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  1. just quietly ignore anything to do with elephants. :blink:

    No way, the funniest bit in the entire movie was when

    the big dude picked up the baby elephant and threw it through a window

    Tom Yum Goong did have a terrible plot though, and the bits where people spoke "english" were horrible. Great movie though. As was ong bak. I think I prefered Tom Yum Goong.

  2. Episode 2!

    As if that wasn't enough, another online gaming show gem has been found by UK:Resistance.

    I watched a few minutes of that. And granted it was terrible, but I did laugh at the "let's get gaming!!, wicked!!" gamezville impersonation about 2 minutes in. I don't think the other show is funny, just cringeworthy.

  3. Jin Roh bored me to tears, for what it's worth.

    If you like good character-based stuff that's a bit more weighty you might enjoy Wings of Honneamise, and I can't recommend PlanetES highly enough.

    Thanks for the recommendations. You were right about Jin Roh, I watched the first half yesterday and it was very, very.. boring. I'll watch the rest... some other time.

    I've watched the first 6 episodes of PlanetES and it seems really good(I guess the fact that I've watched 6 eps in a day is proof of that). I'll have a look for Wings of Honneamise.

    I wonder if the guy who made Hoshi no Koe and Beyond the Clouds has anything else in the works, I hope so.

  4. Watched a movie last night called "Beyond the Clouds"(kumo no muko). Anyway, I thought it was great. The animation was just beautiful, as was the music. The plot got slightly confusing at times, that didn't really take away from my enjoyment though, and the characters were interesting/I actually cared what happened to them. I don't watch a lot of anime(apart from Ghibli movies, which are great) and usually I don't like what little I do see, but this has inspired me to watch more. It's by the guy who did Hoshi no Koe(Voices of a Distant Star) , and I've gotta be honest, I only thought that one was ok, but this one is just great.

    Could anyone recommend some other anime movies that are similar to this.

    A friend loaned me "Jin Roh" the other day, but I haven't gotten around to watching it. To be honest the pictures on the dvd case are putting me off because it reminds me of the type of anime that bores me to tears. Patlabor and the like. Is it any good?

  5. Just watched this, and it really was a fantastic movie. the best movie I've seen in a long time, and probably my favourite of the asian movies I've seen. McMond's post above this pretty much sums up my feelings about the movie. I really cared about the characters, a lot more than I usually do when watching a movie. Also, although it was a long enough movie, I never felt bored even once. The acting was great too.

    So..yeah, amazing movie, I will be spending the near future trying to persuade people I know to watch it.

  6. Wandâfuru raifu (Aka: After Life). Note, it's not this title. But fuck knows if Blockbuster do stuff like that. I doubt it.

    Edit: Ah, just Japanese.

    And I'm pretty sure that Battle Royale violates the 'non horror/violent' rule.

    That sounds really good,I've never heard of it before. I'll have to check it out.

    As for my recommendation...Ikiru. Rashomon's good too.Neither of them are samurai movies or remotely cheery though...

    And umm, since I've given two respectable suggestions, i would also like to suggest Battlefield Stadium . It's incredibly silly, but i thought it was really funny, might have just been the mood I was in at the time though. Watched it with a couple of friends and we all thought it was great.

  7. Watched a load of stuff from that site a few months ago. Lazer Fart was pretty funny. My favourite was Time Belt though, Time Belt had heart. Honestly, I look back on that show with far more affection than it probably deserves... Cool music too.

    Jack Black's in Computerman too, which is pretty funny. Also watch The BU, it's good(apart from the last few episodes which are terrible). It also stars that blond woman from Scrubs.

  8. Ed Wood is one of my favourite movies, so even though he's lost it a bit in recent years, he'll always have my respect for that. Good soundtrack too, which as far as I know, wasn't Elfman. Edward Scissorhands is also great . Great great soundtrack too. However,I would like to add my name to the "Danny Elfman makes a lot of music that sounds way too similar" list.

    I always thought Nightmare Before Christmas was massively overrated though, as a Christmas movie or otherwise, it does nothing for me.

    Sleepy Hollow was really good too.

    A friend of mine reckons Mars Attacks is one of the greatest movies ever, he's wrong though...

    I haven't seen Big Fish or Planet of the Apes. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory wasn't great though....

  9. I haven't seen any of the three you mentioned, but I'd just like to add my voice to the "Oz is great" group. It really is the best programme ever, really powerful and compelling stuff. Not sure what the deal is with DVDs over here though. I got a couple of seasons on dvd from america a few years ago and at that stage they weren't available here.

  10. There was a topic about this a while ago. Anyway, I'll quote my post from that topic

    "Well, I'm on episode 4 and it's pretty clear that they're dragging out an idea which should have lasted 1 episode for a whole series... I don't think I'm going to make it through all 11 or so episodes. I can't keep watching this guy mug and stammer his way through conversations and such. I think the main actor is just far too over the top with the way he acts. It's sucking my will to live. At this stage I hope he doesn't get the girl, I somehow doubt that's a likely outcome to a show like this though."

    Update:I never watched any more episodes and I hope I never do.

  11. Actually it is - this sort of behaviour has gone on routinely throughout human history. In the US, you have Posse Commitatus - which was passed in the Reconstruction era - to specifically prevent the military doing this sort of thing to their own civilian populace and it had been a complaint during the US War Of Independence, and here in the UK it's been a frequent complaint which has cropped up in such things as (if I recall correctly) Magna Carta, the Petition of Right and the Act of Right.

    As to why the crew of the Pegasus would specifically follow Cain when doing this, well she's clearly a highly capable Commander. She also demands absolute loyalty which she commands through a mix of fear and tangible success as well as being prepared to lead from the front. Plus, she's clearly fiercely protective of her crew who show loyalty - Boomer & Helo killed one of her crew so she makes sure they're going to pay the price. All of which gets results and the crew get rewarded for those results.

    There are definite shades of Curtis LeMay to her character - if you didn't know, during WW2 LeMay was concerned about how many bombers were returning prematurely from missions over Europe without completing the mission by dropping their payload. He had a 'Brains Trust' of Harvard guys given to the US Military (and consisting of such individuals as Robert MacNamara) run through all the data and try and analyse what was going on. These guys ran through it all and concluded that the reasons given for the premature returns were bullshit - quite simply, the men were understandably afraid for their lives and were finding any reason possible to avoid going through on the mission. The men knew full well that the likelihood of completing 25 missions and thereby getting rotated back to the US was somewhere around nil because the US was doing the daylight bombing runs into the most heavily defended region of the planet. The men weren't suicidal.

    LeMay's response was - as I recall - to make it clear that anyone returning prematurely from a mission would be court-martialled for cowardice and shot. However, he also made it clear that he would fly in the lead plane on missions. Suddenly, the success rate of the missions jumped dramatically. The men under LeMay's command always demonstrated unswerving loyalty to him. People may not have liked LeMay, but they always respected him and were loyal to him.

    When he was transferred to the Pacific theatre, he quickly realised that the high-level precision bombing that had been attempted in the area was staggeringly ineffective. As a result, he implemented a policy of low-level saturation incendiary bombing (a policy first devised by 'Bomber' Harris in Europe). Whilst low-level bombing was much riskier, the nature of the missions meant that when successful there was far less need to repeat missions than there had been previously. However, this policy led to massive civilian casualties. Le May's response? "There's no such thing as an innocent civilian". As far as he was concerned, you were either with him or you were against him, and if you were against him then you were the enemy.

    He was also prepared to sacrifice the civilian population of his own side to military necessity. In the post-WW2 period, LeMay took control of SAC and openly advocated a nuclear conflict with the Soviet Union on the grounds that US civilian losses could be kept to between ten and twenty-five million whilst the Soviet Union would effectively be destroyed. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, he even went so far as to deliberately exacerbate the situation in order to create a nuclear conflict which the West would win in outright defiance of the civilian leadership which was trying to stop war.

    I know this has gone on, but there are a lot of interesting parallels between the character of Cain and LeMay which I think help to explain the Admiral and why her men are prepared to follow her orders regardless of how abominable they may seem.

    Wow, that post was far too good for a topic about a Sci-Fi TV show. Really fascinating stuff. Kudos.

  12. Great great movie. Jimmy Stewart is excellent in it, not that I've ever seen a movie he was in that he was less than excellent in. The guy was a total legend. Also, Peggy Dow in Harvey :unsure:

  13. I've decided to get the miniseries of Battlestar Galactica and give it a shot. I love DS9, TNG and quite like Voyager, couldn't really get into Enterprise though. I really liked Firefly/Serenity. I absolutely adore Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis is pretty good too, despite the odd crappy episode. So since all these shows are either finished/on breaks, I need something to satisfy my SCI-FI cravings. Hopefully this will do the trick. Nothing on TV can compare to SG-1 though.NOTHING.

  14. Anyone else watch the season finale yet? What the hell was that? It had it's funny moments(mainly in the first half), but the second half of the episode just got a big :o from me. There must have been about 15 minutes where I didn't even laugh a bit, which must be a CYE record. Was that the last episode ever? After some of the stuff that happened in that episode, it'd probably be better if it was.

  15. I'm really enjoying this. Didn't think it was all that great at first, but it's picked up a lot. Just finished the rooftop level, which, as others have said, did get slightly annoying when, through no real fault of mine, Jack got himself killed for the 10th or so time. Oddly though, I didn't really mind repeating it and learning what to do at each point of the level until I passed it, and usually I have an extremely short attention span when paying games.

  16. Well, I'm on episode 4 and it's pretty clear that they're dragging out an idea which should have lasted 1 episode for a whole series... I don't think I'm going to make it through all 11 or so episodes. I can't keep watching this guy mug and stammer his way through conversations and such. I think the main actor is just far too over the top with the way he acts. It's sucking my will to live. At this stage I hope he doesn't get the girl, I somehow doubt that's a likely outcome to a show like this though.

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