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  1. Birthday today and steam deck finally unwrapped It’s installing ALL THE SOULS GAMES obvs but any recommendations for anything that you consider essential playing is much appreciated!!!! thanks
  2. One more person please bang on about outrun not jealous at all
  3. Atic atak (speccy) enclave (xbox) elden ring (ps5)
  4. Just going off reviews etc that’s all. Not sure any of that is up to the quality of say the top 15 films of the first 3 phases anyway, so it’s all compared back to that.
  5. take Spider-Man out of it - Black widow shang chi Eternals thor love and thunder fucking hell that’s a terrible line up in any way you want to cut it. the only decent one is dr strange multiverse of madness and that didn’t set the world on fire. On the series side of it, if you bounced of Loki and Wanda, I feel like you are missing out on the wider world building…..which is why I haven’t watched dr strange yet I guess. I can’t help but think Disney plus has fucked it right up in that regard…..anyone not consuming the series maybe feel like they are not keeping up……when in the past the films were pretty high quality bar and essential viewing really . All the way until end of season 3
  6. totally how I feel. Phase 4 has been a massive failure. Phase 5 looks like shite of the highest order. The Disney plus series are generally stretched to fuck. Booooring. However I would probably lap up another Spider-Man, last one was awesome. maybe Sony were right way back when , marvel may well be Spider-Man and nothing else. Maybe they just got lucky with Robert downy junior being totally watcheable across most of the films. if I were Disney, I would double down on Spider-Man and his amazing friends ……ice man , fire star etc. crossover with xmen a bit. Take my money i think they need to tweak the style a bit, maybe everyone is bored of the reality and want a bit of escapism , what about going to town on the xmen cartoon style ?? Bright yellow colours.
  7. I watched 50 first dates , with my daughter. remember enjoying it back in the day but it is absolutely bonkers crackers, fucking pidgeons doing double takes and shit like that which I had completely forgotten. but such a lovely story, pulls all the emotional strings blatantly but just love it. 4.5/5
  8. …unless text is bonkers descriptions about the origin of a shield, something that turns you human, or some other pickmeup obvs
  9. I hope their support is decent. Got the email today, went straight on to confirm the purchase. It tried to use my now expired card, and in the process seems to mark the reservation as completed but the transaction failed. I subsequently tried 2 other cards, all failed. All cards are obviously fine. Now if I click on the email link it just takes me to the generic steam deck page with no reservation. Ive raised a support ticket hopefully they can sort or I'm gonna be mega pissed Anyone got anything positive to say about their support to try and cheer me up ?? first world problems anyway eh ..... update - every few hours it would reset me I could try again. Added a card into my account and worked fine. Safari pop ups on mac were also a problem for the transaction I think so I also switched them off. steam deck ++
  10. I’ve been thinking about what games I will install as soon as I get mine Wondering if it’s a mistake to just go dark souls 1,2,3, sekiro and Elden ring that’s relationship ruining levels of nonsense I’m going with monster hunter as well , and then some Metroidvania types. Replay the orange box ? Check Persona. Check this is going to be a fucking nightmare isn’t it
  11. Klax but it’s an aldi checkout and you are the checkout person trying to piss off the person buying the stuff by overloading them with stuff that needs putting back in the fucking trolley
  12. I still don’t know what happened with riva or the grand enquisitor. How are they not dead
  13. its like you ordered steak at a restaurant, and got a burger. A nice burger. And the fries are shit.
  14. Great last episode , faith restored a little. Great battle and the chat with Vader - sublime
  15. Not sure if anyone has posted this - Elden ring demake for the snes. Want.
  16. oh no it will be much worse . But in a good way darth maul based and riffing on whatever the fuck solo was about
  17. I like reading your posts fwiw . Keep posting bro the more the better
  18. lightsabres and the Disneyfication of them
  19. Yeah I think someone nailed it earlier…basically the rules for this were established in episodes 4 and 5 , they cut through stuff and are really fucking dangerous , metal , flesh no problem. That’s what brings the drama to any lightsaber battle. also episode 1 - mauls first scene, double lightsaber dangerous af. Putting lightsaber into the door to melt it. also mandalorian Luke first scene, just chopping everything up. When playing with the figures as a kid, that’s just what they did. return of the Jedi turned it down a little I think…Sail barge scene and all that…. You defeat stormtroopers by deflecting the lasers not by lightsabers bouncing off them…..that’s how you deal with not having to show dismemberment. It’s a defensive act. Not battering people with it.
  20. Episode 4 for fuck’s sake that’s not how lightsabers work they’ve literally ruined the OT now, that takes some serious skill well done whatever team is responsible for this shit show Also do snowspeeders work like that ? Wtaf if they can do that what’s the flaps for then And the fucking scooby do disguise at the end , just no. Utter fucking ballbags of shite
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