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  1. This is pretty much the standard routine at the end of every season reset. I’d say give it a week or so and it will settle down. As for WL qualifying - go and attempt to qualify asap. EA has granted everyone 1250 points to enter qualifying, meaning that all the Christmas noobs will be going through qualifying right now, if ever there was a time to qualify, it’s now! This will be the easiest it will be since the game was released.
  2. The Orville I really was quite pleasantly surprised with this. What started as something that felt like a low-budget Red Dwarf-like Star Trek rip-off evolved into a fantastic lovingly crafted tribute with a lot of heart and care put into it. It somehow managed to tackle moral challenges and topics in a more humanistic way than Star Trek ever did. It felt more down to earth, relatable and most of the cast were likeable. Only a few gripes really mostly around the initial few episodes and some of season three, but overall a must-watch for any Star Trek fan and really any sci-fi fan will probably find plenty to like. 4 Quantum Drives out of 5.
  3. Thought I’d drop in and leave a list of my albums of the year so far (out of over 330 albums I’ve listened to) No particular order. Black Thought - Cheat Codes Ghettosocks - Listen to the Masters bRavenous - Ghosts of Rockingham Che Noir - Food for Thought Kno & Sadistik - Wake Me Up When the World is Cured Elzhi - Zhigeist Lupe Fiasco - Drill Music in Zion Ill Conscious - Acres of Diamonds LOU - Journey of Choices A God the Soul - Labor & Tribute Jermiside - The Overview Effect Pete Flux - Global Scope Nelson Dialect & Mr Slipz - Ever Since Recognize Ali - No Games Strictly Bizniz Prop Dylan - Bushido Code
  4. I’ve mostly stopped playing. Not done WL for a couple of weeks but 3 consecutive weeks without a walkout from the 125k/50k packs turned me away. i dip in for a few games of rivals Here or there. Last season played a few but not enough to get back to Elite, so this season started in Div 3. The recent patch is made for new-gen and has seriously messed up old-gen. In some ways sure it’s more fun, but I can’t really be arsed fully adapting. Time to get the 23 pre-order done shortly though.
  5. So many good cards are so affordable now!
  6. Top Gun: Maverick i feel like this movie really did achieve what it set out to do. In many ways I think it surpassed the original. I can’t Rate it anywhere near full marks because I am someone who likes some moral and philosophical depth to movies, and I’m also someone who has a hard time suspending belief so plausibility and credibility are important factors for full immersion. As the movie got to the end, there were for sure a few moments that had me rolling my eyes, but it didn’t stop me cheering along regardless. A solid Hollywood Action Popcorn Movie. 3/5 Spiderhead On paper, this is right up my street. I loved the concept. I’d say it had a somewhat slow initial 20 minutes or so, I wasn’t sure where it was heading. The middle section had some more promise. It teased a depth that never really materialised though. The final act and ending seemed a little forced and cliched. Very good acting performances throughout and a solid concept just somewhat lacking in execution and I was not convinced the seemingly forced attempts at humour were necessary or added much. 2/5
  7. Ah awesome good job man. Cancelo goes to CM and Canales goes to Lb. Funny how a 50k card can be so good he’s frequently a stand out player. Also Eusebio was 93+ and I would never recommend him at his current price of 3.7m, he’s like the Portuguese Jamie Vardy.
  8. Tried that, the forum says the image is too large to link to. tried that but it only trims the file size down from like 6mb to 4mb. I found a solution, I can link to my squad through the official app: https://www.ea.com/fifa/ultimate-team/web-app/?showoffId=keJUWEgKn027z:FFA22PS4
  9. Qualifying is always a breeze for me. I go 6-2 and stop there every week as prefer the rewards for 6. The connection is Champs however has been next level appalling since Bundes TOTS. I’ve also splashed the cash and have a nice team also but for some reason my phone is only taking 6mb photos these days so can’t upload.
  10. Everything Everywhere All at Once So I went into this pretty damn blind. Just really riding the hype train without much knowledge of what to expect. I liked it and I respect what they tried to do. It managed to be both light-hearted and humorous while still delivering an interesting moral message. What I would say is that the pendulum swings from the really quite ridiculous humour to the hard hitting moral message, and the transitional phase is basically 20 odd minutes of what felt like quite needless kung-fu. The ending wrap up of hammering home the message felt a bit laboured and stretched. The transition didn’t feel all go natural either. That said these are mostly minor niggles and I enjoyed it for the most part and admired the ambition, even if lacked a tiny bit in execution. 3.5/5
  11. Felt the same to be honest. It practically lost me at the heroic Bible retrieval / rescue mission scene.
  12. That’s big praise. This has been on my watch list for ages.
  13. McGinn looks incredible for his price. This is why I love TOTS.
  14. Still impressive! Pack luck can’t have been that bad!! Still sometimes the best way to make coins Is just not to waste them, it’s a good philosophy.
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