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  1. that just underlines how much of a badass he is though. He is so strong he refuses to do the emperors bidding. Absolute hero. strength and heroism does not need to be physical ….. Obi wan in anh is a great example of this….
  2. Gonna need a shit load of dimes
  3. No of course I haven’t missed all that. But it’s the same bloody story as Luke isn’t it, jaded etc just boring imo. It’s only been 10 years hasn’t it since the end of episode 3 film to this series ? He was hard as fuck in films 1-3. He doesn’t come across as ‘jaded’ in the OT either…wise old man whose still a bit handy. anyway it’s only 3 episodes in , mando was a slow starter …… I’m still enjoying it just could be so much more I think. I think mcgreger is great at this age he plays the character very well. can’t believe they killed off the white faced angry dude either he was ace!
  4. no it’s not about that , it’s just boring to watch. Like it’s designed by committee and everything has to follow the same bloody story beats.
  5. obi wan is supposed to kick ass though hasn’t he! He should be saving folks not being saved himself , he should be at the peak of his powers. Fed up seeing great characters reduced to shite. Fett was the same…..Luke was the same. It’s just really easy to write the characters in that way. But it’s boring as fuck.
  6. it would have added some build up, that they are going behind each other’s backs to the big man, and so that when they eventually are in the same room together having that discussion you know how it’s going to go, you know something she doesn’t, and that’s more complex , less boring and exciting. You are more invested in the characters. When he eventually dies, you quickly reflect on his character , his relationship with Vader. Knowing that she works with a bunch of backstabbing bastards makes you empathise with her character more (on a side note - this is clearly the direction it’s headed in with some sort of shock turn to the light side and save poor obiwan from doom later on - because he’s a weak man and needs saving by the strong women - sigh more lazy writing why does every Disney? story now turn into this) But as it stands you don’t know anything about his relationship with Vader. Does he treat him with the same disdain as her, does he trust him to do his bidding. Do you think she will ultimately therefore fail because he is the stronger, the more experienced and has the backing of Vader. rather than ‘I spoke to Vader’ meh 🫤 It’s just so fucking lazy
  7. Leah is a truly awful child actress , I don’t want to see another fucking running sequence shot from her low down angle again it looks terrible. Like everyone else is in slow motion. and the writing is so lazy in places. epi 3 why the fuck couldn’t they just walk around the barrier in the road? That’s wily-cayote levels of shite and Vader already out the fire out why not again and can’t he use the force through fire now And the whole ‘I’ve already spoken to Vader’ thing, fucking show us you speaking to Vader then as some sort of sub plot rather than just tell us some stuff happened off screen and more fucking fetch quests ! Go to this planet ! Get the girl ! Aaaaaargh some of the cgi is completely off, totally rushed through…nowhere near mando / fett last few episodes and fighting in a quarry is Blake 7 levels of shite fucking hell McGregor is just about carrying it at the moment. it has potential but it’s a hard watch in places…..
  8. Proper film and the opening 20 mins just amazing
  9. its literally 4 fetch quests. Maybe 5. It’s a terrible film. attack of the clones moves the story along at least…..
  10. The bit with the bears in the woods could have been lifted straight out of world of warcraft. Never before in a from software game have I achieved so much in every 2-3 hour jaunt. Kill a dragon, do a cave , find some bonfires, level up, go back and kill the tree sentinel. Just LOADS OF STUFF TO DO. All awesome. love this game
  11. Loved this , needs updating for Elden ring
  12. Im About 12 hours in, approx level 32-35, thought I’d share my thoughts on the time so far. I’ve spent most of the time above land exploring and finding a lot of it quite empty. Very much shadow of the colossus vibes. This was ok at first but got a little boring. I was finding the lack of enemies crap and generally wanting for a tighter dark souls 1 design. then I got a proper evening on it, maybe 4hrs just continuing that exploring, opening things up gradually and seeing some really impressive sights , monster designs etc. I did my first multiplayer boss, helped someone then called someone in to help me. Unlocked some interesting spells. Some of the ‘out there’ world design Is absolutely stunning, fromsofts best work imo. It feels like world of Warcraft at times. But with amazing combat systems. now I’m still exploring, but taking my time to inspect ruins in a little more detail, what seemed barren now needs every inch examined for dungeons and goodies. I went on the hunt for the first proper boss, Did him 3rd tIme with some help. i find myself stopping on cliff edges and just staring at the wonder of it all. It’s fascinating. it is, without doubt imo, the best game ever made. Just stunning. Slightly better than any soulsborne you want to mention. But it’s not just a best of collection, it introduces so much. stunning/10
  13. 90gb day 1 patch can get to fuck. 90gb! And using some janky in game shit that doesn’t seem to continue when my console shuts ???? what is this horse shit
  14. Just done the guy in the boat , what a cool boss
  15. This is the best game I’ve ever played
  16. Just done my first skeleton dungeon of sorts with multiplayer , slick as , very impressed
  17. definitely check this out! Think someone else posted earlier it’s great
  18. Yeah it’s seriously impressive. How do you even start with that
  19. What’s with the contracts, having to go into a quest menu to select it then go and read some shite in another menu to get the contract details pish. overall im really enjoying it, even getting into the story quite a bit. She’s a great main character, and supporting dudes are pretty good. Costume design is amazing , and very cohesive, it adds a lot to the game. there must be some serious talent working on this… but I just struggle with the sheer size of it and all the busy work. It’s overwhelming at times to be honest. It’s no different from others in the genre eg assassins creed. But this seems like one of the best examples of that type of game. where do you find time for this and Elden ring ffs??
  20. Yeah it is immense but very grim….. I absolutely loved it. does the 60fps make much difference? Worth another play through hmmmm
  21. sid

    Star Wars 1313

    More interesting than the book of boba fett
  22. I think a big part of the problem is he spends most of his time with his helmet off. And he talks too much. Where is the mystery any more. He should be someone you, as a big bad, call to get your dirty work done. Should be aiming for tones of ‘mr inbetween’ not the small town politics Bollocks we are getting. he could be amassing a fucking ruthless team of bandits and do some big bandit stuff maybe a bit like the suicide squad sticking it to the first order. What we got was the neon mod squad and a chase scene at 20mph. And fat boba with his stick rather than athletic jet pack/gadget boba. he could be similar to Han Solo , like a more evil version lurking about space ports looking for contracts. and while we are at it any chance of any love interests in anything Star Wars ever again ? It’s all so sterile and devoid of emotion.
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