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  1. 8 hours ago, strawdonkey said:

    I've not played Gunvein yet (but everyone here seems to love it) but the rest of those games are brilliant. Word of advice if you go into Danmaku 3 - don't get too fixated on scoring/chaining early on, the scoring system in the game is extremely punishing basically requiring you to both full-chain and no-miss every single level in order to get a good score.


    Congrats on the Mushi 1CC! that game's no joke.


    Can’t tell you how good Gunvein is, had a few hrs on it yesterday. It is really special….love the way it is so welcoming. I’m playing it on easy mode and it’s judged very well…..makes you feel like a pro when playing.

  2. It’s ace on pc horizontal they’ve got a cool zoom effect happening on the borders 👌


    but it really is special , and very accessible 

  3. 2 hours ago, dumpster said:

    The electric company made an announcement on the news.  There's no more electricity.  It's going off at midnight tonight. That's it.  No more leccy!


    So you now face a predicament. Luckily you have charged up every item you own, but once that battery goes the item is a useless brick.  But it's not all bad news, you have a 20,000Mah power brick and you charged that as well.  


    So which handhelds will you play immediately, which will you savour? What system will you want to play the most, knowing that once it's gone, it's gone?

    gameboy and Tetris should still last forever

  4. On 20/11/2022 at 11:33, Benny said:

    I can't stop thinking about this bloody show.


    It's an example of writers who really understand what they're doing and it's actually "about" something. Nearly everything in the show, from the visuals, the dialogue/script and the actions characters take is both stimulated by and affects the world and people around them in a believable and organic way.


    All the small things in the show informs everything else (an ode to Mon Mothma follows):


      Hide contents

    Take the way Mon Monthma's powerlessness in the face of her daughter going back to the "old ways" is such a heart-breaking scene. She has spent her life fighting injustice as a politician and sees the inexorable encroachment of the Empire assailing everything from without, and yet here, despite and with no relation to the Empire, is her daughter willingly giving herself up to a much older and more entrenched set of subjugating societal values, from her own specific culture, within.


    And the tragedy of that is that you know Mon Mothma maybe worries that, deep down, she might feel like it has actually been her political life and career fighting for justice which has pushed her daughter away. Hence the earlier in the series scene where her daughter is pushing back at exactly that.


    In her own way, Mon Mothma's daughter is having her own small rebellion, teenagers being teenagers or not, but it's informed by and pushing back against what she cannot understand or know about that is going through her mother's life. For Mon Mothma, it would also be so easy, so convenient to accept her new banking partner's proposal, as indecent as it might be: it's the solution to her problems, it helps the Rebellion, and her own daughter would probably play right into it willingly. But she can't do that, because she really does love her daughter and wants a more idealised life that is best for her, and unlike Luthen, she is not willing quite yet to sacrifice everything for the cause.


    Because that is what it would mean, sacrificing her own sense of self, morality and even family. Even if ironically it could also bring her and her daughter closer together, in the twisted way in which it would allow her daughter to explore her people's faded traditions.


    It's fascinating. And the fact I can even write about this in this kind of detail, about just one facet of a character in this show, I think demonstrates that it's firing on so many levels above and beyond what has ever been in Star Wars before, let alone most sci fi shows you get these days. They always seem to drop the ball somewhere, or have so little confidence in themselves or lack such a consistency of vision. 


    One of my favourite things about Star Wars is peoples passion for it ❤️ Great post

  5. This is proof that disney can really manage Star Wars.


    Now go do knights of the old republic. Take your time, make it great. Go big game of thrones style. Throw up old 70s looking tech in the mix. 

    you don’t even need much Jedi.


    hire great male actors. Hire great female actors. Mostly English and Scottish.


    expand the universe to fuck.


    Don’t pander any to the tofu eating wokerati. Major fan service. One person in charge of story  and screenplay , no minging pc sounding boards. Hire Chris Nolan’s squad. Or Ridley .


    Most people love it job done.


    Now go do a Jedi trilogy about Jedis before the emperor. Way before

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