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  1. Saw Freddy VS Jason last night . I had no expectations so it was quite good in a mindless entertainment kind of way. The commentary (Robert Englunds mostly) on the dvd was great, far more entertaining than the movie itself.

  2. Have Ju-On the Grudge on DVD, it's a pretty damn scary movie. True the story didn't exactly make a whole lot of sense, but then again good plots are not an element I usually expect from the horror movies I watch, once it's scary and tense thats good enough for me ;)

    From now on, any Japanese films where the victims just sit there while a ghost slowly makes its way towards them can fuck off.

    I can see how some people could find this boring but personally I think it's great. As squirtle says, if you saw something like that your first instinct probably wouldnt be to run away , it'd be to stand there and shit yourself (well i know mine would :P )

    I want to see some other Japanese horrors like this, I've only seen the Ring trilogy and JU-On the grudge, but it seems to me that the Japanese know how to scare me better than the Americans. Does anyone have any recommendations? Basically any other movies where Ghosts walk towards people slowly while the person stands there screaming would be nice :D

  3. Easily. Its the only thing on at the moment I make a concerted effort to watch.

    I was concerned when it first came on that it would be a dissapointment compared with "The Harry Hill Show" but its been getting better and better. He is pretty well suited to that sort of topical show.

    Last week was probably the funniest one so far.

    Still not as good as "The Harry Hill Show". Burt Kwock, Alan and Stoofer R.I.P :(

    Agreed. That show is the funniest thing on tv by far. Last nights episode was a classic, had me laughing from start to finish, especially "Murphy and Horse" :D

  4. Project Zero is a great game, definitly the scariest game I've ever played. Unlike Resident Evil it doesn't just rely on making you jump , it actually gets into your mind and freaks you out (but then again I'm a mojor coward when it comes to such things..) . Can't wait for the sequel.

  5. Definitly Shenmue for me. It was one of the first games I got for the Dreamcast , and the story completely sucked me in. The only game that I ever sat down and played for about 10 hours non stop, and without a doubt the fondest memories of playing a game I have. Sometimes it got a little tedious (working) , but as soon as I cleared it I realised that the tedious bits were all just part of the great experience.

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