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  1. Yeah, I was losing quite a bit of time in the porsche as I was extra cautious as some downshifts unsettled the rear especially when the tyres had a bit of if wear I had done 2 stints on one set. I'll be watching the replays to see where I can get some time. Circuit experience too.
  2. Decent of him to go and apologise for that fuck up. Quite humbling.
  3. I do wonder how it would feel having the headset on for a full Monday night endurance. I'm not sure I'd be too comfy having that on the for 1.5 hours. I'm pretty uncomfortable after a short time with the psvr @jonathanhoeyyou used it one night (I think it was sprints tho) how did you find it?
  4. Seems the Fia president prefers his fun loving Liberal UAE to be the way F1 should behave. https://www.grandprix247.com/2022/06/03/ben-sulayem-in-depth-we-cant-be-old-in-a-dynamic-sport/ Q: What should the sport NOT become in your opinion? Ben Sulyam: “Niki Lauda and Alain Prost only cared about driving. Now, Vettel drives a rainbow bicycle, Lewis is passionate about human rights and Norris addresses mental health. Everybody has the right to think. To me, it is about deciding whether we should impose our believes in something over the sport all the time. “I am from an Arabian culture. I am international and Muslim. I do not impose my believes on other people? No way! Never. If you look at my operation in the UAE: 16 nationalities! Name me one federation that has that many nationalities. “On top, there are over 34% women and 7 religions. And even more Christians than Muslims. I am proud because it creates credibility and merit. “But do I go and pose my beliefs? No. The rules are there, even now there are issues when it comes to – for example- jewellery, I didn’t write that.”
  5. Long time ago now but we read this in school. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0140311327/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_i_0PDHFJMRVKDWZ7D54PKB It's fiction but tells a good story. I read it again a few months ago to see what it thought. Got quite emotional about it.
  6. Just looks like Indy with F1 cars and I'm not a fan of the those type of indy circuits. It really seems tight but also really unnatural. If don't know why Monaco doesn't seem this way but for me it seems more open. Must be the marina hehehe
  7. Fuck sake @marshI never needed the see that photo. There's a piers one kicking about to really screw it up??
  8. At least you never got a penalty for being hit. The penalty system is screwed. Like it was about 18 months ago in sport. Then they changed it and no penalty for obvious stuff
  9. First time I really watched that crash was in the Senna movie and it upset me pretty badly. I avoid watching bad shit for a reason and didn't expect to see it like that. It was pretty obvious that he'd died in don't know why it just was. Rubens has been kicking about for a while too as he had a bad one that weekend too. RIP
  10. Medical teams will always request that metal shit on you is removed as a precaution and the high likely hood of needing medical attention when racing cars probably mandates the need. I had to remove my jewellery when working as a mechanic.
  11. What are people using with this on the the xbox? I had a quick flight last nigh on my one S via cloud but the controller was pretty poor. Are people using a mouse and keyboard with a Hotas?
  12. So all the merc powered cars are the same? I'm not convinced. Enjoyed that race. Max played it well and the changes have made it decent to watch. I think DRS is going to be a bit much now.
  13. One time password maybe, seems high value stuff is getting that so it's not "delivered" and it's not.
  14. Not seeing any new names really tho
  15. It's looking like the merc (teams) are losing time on acceleration watching Lando's in helmet cam(did I just write that) he lost time on the exit of the last corner that was quite obvious.
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