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  1. It was my understanding that all the Disney era stuff is canon.
  2. The first episode was decent, and I could watch a whole series of the scenario they ended up in at the end, but what let it down for me was:
  3. Surely the perfect thing for the paddles on the back is a doubled face button or two for thirds-person games where you need to hold A to sprint or such. Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, Dark Souls and countless others. I end up having to hold the controller with a strangely clawed hand to be able to sprint and rotate the camera at the same time.
  4. DogEyedBoy


    Syberia 1 also free on GOG
  5. xbox.com says liquid cooling but that's just marketing guff. I'm expecting the hovis method, which custom tunes each consoles voltage, to lead to an even greater variety of acoustical characteristics across individual consoles.
  6. Thor: The Dark World is easily the worst MCU movie, I'd just read the plot on Wikipedia. A couple of things happen that would be useful to know for Thor: Ragnarok and there's one plot point that builds on the whole Infinity War plotline but they're not worth watching it for.
  7. That was not a scene in GotG Vol. 2, are you thinking of the leaked Infinity War trailer?
  8. Yes, it greatly improves on the frame rate of the original Xbox version, and the absolutely atrocious performance of the Xbox 360 backwards compatibility version.
  9. Do these Xbox One Xbox Originals come with their respective DLC or are they still locked out due to having to download them from a now defunct iteration of Xbox LIVE?
  10. DogEyedBoy


  11. It was used in The Incredible Hulk to good effect.
  12. DogEyedBoy


    Big Deal Sale - Free Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
  13. Actually, could I have Sonic Generations please? Thanks.
  14. If I already have Renegade Ops would the Collection give me the DLC?
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