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  1. Anything ch5 is strong atm. I really enjoyed the Xmas chalet check it out
  2. A high bar indeed Standard story in all of them, there’s a drinking game in there I recon : - going to a small town - his or her granny or child playing cupid - a cookie or cupcake or gingerbread shop - the ex husband stirring it up - horse drawn carriage - a competition eg baking - a double booked accommodation - a crisis of confidence
  3. you fucking loved it and you know it
  4. These are amazing, first time Xmas experience for me. post reviews in here….. I highly recommend the christmas chalet 8/10 currently on channel 5 catch up. But these bad boys are showing daily between 11 and 4 on channel 5. I think you can get them on amazing with a hallmark add on for bugger all.
  5. Wow that’s not how I took that in then. Fingers crossed !! Halo 5 was a mess because of this …. multiplayer is rock solid this is the bit I read : However, crucially, the motion in-game is smooth and looks so much better, but even here there are issues: key animations like grappling, mantling, reloading, crouching and tossing grenades can all run at lower frame-rates than the game itself. So, while the game runs at a consistent level of performance, visual cues from the game itself don't, giving the perception of bad judder.
  6. When trying to line up shots etc in the middle distance the animation was like stop motion, really fucks with your aiming / predicting where they will be. Pretty sure 5 was the only game so far to do this. Now guardians
  7. Why the fuck are they running animations at half or quarter frame rate , this was easily the most annoying thing about halo 5. Practically unplayable and certain horrible to watch in motion. 343 are really struggling technically by the sounds of it.
  8. nice one Pretty sure I wouldn’t ever look cool even with a sweet ass gun
  9. If you are referring to me I’m not moaning about the choice, all for that, just that it’s at a game level. It’s user related information surely.
  10. Pretty sure the servers are fucked atm
  11. 60fps or gtfo. Why this isn’t default I’ll never understand. is this the first game or perhaps aaa release to ask what your pronoun should be ? Seems like something that should be at a dash/user level similar to analogue stick inversion preference , not at a game level. Quite a bizarre thing to be asked on entrance to a game…..
  12. This is reviewing well then My favourite quote so far - Marvel trying to do a dc film and failing
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