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  1. Never seen this thread before. Popped in to see if this was here, I burst out laughing at this in the cinema everyone turned to look at me and my GF at the time had to try and calm me down. One of the funniest this in a movie.
  2. The local Morrisons to me had everything you would Need to make the base and at least a basic curry, it may need to be lamb or beef tho as there was no chicken.
  3. Just incase you've not got a wheel I found project cars 2 unplayable(even researching setups and playing around with it) with a controller on the xbox. it was OK in the first open wheel campaign but the second years campaign was dreadful. It was better than the first project cars but again still twitchy to the point I could not get any decent racing. I'm happy to hear if there is a way round this without a wheel.
  4. Since I have made they base gravy, I've not bought a sauce since. Thanks to whoever posted about Als kitchen. I've done both versions and like the second one a bit more than the first due to the complex depth of flavours.
  5. Does anyone have any recommendations for a mouse and keyboard that will work with the xbox? I do have a laptop that may be able to run this but would like it on my xbox and I can only assume that a keyboard will be required. I also have a hotas that I need to try that to see if it's compatible. Cheers
  6. Cheers, I was looking for my next book and this will keep my attention.
  7. @Monkeyspill I really like that image of St Vitus Cathedral interior the light is real nice at leading the eye
  8. If I buy this on amazon will you see anything of it? I'm happy to pay if your getting some benefit as I'm interested in the subject too. Cheers
  9. I really love the vibrancy of the colours in this, nice leading lines too
  10. The hairy bikers diet book (second one I think) had a way of making baskets out of tortilla by using a ball of tinfoil and roasting them over the tinfoil then using a tumbler to make a flat base, I found the coke Cola tumbler was prefect for it. Gives a nice crunchy texture with corn tortilla.
  11. If your just starting out and learning, keep all your images and revisit them when you have increased your skills in photo editing as your can have a rubbish image today but in a years time it may be a good image.
  12. I use it and I think the view is if your shooting Raw then you will need to do some minor adjustments in a photo editor to some degree as the raw image won't reflect the scene as your eye would see it. Framing the shot by taking your time with setting up your composition will be crucial to a decent photo. If this is wrong then its difficult to come back from it even with crops and clarity saturation etc in LR.
  13. I'm looking at buying some nd(big stopper) filters and would appreciate your thoughts on it. I shoot occasionally and mostly always landscapes. Currently I have 4 lenses 2 of those have a 52 mm diameter so that would mean I would most likely need three adapters to fit a filter holder. I've been looking at Lee and it can get quite expensive. Is it worth going for Lee and just biting the bullet or is there a cheeper alternative that will do me for the occasional use? Thanks
  14. I like the way the saturation is dialed back on that image, its in keeping with the cars era. The beige shirts help.
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