single player game and bought it on 3 platforms (vs only 2 for MK8..) but as a multiplayer game it has none of the accessibility of Mario Kart 8 and their gameplay mechanics aren’t similar at all, so I don’t think the simple comparison of the two as “kart games” really holds up as well as it might if you were comparing Mario kart and something like crash team racing or that pac man kart game on GameCube (which I quite like too). The beauty of MK8 is that you can enjoy it with anyone, kids, non gamers etc etc. That doesn’t apply to Transformed at all. Transformed has a much higher learning curve and less of the randomness that the MK designers obviously put in deliberately.
  4. Thing everyone on American websites knows is best: Burnout 3 Thing that is actually the best: Burnout 2
  5. Surprised nobody noticed the real bombshell in this issue. The guys who made Screamer apparently had Daytona on the PlayStation.
  6. Future generations will be match cutting and scrubbing their way through this gaming masterpiece long after the OP’s beloved blue skies arcade racers are forgotten by all and lost to time.
  7. This is pretty much me too. Have owned every Sony console, but haven't been able to get a PS5 since launch ( I'm not in the UK where they always seem to have been somewhat easier to get). I would have impulse bought a ps5 at any stage in the past 2 years if I'd actually seen one for rrp. I built a gaming PC a couple of months ago but was still planning on getting a ps5 when possible for no particular reason (no interest in most sony exclusives, I just like having a console for the living room as well as a PC and I have a ps4 and not an Xbox one), but this move has sent my interest level to zero. It's not the money as the increase makes no difference in terms of whether or not I can afford the console, but the announcement just confirmed to me that I don't like something about where Playstation is currently heading. Also, 2 years of a scalpers paradise followed by an extra kick in the nuts of "oh and now we're raising rrp". I don't need any product enough to begrudgingly buy it despite being annoyed by the actions of the company making it. I'll get a series s or x for the living room instead.
  8. As a follow up to something mentioned earlier, can anyway give an update on how well/poorly mid 90s 3d games like Ridge Racer and Ace Driver run on Mame on the series consoles?
  9. What resolution can dolphin be set to while still running gamecube games (not just the undemanding ones) smoothly. Does it run worse on series s than it would on a PC with equivalent specs (would have thought such a PC would run GameCube pretty much flawlessly). @PikaStu, what's the issue with the 3D Mame games? Not supported by the retroarch Mame core or do they run but with stutter/slowdown?
  10. I stumbled upon someone who clearly didn't know/care about the gaming side of it selling a boxed/barely used one cheap soon after buying my first for the regular price (which itself was a lot cheaper than the current prices) a couple of years ago. Couldn't resist buying that. I tested it to see if it worked and it's been in the box since. Obviously glad I have a spare now that I see the price and supply situation.
  11. I love the Summer Vacation games but the Shin Chan aspect just kills my interest in this one big time so I never picked it up. Glad it got an English release though, it's a real shame that the rest of the Summer Vacation games are stuck in Japanese, they're really a worthwhile gaming experience.
  12. This is surprising to me. As I said above I recently went from a 1080p 60hz monitor to a 1440p 165hz gsync monitor and I think the jump from 60 to 165 hits as hard as 30fps to 60fps for me. 60 feels noticeably smoother than 30 (which is just bad) but 165 is just so buttery smooth and natural looking it's on another level to 60. Currently playing through GTA 5 and the smoothness at 165 just makes it feel like a completely different (better) experience. I'm actually shocked by how big an upgrade both 1080p to 1440p and 60hz to 165hz feel like. I've been reading people downplay them both as relatively minor improvements for a few years so I wasn't in any hurry to upgrade my monitor, but now that I have I think they're both massively noticeable improvements (the increased refresh rate in particular is a genuine gamechanger for me).
  13. I'm sitting here playing this not quite believing what I'm experiencing. After changing those settings I can't believe how good the mister looks on this monitor with the pvm shadow mask/how little lag I can feel (none basically). My whole "LCD sucks for retro games" world has been turned upside down in an evening.
  14. I definitely feel like I can notice a (positive) difference in responsiveness after changing that.
  15. OK, I changed v-integer scaling to 1 and discovered shadow masks and now I take back everything I said on the previous page. It looks stunning now.
  16. Looks great. This gives me hope. Can you tell me your settings/link to a guide you'd recommend?
  17. I guess the main/only thing that differentiates it is the open world. The story missions are standard Lego game template stuff. I think it does a much better job than "serious" open world games of actually making the experience of interacting with the open world at least somewhat entertaining instead of just a slog, but that's more an indictment of the average joyless AAA open world than high praise for this game.
  18. I wasn't very impressed by my brief play with it recently. Definitely felt worse/blurrier than the old 1080p monitor I've been using the mister with for the last couple of years, which I wasn't expecting since the 1440p one is a decent enough gaming monitor.
  19. So is it best to leave it at the default (720p I think..)?
  20. Thanks for the info. Doesn't sound like it's worth the effort for composite when I already have the original hardware and pi on the crt. I'll try to figure out how to improve my mister experience over HDMI on my monitor.
  21. Anyone here running one of these on a 1440p monitor? Can't help but feel it looks and feels pretty bad on mine (ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q) compared to my old non-gaming 1080p HP one. I tried changing the mister.ini for 1440p but I get an "out of bounds" message on the monitor (using the HDMI cable that came with the monitor) maybe I'm missing something. I have a crt that only has composite. What's the cheapest/easiest way to output composite from a mister? Sort of surprised it's not easier to find this info. Surely more people have an old 14 inch composite consumer CRT than a pvm.
  22. I'm interested in this for the keyboard and mouse.
  23. Are there still no more interesting cases available to buy for this than "small metal box" and "small plastic box"? I love the look of some of the Amiga inspired keyboard cases people have 3d printed.
  24. Well, I lied. I recently bought a 165hz 1440p gsync monitor and it makes a noticeable difference. I've never really been impressed by the ones on display in shops but now I'm wondering if those demos were even running at 1440p/a framerate above 60 because the difference on my PC is immediately noticeable. Also the picture quality is definitely good enough for me. It isn't OLED quality but it has its own charms.
  25. No more horror/jumpscares/zombies.
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