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  1. I didn't watch SG-1 this week, because it sounded rubbish, I'll watch it before next weeks ep though.

    Atlantis was ok. At times it was trying just a bit too hard to be cool, with some of the camerawork and such that was going on, but overall, I was entertained. Not fantastic by any stretch of the imagination, but it was decent. I think they're spending too much time on Ronan too, but my problem isn't that it's taking time away from Teyla(who is a boring character anyway) it's that no matter how much time they devote to him, he still doesn't seem to get any deeper than "grrr I'm an angry man on the edge, shoot first ask questions later, that's me!".To be honest, the fact that every episode now has some bit where Ronan has to be talked out of shooting/stabbing/choking someone is getting a bit tiresome.

  2. As already mentioned, Shenmue 3. I already have a 360, so on that would be cool, but its probably the only game that would sell me a PS3 (if it was exclusive). This is the kind of news I dream of...

    Sega announce the 'Shenmue trilogy' for Xbox 360, including tarted up versions of Shenmue 1 & 2 and the conclusion of the Ryo's story with Part 3. The discs would have english and japanese dialogue that could be chosen, DVD style. However, the big deal would be the announcement of episodic content over Xbox Live, exploring the side stories of some of the other characters from the Shenmue universe.

    Ahhh, I can dream.


    :lol: Indeed. Shenmue 3 is about the only game I can safely say would sell a system to me by itself.

  3. Laputa Castle in the Sky is showing Monday. The English dub -- as ever -- isn't too hot though with extra lines of dialogue being pointlessly added and, I believe, about an extra half hour of music shoehorned into the original score.

    I don't like the voices in the dub, Van Der Beek in particular, but I prefer the music in the disney dub.

    Kiki's is so much better in japanese

    all the american voices ruin it, and they say too much! they add pointless lines in where theres silence in the real version.

    Yep, this is my problem with it too, the little one liners that the cat throws in everywhere in the dub mainly.

    In other news, i watched Porco Rosso last night(on dvd) for the first time. It's great and I suggest you all watch it if/when it's on Film4.

  4. Can't say I'm sold on this. The atmosphere and threat from the zombies is ace - it really does work. Beyond that there doesn't seem to be much to it.

    I agree. I'm sure there are lots of little things you can try out, and I've probably done some of them, since I've played it a few times now, but it just felt a bit pointless to me, not that that's necessarily a bad thing for everyone, it is for me though. That said, it is quite fun, and I did keep replaying it, which is more than I can say for a lot of demos, but I don't share the "best game ever" feeling that seems to be in this thread.

  5. After having immense fun with Prison Break, I've started re-watching OZ. Yeah, the acting/writing is awesome, but it's just really, REALLY grim. And actually not that enjoyable to watch, but saying that, I'm going to watch it all.

    Is there anything more depressing than this out there ? Also it is nightmarishly gay....

    It's one of the greatest tv shows of all time. You're right about the grimness of it all. It's utterly compelling though. It was pretty damn graphic at times, and had some of the most depressing TV show things ever. Oh and it got pretty silly near the end,and some of the plots of episodes in later seasons were beyond ridiculous, I thought. But yeah, not one I'd watch for "fun", I don't really think that's what they were trying to achieve.

  6. I've watched lots of trailers of this and especially the footage that comes on the NGamer DVD

    and I've been thinking, from what I've seen, that this looks like a platformer

    i.e. it's not like the adventurey type of play of Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine

    You go very quickly from planet to planet, do what you have to do zooming around and stuff

    It could have adventurey aspects that we haven't yet seen, but so far it looks like a platformer and I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing

    I thought the exact same thing when I watched the videos. I'm not sure if it's a good or a bad thing either ;)

    The first area of sunshine is fantastic, its the place you'd want to live with the water flowing down the road and the river and all the greeness to it all. Its wonderful.

    Definitely. I remember when I got that game first, just running around admiring the scenery and thinking "holy shit, this is lovely".

  7. Just finished "The Social Animal" by Elliot Aronson, which was interesting. Started "The Blank Slate" by Steven Pinker yesterday, which seems quite good. It reminds me of the chapters of "How the Mind Works" by Pinker that didn't bore me, which is nice, he has a knack for placing good psychology related jokes at appropriate moments.

    I'm also occasionally reading 1984 on the side. It's ok.

  8. I didn't watch atlantis yet, but I quite liked SG-1 this week, definitely a massive improvement over the last few weeks anyway, crossovers are fun. Sadly I'm pretty sure that after this episode we're into filler territory.

    Oh, and vala is still a terrible character.

  9. saw this at uni as part my course. was alright. in the bit with those dudes doing the chanting thing (think it was used on a sky ad recently) the main dude looks like dustin hoffman.




    I watched this earlier, and yes, you are very much correct.

    I quite liked it, it was slightly too slow paced for my liking in places, but overall it was well made. Quite hypnotic. Makes me want to go traveling too. I prefer Koyaanisqatsi though, mostly for the music, Koyaanisqatsi has great music, I listen to it on my mp3 player all the time.

    One thing I dislike about these movies are those scenes where some people in the modern world look at the camera with a totally blank expression for a few seconds. It's just so very very contrived, those scenes make me cringe. They're so forced and unnatural...oh....wait... is that the point? Hmmm, I still prefer my simple moral messages to look less forced.

  10. Same here. Excellent little review. The look on his face after he went "You can just WALK over it" was the best thing I've ever seen. Too bad the rest of his reviews aren't as good. Well, the Back to the Future one maybe.

    Now that, I do not agree with. He was reviewing an old game by contemporary standards. I absolutely loved and PWNED that game, despite of it's flaws. He seems to have a problem with hard games. Fair enough. But things like that underwater dam level? Matter of practice. I could do that level almost without getting hit once. Sure, there are some unfair things, but overall the game's pretty neat. It's a million times better than the boring Fall of the Footclan game for the GameBoy.

    Heh, maybe. I remember absolutely hating it when I was a kid though, haven't played it in years, still have it though. It was just too hard for me, so I guess that's something me and that guy have in common. He was also right about the fact that it really didn't have a whole lot of things from the tv show in it. I thought the arcade game was great . And "turtles in time" on the snes was pretty good too. But that nes game.. nah, I never enjoyed it.

  11. is how you should review a game.

    I have to be honest. That is by far the best thing I've ever seen on the internet. I haven't laughed that much in a long time, especially at his little rant in the last 30 seconds :( .I love it. He was spot on with all his points too, what a shit game.

    As for the rest of this thread. I didn't read it. I opened the thread and the first thing I saw was that link, it was destiny.

  12. And Homer Badman. Easily the best.


    "See you in hell, candy boys!"

    Also, I don't think I've ever laughed as hard at anything else as I did the first time I saw the rock bottom "her swe-swe sweet can" bit. The clock moving around in the background was great."No, Mr. Simpson, don't take your anger out on me.Mr Simpson,Noooo!""dramatisationmaynothavehappened"

    God, the Simpsons at its peak really was so much better than any other tv show.

  13. I have, but this isn't 'classic' Simpsons. It may not be new, but it doesn't make it classic. Seemingly, it had already gone wrong by this stage.

    I see what you're saying, and I don't think I'd consider it "classic" either. Personally I think that although around season 7 the show definitely had a different "feel" than the older episodes(which I much prefer) it was still really funny, some of the jokes were probably a bit wackier or more unbelieveable than the ones in early seasons, but it was still funny, just different.

  14. I'm not watching it, but if it is indeed the one about the Radioactive Man movie, it's a great episode, and all of you people badmouthing it are massively wrong and clearly haven't seen an episode made in the last at least 5 or 6 years, to see just what a bad simpsons episode actually is.

  15. Atlantis was far better than SG-1 this week. If they can keep the episodes of atlantis at that level for the entire season, I'll be satisfied. I know a lot of people didn't like season 1 of atlantis, but personally I thought it was fantastic, and then was disappointed by season 2. I'm liking what I see of season 3 though, so I have my fingers crossed etc. I'm not so optimistic about SG-1. It doesn't feel like the same show anymore. I know they've been making it progressively more "funny" for years now, but it seems to have reached a point now where it's become "SG-1 lite" and you can just see that the actors are having a ball messing around, but it's hard to take anything on the show seriously. Like, they have a scene where people are dieing of some mysterious illness, then it cuts to a scene with Vala prancing around getting upto all sorts of "hilarious" antics and then they go back to the story about the people dieing, the atmosphere of which has now been totally ruined. Oh well.

    Still though, Atlantis is great.

  16. Hmm, I didn't clock that. Thanks.

    I don't want to reverse spoiler the movie or anything and I may be remembering that movie wrong but..........

    Also, Pom Poko is one of 3 Ghibli Movies I haven't seen. Along with Porco Rosso and "I can hear the Sea" or something. All of which I got on dvd and intend on watching in the next few days. I hope it lives up to your praise paradigm, because honestly, I wasn't expecting much from it. My personal favourites are Laputa, Kiki's Delivery Service and Whisper of The Heart.

  17. Fifty films to have massively spoiled by a bunch of idiot cunts more like.

    I've never seen 2001, but apparently it's been ruined on me by this show, and I just wont know it until i start watching it(which I was planning on doing in the next few days). So yeah, cunts.

  18. Well, this weeks SG-1 get's another big old meh from me. What a complete nothing of an episode. The Vala humour bits were really overdone. I don't see the appeal of her character at all. I was hoping they'd advance the plot a bit more before jumping into shit nothing happening for 40 minutes filler episodes, but there you go, episode two of the season and it's already happening. Part of me wants to just wait for the mid season two parter and the last episode of the season, since I know they'll be the only episodes worth watching/remembering anyway. I'll still be up at 5am watching SG-1 next week though.....

  19. What do you mean by recent? I haven't seen too many recent horror movies, and most of the ones I have seen were rubbish. I did quite like the Korean movie "A tale of Two Sisters". You should check that out. It's psychological more than jumpy. A couple of years old, so you might have seen it.

    I know what you mean with Jeepers Creepers. The opening to the film was excellent, and incredibly creepy. Then the baddy turns out to be some thing, and it all turns shite.

    I may pick up The Hills have Eyes.

    Indeed, the first half of Jeepers creepers was really good, and then they just made a complete turd of it.

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