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  1. davadvice1

    TT 23

    Fuck, never knew about that, hope he make a good recovery. He's been through some stuff has Hutchie.
  2. davadvice1

    TT 23

    @wev Thanks for for the heads up, always love the TT. Need to catch up on the documentary I recorded last week. I've failed to see who done what or if there even was a NW200 this year. I honestly think the coverage hasn't been as good since the guy that done the everest ads stopped.
  3. I know we've seen mainly Street circuits but it seems this year that the track evolution during practice and Quali is pretty monumental. It's like we'd traditionally see with a track that'd seen rain overnight or just before the session, and become green is it a tyre thing or is it these cars?
  4. I'm missing my usual weekend flying as I was a wee bit ill and I was out on Friday and away today and tomorrow is MNRC (GT7) I'm out again on Tuesday arrggg. I'll try and squeeze in a wee leg of my now northern European tour in tomorrow afternoon with my wee C310. Pripyat is well worth a visit in the game. I watched a YouTube vid of the evolution of the game from MS themselves and it was impressive seeing the jump in visuals.
  5. Dale Winton wedding was pretty funny. Not something I would usually have watched but it did and have a wee 1 up on my wife who thought... https://www.google.com/url?q=https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/entertainment-arts-43827396&sa=U&ved=2ahUKEwjGyeCnrJj_AhUPjFwKHbA-A9IQFnoECAIQAg&usg=AOvVaw1xwZTkLeC3nqVDs2r5vuYJ
  6. Not sure I'll make it, out for some food and a couple of beers, will see if I'm in a state for driving when I'm get in.
  7. That first race on Monday was excellent, I watched the replay, not sure I'd have been able to get by @Pimpalicious MZ If it wasn't for that penalty, you had the drive up the back straight preventing me being able to get a run on you.
  8. I did, I'll get on a share it, if it let's me I had issues the last time Edit: its there now mate.
  9. Slow you say, If you have a dehydrator function try a beef joint at 60 for 5-6 hrs it is lovley.
  10. Rudder pedals make a massive difference especially if you do some helicopter flying no longer having to crank the wrist. Just about to head out for wee bush trip, I hope the final leg isn't missing from the nav log like it was on the last one I done.
  11. I've got so many hours in this plane, it really is wonderful. That's a nice setup you've got there too.
  12. Just had a wee run on the new track, @davejm the Stats on the web site are the old race we done the other week, I was quite surprised that so many had put in a time then I noticed I was still showing as the Ferarri.
  13. Yes I was struggling with turn in tried like you with some toe and camber but couldn't settle so compromised. I did raise my ride height a little as I was bottoming out through Eau rouge
  14. I was about 2 seconds off in sector two, at one pointI get a "your a tenth off in sector one" and I was wondering how the fuck can I be so far away in the second, I couldn't get decent drive out of the slower corners so suspect this to be the issue. I did have a lack of practice as well, busy week an all that. I need to remember that speeding in the pits is really frowned upon @Corranga You were so much faster than me but the issue was it was in the middle of the lap and it's not a easy overtake about there. I expectes you to send it but I suspect I was causing some mistakes behind with my shitty speed. Onwards and upwards to Valencia. Hehe
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