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  1. Quick question: What's the difference between the Cona, and say, the Hario syphon? Many thanks
  2. Can somebody help me with my moka pot, please? I have a 3 cup one. When I pour it it just about fills a 200ml mug. So am I in fact drinking a "triple espresso"?
  3. Went on a bit of a milkshake binge after reading this thread. Has anyone else tried 'Shaken Udder'? Highly recommended.
  4. Can someone help me? You know the comiXology app? You know the Image one? You know the "load-up" screen? It has four comics (clockwise): The Walking Dead (I think), Chew. What are the other two? Look quite good.
  5. ty for the reminder - remember reading about this on 'boing boing'. first two issues ordered. looking forward to
  6. just finished-up 'locke & key: head games' - wow, just wow. pre-ordered vol. 3 - 29th july - too long! - it'll be hot by then
  7. ha - sorry, dare i ask this - what song's that
  8. don't know if you guys have noticed but there's quite a neat thing on pitchfork.tv at the mo', an excerpt from stones throw video anthology - thought it was quite good
  9. Ty - and excellent website, that. Be interesting to see how the two translations compare. Out of interest - do you think Drama CDs could work over here -- or, do they, indeed, already... work? I think there could be a market for them. I mean, I'd buy them.
  10. Ta, and likewise - though sadly for me, I also have lists like that for DVDs, music and games. Guin Saga and Haruhi ordered. And Dirty Pair, because my interest has been piqued.
  11. On a side note (a side completely "unrelating") -- has anyone bothered with any of the "light" novels that inspire/spin-off from anime - if indeed, any have been released? Noted this on Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/reader/15958210..._pt#reader-link Always quite fancied reading Spice and Wolf.
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