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  1. The Weber is exactly what you need. A shoulder of lamb, cooked over indirect heat for a couple of hours with the lid on, tastes amazing - crispy and smoky on the outside and succulent within. Last weekend I did an entire shoulder of pork. After five hours the crackling was world-class. Keep the lid on during normal BBQing too for an extra smoky kick on chicken portions, sausages etc., along with more even cooking. The Premium's thermometer is well worth having. It gives a much better sense of how fiddling with the vents controls the heat. I love mine!
  2. Sounds excellent! A bit like, in Inspector Clouseau terms, having a 'virtual Kato' hiding in your wardrobe.
  3. Because people keep posting links to them in forums.
  4. Toad

    I Love Ubi!

    I can tell you about its Old Norse origins if you like...
  5. Toad

    I Love Ubi!

    Ooh, pedantry opportunity. Till isn't actually an abbreviation of until: it's a perfectly good word in its own right that just happens to have the same meaning as until. ("'til" is wrong.)
  6. Metal Gear Solid: No Solids
  7. I've got NYPD Blue 1 + 2 Can't comprehend why no one else has. £20 a piece on Amazon for some of the tastiest telly of the early '90s. You'll need no other box-sets.
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