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  1. I’ve got 2 girls , both have their own switch i also have one and have ordered it do I need 3 copies for us to visit each other’s islands etc ???? £££
  2. The grey console always wins, what fucking colour is it for Christ’s sake ??!?
  3. It’s all a bit girl power , But I loved it 2nd only to the original afaic
  4. the thing with inside out is that it had all the potential , first 15 mins were great they should have gone for a full ‘numbskulls’ story line helping her deal with her teenage life, and all the different emotions represented and not understanding each other. I watched the trailer and thought I knew exactly how it would play out... instead we got utter shite Must have been during the writers strike or something
  5. How the fuck you got that from my post I don’t know lmao
  6. fucking amazing mate well done
  7. right this is doing my head in what song sounds like this. Identical bass progression , lyrics something like this ‘Baby.....I found a way to see the flowers .....in a couple of hours......such a beautiful day.....
  8. sid

    Edge #342

    yeah think I might do the same they need to push online
  9. right fuck it time to play Bloodborne again
  10. If halo is good, next Xbox will shift like hot cakes
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