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  1. I just started watching this earlier today. I've only watched the first two episodes so far, but I'm quite enjoying it. It's funny and oddly charming. And for some reason it's relaxing to watch, possbly due to that tune that seems to play in the background about 60% of the time. I'll be watching the rest in the very near future.

  2. Hey, I've got nothing better to do so I figure I'll give this a go. I saw one episode a while ago where the whole crew found themselves turned into robots (and they could do complex maths sums but weren't sure how), and everyone thought they were robot spies. Can anyone tell me what the 5 or so best episodes are? Tar

    The Groundhog Day one.

  3. The reason they did it for season 2 was because there were so many extras involved in the scene. It was to limit the chance of them leaking the story to spoiler sites etc.

    The alternative ending to season 2 was as bad as the season 1 one. Those two alternate endings are just stupid beyond belief and I don't think it would have been hard for someone to figure out which was actually going to make it into the show between them and the other endings.

    Does season 3 have an alternate ending? if so could someone tell me what happens in it? Going by the first two my guess is

    Jack gets into his car, puches the air and says "booyah, another bad man bites the dust" At which point he drives off listening to some cheesy 80's anthem or "Walking on Sunshine" or something

  4. Here's an Oz question for you all. Is season 6 (the last season) any good? I've had it knocking around on my hard drive for ages, and can't find it in me to watch it. By the end of Season 5 I'd found most of the strong characters had gone (I loved the show in the beginning) and it was all proving a bit samey. Did it pick up towards the end?

    My favourite episode? The Seinfeld in Oz SNL sketch!

    Hmm, without wanting to give much away, yes it is good. I saw it when it was first on a good while ago, and as I recall I hadn't liked the 5th season much due to some totally surreal plots. But I'm pretty sure the 6th season on the whole wasn't as bad as the 5th for crazy storylines. Although, if you were finding it "samey" then I reckon you'll be having that same problem with the 6th one. Also they went a bit kill happy in the last season(and considering the amount of people killed in other seasons, thats quite an achievement).

  5. You seem to have got this mixed up with the 2 greatest buddy/cop movies or similiar films.

    Midnight Run and The Hard Way.

    Well I haven't seen The Hard Way so I can't comment on it. It's got Michael J Fox so I wouldn't be shocked if it was enjoyable though.

    I like Midnight Run, it's not the same though. It hasn't got the pure,innocent enjoyable cheesyness that makes me love collision course so much. No, it's far too credible a movie to be regarded in the same way as Collision Course. Although I would have to concede that Midnight Run is the "better" movie, I had far more fun watching Collision Course.

  6. Well no, I tell a lie, this is in fact not the best movie of all time, but it is a really enjoyable movie that nobody I know has seen.

    It's a buddy cop movie starring Jay Leno and Pat Morita(Mr Miyagi) with some fluff story about a missing car engine prototype or something, but that doesn't matter. the reason this movie is fun is because of the interaction between the two leads, who intitially dislike and distrust each other but in a shocking twist of fate end up becoming friends. The whole culture difference thing is done quite well,in that it's fun to watch, it's completely ridiculous but in a cheesy and enjoyable kind of way. The soundtrack is cool,once again in a cheesy 80's kind of way, it suits the movie, I've been trying to find one of the songs for ages, but as I'm working from memory of what I think a few of the words were i can't seem to find it.

    Another thing this movie has is the most fantastic pay off of any movie ever, but I won't give that one away, oh no!

    In conclusion I'd take this movie over 48 Hours\most of Eddie Murphies output including Beverly Hills cop, and whatever buddy junk Jackie Chan or Martin Lawrence have to their names. If you're looking for a buddy cop movie and are getting fed up with "straight white cop meets zany streetwise black cop" give this a shot. You might be pleasantly surprised cos this turns the whole formula upside down with "straight Japanese cop meets zany streetwise white cop".

    So, has anyone seen it? If so i look forward to a one word response of "shit" sometime soon!

    Oh yeah, does anyone know if a Dvd version of this movie exists?

  7. Saw it a good while ago, thought it was good. Pretty depressing , but I'm pretty sure thats what Eastwood aims for. Penn was pretty decent , apart from some overacting. I do agree about the score being intrusive though, one particular scene near the start with both Penn overacting being very upset(understandably) and the score intruding stands out in my mind.

    The twist was shit though...Preferred the one in "Blood Work".

  8. Went to this yesterday with a couple of friends. They mostly hated it, I thought it was pretty decent, possibly due to the fact that I can barely remember the Gene Wilder version. The oompa loompa songs are pure shit, but the score was pretty nice, not great,in that it just sounded like it came from Danny Elfmans automatic score generator, but alongside the movie it went well.

    Personally I quite enjoyed the way Depp played Wonka, and I was laughing at a lot of the things he said and facial expressions he made, I agree 100% with the "he just played Michael Jackson" comments, I just don't think it turned out as badly as others say. The grandad was pretty good too, as was Charlie.


     6/10. I like Burton, apart from Ed Wood(one of my favourite movies) I wouldn't say any of his movies are fantastic, but they're still mostly pretty enjoyable experiences.

  9. It is pretty unrealisic to expect that it could have possibly made it into that list since practically nobody here has seen in. But Laputa really is miles and miles better than the vast majority of things on the list(including Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke).

  10. Oh, and Atlantis really is piss-poor. It's completely not needed. At all. Plus, the characters are utter shit. I just watch it 'cos it's on after SG-1.

    I'm not really a huge fan of SG1, although I've seen a lot of episodes it just never grabbed me that much(that Groundhog Day episode was great though ;) ) Anyway, personally I think Atlantis is fantastic. The music's great, the special effects are cool and like SG1 it doesn't take itself too seriously, although unlike SG1 I actually find Atlantis pretty funny. I also think the characters are great,mainly Shepperd and McKay. Also the last episode is one of the best season enders I've seen and has me absolutely dieing to see more..

    Also, Comrade, are you serious? It's just a show, it's supposed to be entertaining,exciting and a bit funny, and it is all of these things. Not every show has to be 100% politically correct(thank god). Anyway there are plenty of black people in Stargate, just because there's only 1 on the main team, there are only 4 people on it, you're not seriously suggesting that the team should have 2 Black people and 2 white people just for the hell of it are you? Also 2 of the main Characters in Atlantis are black people from Earth. Also your Nazi analogy is bullshit..

  11. Probably quite predictable, but a few R.E.M songs.

    Strange Currencies

    So. Central Rain- I have a live acoustic version of this where he sings it slower than usual, makes it a much more emotional song IMO.

    So Fast, So Numb- This song makes me want to go out there and achieve something. I'm not sure what exactly though ;)

    Other than that the only songs that really evoke any emotions from me are movie songs, and thats really because they remind me of the movies. Edward Scissorhands and The Shawshank Redemption are two the spring to mind.

    You Get What You Give by The New Radicles makes me happy :unsure:

  12. Ignoreland's a fantastic song. Although oddly enough when I first got Automatic For the People I didn't like it at all and used to skip it. Then one day I just realised how great it was, and now it's one of my favourite songs on the album <_<

    Also since this is the A Month Too Late, thread, I'd like to add that despite my first impressions of Around the Sun being that it was utter shit, I've come to quite like several of the songs from it. It's hardly a classic REM album, but it's nowhere near as bad as I initially thought.

    Hmm, I'm starting to see a trend here...

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