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  1. I certainly wouldn't care about that particular thread enough to do that (my own contribution was a half baked opinion which was quickly disproven by @Wiper ), but I think the policy of letting thread starters delete (hide) everyone's posts should probably be reconsidered.
  2. Shit thread or not (and no, it probably isn't a massive loss), I've always found giving thread starters the ability to delete an entire thread of other people's posts a bit misjudged. People should be allowed to delete their own individual posts and thread starters should be allowed either delete or edit out the content of the opening post if they want to, but I think when someone bothers typing and posting something it should be on the understanding that it won't be deleted unless it goes against the rules or they themselves decide to remove it.
  3. Sega announce that they're porting some of their much loved classics to PS5 and Series X. All the games the fans have been waiting for. Sonic the Hedgehog 1! Altered Beast! Bonanza Bros! Columns 1! They're all here! Outrun 2? Afterburner Climax? Daytona 2? Scud Race? Sega Rally 1/2/3? Never heard of em, but you might get Outrun 1 in 2024 after we've ported(an emulator running) Golden Axe and Columns 2
  4. I think it's really a non-issue for most people who enjoy playing games that were made both more and less than x years ago. Individuals can use "retro" however they like, and depending on their age retrogaming might mean the spectrum, the 360, or anything in between. Magazine and game publishers can continue to use it however they suspect will maximise sales. I don't think it's worth the effort even wasting time trying to define "retro" games and think it would probably be better if we could move towards just talking about playing "games", even if we've been sold a new console since the game in question's release.
  5. I am often quite negative in any "general state of gaming" type threads as those threads are just for navel gazing opinions anyway and I do feel fairly negative towards modern (non-indie) gaming trends and market forces. I'm not a fan of people camping in a game's thread and incessantly posting about how terrible it is etc while others are enjoying the game. I'm not suggesting we prevent people from doing so but in my experience reading people nitpick and whine about a game while you're playing through it really doesn't add value to the experience. Sometimes it's best to avoid the forum discussion if you're somehow enjoying a game that the group has turned on. Most recently experienced this while playing through and enjoying Cyberpunk on PS4 after buying it on release day and reading the thread here. That thread was particularly bad because you had some posters labelling anyone who dared enjoy their experience with the game as "apologists", "corporate bootlickers" etc. Whatever about general negativity, what does being caught up in that hysterical nonsense add to anyone's enjoyment of a videogame?
  6. The forum's non-indie game of 2021 will be a 2013 Wii U game. The forum's indie game of the year will be whichever high production value roguelike/metroidvania releases in the latter part of the year.
  7. The constant stream of free pc games from epic, twitch prime and a bunch of other places, and the number of games I've built up have had several effects. It's completely put me off buying random stuff in steam sales. It's prevented me from buying various full price indies on switch after realising I've already got them on epic/twitch. More recently, it's a major factor that's making me rethink the importance of even getting a ps5/series x since I'm not into the aaa cinematic stuff. Gamepass would look a lot more appealing if it wasn't for all the free(to keep) pc games I get every month.
  8. This seems as good a thread as any to ask this. Are there any other games magazines that are worth reading these days? I read Retrogamer and Edge, are there any others worth a read? Single or multiplatform is ok.
  9. Well it's certainly a more exciting prospect than reduced load times.
  10. The next gen console launches in Japan seem to have been a case of just halfheartedly getting a small number of consoles out there so they could technically say they launched in Japan. Don't think there's been a single xbox restock since release and I suspect the launch day number of units was utterly tiny too. PS5 stock too is clearly in significantly smaller numbers here than in the UK/US. The transformation of Japan from what seemed to be the centre of gaming until the mid 2000s to a total afterthought now is interesting. Also, Japan's a bit of a scalper's paradise whenever any in demand item releases. Still though, shortages or not, for the mainstream here, gaming is Switch and free to play mobile grinds during your commute. I think it's fair to say that nowadays there's a major difference in console gamer age demographics between Japan and Europe/America. A whole lot of Japanese adults are content with mobile games. In my experience, a Japanese teen/adult even owning a PS4 etc is usually a fairly accurate sign that they're a fairly "hardcore" gamer/fan of western aaa games. The other teens/adults have their phone games and all kids and Monster Hunter fans have a switch. Not sure where the gal game otaku adults moved after vita, but I'd guess Switch and mobile again.
  11. This answers my question about the uk rrp too. Seems similar enough to the Japan price. I guess the US prices are just cheaper than everywhere else.
  12. What's the cheapest rrp including tax of a 3070 in the uk(I know there's no stock)? Whereas the next gen consoles are even more sold out/impossible to buy in Japan than elsewhere, these cards seem fairly readily available in all the pc parts shops I've checked. Cheapest 3070 I've seen is about 65000yen (£464 pounds) including tax. I've read $500 as the US rrp so 65000yen seems pricey but maybe the $500 is before tax and the rest is just the usual Japan markup..) What's the difference between the "cheaper" 3070's and the ones that cost 100+ more?(ram etc seems to to be the same).
  13. Relax, I didn't conclude anything about the ps5 controller, just said I found the impression interesting. I stand by my appraisal of switch hd rumble. Merry Christmas to you too
  14. As someone who hasn't tried the controller yet, this is interesting to read. I remember before the switch came out/immediately after launch the media hype merchants and early adopters were making out like the joycon's "hd rumble" was some totally gamechanging and revolutionary advancement, claiming that it made you think you were holding some specific object (not a joycon) in your hands etc, when in reality it's genuinely rubbish and nobody even mentions it anymore.
  15. The patch sizes for this game on PS4 ARE a joke. I bought the disc and I must be approaching 100gb of patches downloaded at this stage when you add them together, with more on the way obviously. I had to delete a bunch of games from my ps4 for the huge size of the initial install and then more again because of how much free space the patches need to download/install. That said, if you're posting about various experience ruining bugs in 2020, you should probably mention that you're playing the unpatched version of a game that's had about 5 giant patches released. While my PS4 experience hasn't been anything like as bad as the reporting etc would lead one to believe, I regret not buying it on PC. I feel like I was led astray by the pc/digital foundry "anything that isn't 4k, 120fps and ray tracing ultra is garbage" crowd talking about their rtx 3080s and upgrading from a 1080ti for this etc before release. Made me think that my pc wouldn't have run it at all at 1080p (overclocked i7 and overclocked gtx 780ti), despite the pc never having an issue with any other game at 1080p, but now that I can check youtube videos I see that even on my outdated hardware, it clearly runs and looks better than the ps4/xbox one versions. Another reason I regret not getting the GOG version is because the Japanese console release is heavily censored.
  16. partious


    I suspect they feel like there's still money to be made from selling it so aren't comfortable putting it on the online service for "free". Maybe they're planning a Link's Awakening style remake. Or more likely, a collection of the 3 emulated roms for the low low price of 50 pounds.
  17. Just choose any random anime game/gal game/game aimed at the modern Japanese otaku market and it's probably a strong contender composed of pseudophilosophical gibberish that sounds vaguely like English. In the west, the many indie and mobile\switch shovelware games that choose their name solely in a desperate attempt to be associated with some other well known/successful game. Often involves the word "souls" for indie games. For mobile games, stuff like "Persian Nights: Sands of Wonder" always make me cringe a bit. Also, while not outright using the same words, I suspect the phonetic structure of "Gang Star Vegas" was carefully designed/focus tested solely to make sure it immediately made people think of Grand Theft Auto. And that's the major mobile companies. You also have stuff like this.. with over 10 million installs. The mobile games are just joylessly created corporate product so the names also being awful and cynical is fitting. Can't blame the indie devs for trying to latch onto something successful but that doesn't mean the names don't suck.
  18. In news nobody on the forum other than me is likely to care about, modders released a stereoscopic 3d patch for this collection on pc yesterday. Played a few hours of Halo 1 on my pc with my sony hmz-t3 headset. The game looks great in 3d.
  19. It's pretty obvious that a higher number for resolution/framerate is objectively better than a lower number but my question was more about people's subjective experience of resolutions above 1080p and framerates above 60fps. It certainly seems like we've reached a point of diminishing returns in terms of people's subjective perception of increased resolutions or framerates. It would have been pretty uncommon in the past to hear anyone claim that 480i to 1080p (or even 720p) wasn't an immediately noticeable huge leap in visual clarity whereas most people don't seem nearly as impressed by the jump from 1080p to 4k. Same with the jump from 30fps to 60fps vs that from 60fps to 120fps/240fps or whatever the high end pc folks are chasing these days. Maybe this point is a bit premature now and 4k and 120fps actually are a massive and immediately perceptible upgrade (I've already admitted I don't have much experience with the higher resolutions/framerates outside of shop displays, which is why I started the thread to ask those more experienced), it will come up again in 6 years when we're being told that 4k and 60/120fps actually look bad and we all need to get back on the display/computer upgrade treadmill for 8k 480fps.
  20. It's my fault in fairness, the whole thing was a bit poorly worded. I had wanted to give more options but it's the first time I've done a poll and I only got two text boxes for choices and couldn't see a way to add more (on android). I probably should have just left out the poll at that point... That said, the responses have been very interesting to me. The main take away seems to be that higher than 1080p resolutions really don't seem to be all that amazing for those who've experienced them. This really goes against the massive hype of ever more stupidly expensive graphics cards that can now maybe nearly manage 4k 60fps consistently? Same with 120fps etc. Seems 1080p and 60fps might be "good enough" for a lot of people.. The fact that a lot of answers talk about 60fps vs 30fps as a "next gen" feature is interesting. Almost every 3D console I can think of has had some excellent 60fps games (not sure about Saturn but even PS1 definitely did). 60fps seemed at least semi common in the PS2/Gamecube era. i definitely appreciated that a lot of nintendo's wii u output prioritised 60fps over slightly fancier graphics. We had a bunch of 60fps cross-gen games at the start of the PS4's life too but 30fps quickly came back. The companies always seem to want graphics that are a step or several ahead of what the tech can handle at 60fps. HD in the PS3/360 era, 3D on ps3, ray tracing/4k etc on series x and ps5 (ps4 and xbone just had crappy processors so were somewhat doomed from the start) . The consoles always seem to be forced to do some impressive graphical features that they aren't fully capable of, so 30fps it is. I guess one of the best "next gen features" might be the trend of devs offering the choice between shiny 30fps and slightly less shiny 60fps. Hopefully it continues as the generation goes on and the games become more demanding.
  21. I definitely agree that 30fps vs 60fps is massive, it's everything above 60fps I'm not sold on (and don't really have any way to experience without splashing out on a fancy new setup).
  22. Loading times actually do seem to be what most of the hype amongst next gen console owners is about. I have an ssd in my pc (I know ps5 etc ssd is more impressive) but to be honest the difference I've experienced in load times vs ps4 doesn't really mean much to me, so it's just a minor "nice to have" vs a killer feature. I haven't been particularly bothered by load times since the c64.
  23. TLDR: See poll (I wanted to add a third "neither" option but I only got 2 boxes). As I live somewhere where the next gen consoles are even harder to find than they are in the UK, while you're playing your next gen console, I've been spending my Christmas at work pondering the next gen hype and what the point of it all is I must admit I find this generation upgrade more confusing than previous ones. The main selling point of the newer consoles seems to be 4k. I've seen 4k monitors in some shops and wasn't massively impressed, but I suspect they may not have even been showing a 4k source. Some of the really high end 70 inch 4K OLED TVs in shops showing videos of the night sky/a waterfall etc are impressive, but maybe they would be on a 1080p OLED too and I can't afford those tvs anyway. I mainly game on a 24 inch monitor. Next there's framerate. Apparently 60fps is low now and 120fps is the big deal for gamers but it's a similar situation to the 4k stuff for me. Then there's PC where you can choose 4k at 60fps if you have a beast of a machine or 1440p 144hz. Or 1440p 60fps. PC gaming seems to make a bigger deal of above-60 fps gaming than the next gen consoles but how important is it really? The console shortages have me considering an rtx3070 but I don't have anywhere to experience 4k or high frame rate gaming without actually splashing out on a new setup and monitor. Is it REALLY worth the money to upgrade my current PC that can run everything I've tried at 1080p 60fps and if so, which balance of framerate/resolution do you personally find to be the sweet spot for gaming?
  24. What do you class as "apologist bullshit" ? Saying it's ok to mistreat workers? Or are you referring to anyone who dares to share a positive experience of playing through this game on a last gen console/doesn't join the "unplayable, shouldn't have been released!" bandwagon that doesn't match their experience of the game?
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