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  1. Why the fuck are they running animations at half or quarter frame rate , this was easily the most annoying thing about halo 5. Practically unplayable and certain horrible to watch in motion. 343 are really struggling technically by the sounds of it.
  2. nice one Pretty sure I wouldn’t ever look cool even with a sweet ass gun
  3. Seconded. What the fuck is a battle pass or season
  4. If you are referring to me I’m not moaning about the choice, all for that, just that it’s at a game level. It’s user related information surely.
  5. Pretty sure the servers are fucked atm
  6. 60fps or gtfo. Why this isn’t default I’ll never understand. is this the first game or perhaps aaa release to ask what your pronoun should be ? Seems like something that should be at a dash/user level similar to analogue stick inversion preference , not at a game level. Quite a bizarre thing to be asked on entrance to a game…..
  7. This is reviewing well then My favourite quote so far - Marvel trying to do a dc film and failing
  8. I like ‘logan’ as an example of a different type of superhero movie. Great film. Dealing with dementia (something close to my heart), getting old, the whole father figure/daughter dynamic. Such a great film. Not a big fucking purple space laser or dimensionator in sight. The superhero stuff very much takes second place to the core themes. And when they complement each other , just wow.
  9. Lmfao you wait 4 years and there are fucking Metroid threads everywhere im sure returns was good as well though
  10. This is one of the best designed games I’ve ever played, especially from all the non gameplay bits. Map is excellent. Check pointing is excellent. General map design is very well judged. Visual clues as to what to look at on screen, excellent. For what is a very complicated set of capabilities, control system is superb. I bounce off games easily but this is sucking me in. It is completely immersive. I wish more games had this level of non ‘core’ game design attached to them. then the production values on graphics, sound, enemy types etc……just absolutely superb. if this isn’t game of the year then we are in For a great year
  11. Have you tried wired pro controller ?
  12. Can I just ask about the transfer process of game saves, installed games etc. Can I just move my memory card over to the new one ?? Does it have cloud saves ??
  13. If you’ve not seen this already…, https://www.amazon.co.uk/TETRIS-EFFECT-ORIGINAL-SOUNDTRACK-VINYL/dp/B08BJTB66W/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?crid=3LA4UFJUNJQKC&dchild=1&keywords=tetris+effect+vinyl&qid=1633334766&sprefix=tetris+effe&sr=8-2
  14. How do you fuck up monkey target for the love of fucking god you had one job
  15. Gran turismo 8 but at that start of every online race you have to queue for petrol.
  16. As soon as it’s dark enough outside and winter kicks in I’m going to completely kick the fuck out of returnal. When I come up for air, hopefully halo is out. I’ve recently got game pass so there’s loads I’ve get lined up there. literally need nothing else. Far cry 6 could sneak in.
  17. 100% this. My backlog is a state and I’m glad to have a bit of a lull to clatter it.
  18. soooo a friend of mine tried to insert it into the wires coming down from the slot….similar to how a games cartridge might have sat in between the pins. Using lots of force because the fucking heat sync screws were fouling a bit. Took him ages to realise you just put it in the slot above.
  19. reminds me of half life 2 in places, factories, dog , throwing stuff back at titans. It is a perfect game imo.
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