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  1. You can still do this. But, you won’t get any welcome/loyalty packs to start you off. Just create a fresh profile on your PS4. It will require a new email address (one that’s not already linked to an EA account). Also you won’t be able to play the ten hours early access on this new account without paying for EA Access on that account also.
  2. Yep. I haven’t pre-ordered and I’m using the trial. They aren’t linked. What are you not enjoying about the gameplay? I left my thoughts on the beta earlier in the thread, but I also fully expect 2-3 patches within the first few weeks, just like the last few years, the game we play in November won’t resemble this too much tbh.
  3. I’ve seen some weird stuff tagged to artists that it clearly doesn’t belong to. I am guessing this is also a recent project you’ve been “recommended.” My gut feeling is that there’s little verification process for collaborative projects being uploaded to Spotify and they rely on retrospective reports before they look into it. Essentially, the Turkish guys have tagged Chuck D as a collaborative artist and Spotify takes their word for it.
  4. So I opened my loyalty / welcome packs and got nothing of mention. Best pull 83 Kjaer, twice. Sold the lot for just under 20k. I then worked on the foundation SBCs on the web app. After each one, I sold everything. Now I’ve completed those besides the two squads that need a lot of loyalty. ive invested around 50k into fodder and built this team as well. edit: Dembele I got from a gold upgrade! I recommend to to keep discard value common golds and once you know you won’t need them for the foundation SBCs, run them through the gold upgrade instead of selling them.
  5. Fifa, like most competitive online games, has seen the competitive aspect ramped up considerably in the last generation. Don’t take this the wrong way, but you can’t expect to pick up a game that you haven’t played for 10 years and expect a) the game to be similar and b) for you to be competitive. if you were good at Fifa 11, I’m sure there are plenty transferable skills, but you’re still gonna need to put effort into learning the quirks of the new game, and committing to improving your own gameplay, i came back to FIFA 20 Having not played since FIFA 14 and having barely played online. In Fifa 20 I was Division 5 after the entire year. In Fifa 21 I got placed in Division 7 but kept working hard and eventually worked my way up to Division 1. It still wasn’t a natural progress. I still had to consciously work at it. That’s part of what I do like about FIFA, working on improving myself and my gameplay. The grind of UT alone isn’t enough. Also, as an aside, you’ve dipped your toe into the water here during the 10 hour early access, which is when the most committed players get stuck in, that’s definitely the “deep end” to re-introduce yourself. Happy to give some tips / advice and starting points if you decide to persevere!
  6. Hmmm the ETA for delivery on those eBay listings is almost a whole week after the game drops. Shame as the saving is pretty significant!
  7. So yeah this finally dropped today.
  8. What a year so far. I’ve now listened to just over 220 fresh projects this year. Anyone who says hip-hop is dead is basically sleeping. I also don’t like Autotune and generic trap beats, so that narrowed down my choice A LOT. Still found so many amazing projects and new artists. Not gonna lie, I’ve had to go digging, but it’s been worth it.
  9. Yeah I find it weird even once the beta ends no-one is supposed to talk. Even on Reddit they haven’t allowed it. So, what did you think? My overall first-impressions were not particularly positive. Having said that, I fully expect the final game will not represent the beta, especially after the initial flurry of patches. However, last year I found myself quite enjoying the game at launch, and hoping they didn’t patch it. This year, based on the beta, I find myself hoping for the patches. Some early initial impressions- — Keepers are overall better in virtually every way, except parrying easy shots they should save, back into the path of the opponent for an easy tap-in — you won’t score a finesse shot unless the player has finesse trait — jockey and running jockey had been severely nerfed, AI blocks have been increased to compensate and of course keepers have been improved in some areas to compensate. — broken cross still works great and forwards still have an overall ridiculous accuracy with first time shots from these bullet crosses — players overall felt like agile. I only played kick off but Neymar did not feel like Neymar. I’m aware I’m used to Ultimate Team so, it’s hard to be really sure on my objectivity here — skill moves, overall nerfed, and in some weird ways. Fake shot while running without also using L1 will no longer register as a fake shot; well I found that the fake will register but the pass will also register, leaving you kicking the ball away from your player. — overall skill moves execute slower, sometimes failing completely, and rarely creating an automatic speed burst or opening up any gaps as a result. — hard driven passes and through balls are more error prone I guess that the majority of my observations are framed negatively. I’m not a huge fan of the skill move meta that developed at high tiers in 21, although I understand it. Passing is less reliable than skill moves. Tall players and strong players are not amazingly effective. I do hope that 22 offers more viability to these off-meta cards and player types, but the beta did not fill me with hope. 1997 SR for reference. I did only play around a dozen games of the beta so I didn’t deliver into detail the way I would have liked. Honestly, I played enough to say that it wasn’t enjoyable, although kick-off mode was never enjoyable to me anyway. i think this year I’m going to hold off until the first 5-6 patches and see what people make of the game come the end of October/November.
  10. Gotta give it to EA, they paced things well this year and have kept engagement going until the last gasp. ive done 200~ of the 85x and packed EVERY CARD, except TOTY Mbappe, Messi, CR7 and Militao. Ive completed Messi and CR7 SBCs, though. Also Pele. Also a dozen or so PIM SBCs with mixed results. Oh yeah and I’m ~200k in coin balance higher than when I started. Also, I was “lucky” enough to get beta access to Fifa 22, so I was trialing it a few weeks ago. Did anyone else have beta access? I’m not *supposed* to share my thoughts though
  11. Comparing this achievement in a streaming era with the Beatles is a little crazy to me.
  12. Blu is brilliant. Below the Heavens a classic in my eyes. I dunno if any of his later stuff quite hit the same level of greatness! What do we think of Rome Streetz joining Griselda?
  13. Considering that Activision had to pull Sledgehammer out of last year’s COD, combined with the embarrassment that was 2017 WW2 at launch, I’m highly skeptical of this one. Even though I consider the last 4 CODs to have been largely regressive, I still have hopes of a return to form. Although I definitely won’t be diving into this one at launch.
  14. Just discovered this guy recently too. I haven’t heard much, but his project KAIZEN is really nice, and some decent features including Blu, Rugged Man and AFRO. Definitely worth a spin!
  15. I’ve thrown myself back at it this year. I’ve checked 180 fresh albums this year. There’s been so much great stuff. Sure lots of “new school” stuff but also loads of awesome throw-back 90s stuff too!
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