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  1. Compelling review, I’ll need to check this out.
  2. Anyone on console noticed any significant differences since the patch? most noticeable for me is that the game is applying my “players in the box for corners” perfectly now, to the point I will need to adjust it to increase it slightly. Pre-patch setting it to 2 still had 5 players in the box. Now it is literally 2. Also thank fuck they no longer force me to look at stupid purple and pink pitch line, or, even worse, those psychopaths who use green. both big wins there. Otherwise gameplay … doesn’t feel too different?
  3. i like your optimism. Wow nice. Yep!
  4. You got this. Easiest Friday evening or Saturday morning.
  5. Word on the street is we are getting a base / mid Icon Player Pick Upgrade SBC tonight or tomorrow. i finally sold my investments anyway. 100 84 rated TOTW bought for 11k and sold for 28-30k each mostly. Got 11 wins in Champs and gave the last game away. Connection was pretty dog shit in a fair few matches. Also faced 5atb in four matches, weird.
  6. if it’s the majority of your matches it’s gotta be on your end somewhere I think.
  7. I used his TOTW which is a rating lower and was pleasantly surprised. Trust me this guy will do a good job b2b.
  8. Basically except with lower drop rates. TOTY card stay ahead of the curve right through TOTS in a lot of cases so yeah they are rarer than pixie gold dust.
  9. I have no idea which Bait you’re referring to - help a brother out?
  10. i think we will have a one week break and TOTY will start the following Friday. I’m guessing they may fill the barren week with more of those Milestone League players like we had for Eredevisie, EFL and Liga Not-Nos.
  11. Would be careful around certain off-meta Prime icons. They are not long in packs and are probably due some downwards price movement in the next 2-3 weeks. Check his mid which is only 150k approx. The Prime doesn’t look 450k or so more to me.
  12. New Savanier card for Camavinga.
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