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  1. I loved it and definitely buying to watch again at home. I read the book when I was at school (long time ago) and have been re-reading post watching the film, since my memories of it were vague. Pleasantly surprised at just how close the film is to the book, with the changes there are feeling understandable choices. Roll on part 2.
  2. Sadly not as there wasn’t a pad nearby I restarted and still having fun
  3. Have been on a great run through biomes 1-3, collected some great artefacts and high integrity. Just went through a warp gate and, having picked up all the items, turned to go back and the gate won’t reopen so I can’t get back! This happened to anyone else?
  4. Sound design in this is fantastic. I was playing earlier on and really appreciating how you can tell what types of items are around you and where just by the sound; not to mention the rest of the ambient sound. Currently trying to find the cyphers I don’t quite have yet and experimenting with guns I didn’t use in my main play throughs. Such a great game.
  5. Beat biome 6 the other week - first boss attempt I died with the boss on its last sliver of health, but got my revenge the next time I got back there. It’s funny how the game goes from feeling brutal (biome 1 and biome 3 for me) to being able to go around mopping everything up in those areas. It may have something to do with unlocking other weapons though… Still loving this and continuing to explore.
  6. And boss 4 is down. Went in fully loaded with full health, astronaut, health pack and a damage syphon, but didn’t need any of them. Felt like I was cheating with a carbine with leech rounds and rising pitch. Got my arse handed to me in the next biome though!
  7. Loving this. Found it punishing to begin with and thought I would never get out of the first biome, then have struggled with the third - almost beat the boss on my first visit and then took quite a while to even get back there for second go. finally now made the 4th. Got to the boss for the first time with almost no health and got within a whisker of beating it but died late on having already used my astronaut and reconstructor before even getting there. best thing I’ve played in ages and most feels like when I first played bloodborne.
  8. I grew up in Leeds and used to go to two game shops every week with my dad in the 80s. One I think was called Heromans Dell and they had a sister shop in Crossgates that for the life of me I can’t remember the name of but was the one we used to go to the most. So many good memories of hanging out, chatting about games and playing whatever just came in.
  9. Not gaming related and very early days with mine. It started by me jumping well and truly outside my comfort zone by making a lockdown music video and posting to youtube at the start of the first lockdown (I’d not even sung in front of anyone let alone make a video) Subsequently, I’ve made a few short videos focussed around mental health and the workplace. I mainly share these with my LinkedIn network and at work to help normalise conversations around mental health but am thinking about where to take things next. https://youtube.com/channel/UCmG-AV7-uJBJX0r6Sve_fnA
  10. Yeah, I’ve cocked up many a run through with poor jumping! By the late stages of my last run I was ultra cautious with the final jumps I’ve definitely enjoyed having more solo challenges to try, but can’t see me doing Pit or Prophecy solo any time soon
  11. Totally agree - Presage has been one of my favourite things in Destiny lately and something I'm regularly dipping into. Haven't completed master yet, but did manage to solo without dying yesterday. Lots of hairy moments and especially at the boss several very (very) close escapes raising the tension. Still got scannable to complete but hopefully we get more like this in the future.
  12. I didn’t get the ship either. Also on 17/19 - has the potential to be my first title depending on what the final two end up being. I’m also close to Dredgen with just 2 guardians with supers active to kill but that’s painstaking... Since coming back I’ve been playing as a hunter have just gone back to my warlock character. Despite having played the entirety of D1 as a warlock and most of D2 I now really can’t get used to the floaty jump having now got so used to my hunter’s triple jump! Just started a titan character last night as well so will see how I get on with that.
  13. I’ve been away from gaming for a while, but the new season of Destiny has drawn me back so am definitely interested in raid attempts or other group activity on PS4. Only ever done one raid across both D1 and D2 but it was a brilliant experience.
  14. I’ve not done any of the raids and would be keen to give it a go or to fill in given it looks like a full team
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