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  1. Way too early for mowing lawns, I have a stand off with my neighbours to see who flinches first. This sometimes happens in May If suspect its been way to mild a winter for that
  2. yeah it was excellent loved the close stuff with you, that Sauber was mighty fast in third and forth gear on the straights it did drag me a long so i could keep in touch too.
  3. I've missed all this chat how did that happen?? I'm up for @GT3Wills idea I'll take Noble in my team please? @Ry I've only really been playing online for around 6-7 months and managed to get my first propper win in the wet at Japan the other week and managed a 3rd last week I was also second last in the mx5 race. I tend to stick with lobby B as the others have said its more mixed and varied. Best thing to do it grind out some races this will get you cash for the high price cars and as I found help build consistency. I would recommend the endurance races if you've leveled up enough
  4. I agree with all of that. I personally thinks it's so bad its good. I don't think I ever care or even try to guess who has done it. The whole Florance thing is a rehash of when Kriss Marshall was the lead cop.
  5. I've skimmed through this thread and haven't seen a mention for Death in paradise. This is really surprising. I've been watching Due south and now Crazy like a fox on the Sony channel in the the mornings since lockdown started last year as the news was too depressing
  6. I've just had a look at this and I'm really surprised at the volume of upsell content thats on there. I'm using the 1 year free with a new product trial and I assume that is the the equivalent of a propper sub. Its kind of like streaming services with a streaming service. I can only assume that you need to know whats apple and whats not when navigating the content. On that basis it is looks quite barren when compared to the others out there, or am I missing a trick?
  7. I make a batch of ginger and garlic paste and freeze these in portion bags. You could do the onion and tomato puree but these take hardly any time. Once you have a spice mix you could also make a big batch of THIS. I dont as I change it a little each time. I have keep my chillies in the freezer too and chop these frozen. We used the last base mix the other nights night so big cook for me over the next day or 2
  8. On ps4 I found it OK from a driving experience on bumper cam. The main issue I had is a pit bug in the career mode went in 1st came out dead last wondering why all the AI were going through quicker than me. So I've given up again. @Freemandone a comparison on the xbox and ps I believe (it may have even been the new generation) and covered it quite well. There was another patch since I played but the release note said nothing of the pit bug.
  9. One tip get massive onions, save peeling loads
  10. Alonso running round in that V10 was awesome sounding goosebumps.
  11. Mainly UK, and Dutch it's a great evening come join us a good bunch of people who are really friendly
  12. Aye no worries, I think I have a box it will go in. I'll pm you my address so you can get a price for the courier EDIT meant to quote you @ScouserInExile
  13. I've got one of the cheap ones on amazon think it was about £40sh and its not too bad but could do with some extra washers etc to keep it solid. If your near Glasgow you can have mine as I'm no longer using it. I was using it with my G29. It's this one https://wheelstandracing.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAqo3-BRDoARIsAE5vnaKAyegOCWh-cZwffPXM_4ueP-ItCYEBW6C0PUas5fgb21FzF7rsuloaAqTMEALw_wcB
  14. Will be interested to hear how you get on, more than likely I'll need to get that converter you've got to go the other way with my G29
  15. Slightly off topic but is acc any good on the xbox it's dreadful on the ps4. it's better than it was at launch but it's still buggy. I've done a race and went to the pits 1st with a 8 second lead and left last with a gaping of 30 seconds due to a bug. In career mode obv
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