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  1. true but imagine the abuse such a matchmaking system would be open to! once again for me a handful of matches into WL and I’ve witnessed things I haven’t seen in 100s of matches in other modes. I truly hate this game lol.
  2. While there is a definite p2w element, I think the key factor here is that you’re diving into a competitive game mode where every opponent has had a possible 6 month+ head start over you in building their team. If you’d joined up in October you’d have a great team by now without spending any money.
  3. Gotta say the content and actual team this week has probably jot lived upto expectations. but in terms of luck, I’ve had a nice week. TOTS Dias from the 86+ PP TOTS shaw from Premium Prem Upgrade TOTS Cancelo from Guaranteed Tots Prem Tots Romarinho from Red picks also packed TOTS Dias tradeable twice so 800k up.
  4. it’s a good read but he says he hits elite without using broken skills yet then almost immediately proclaims his love for a running ball roll scoop or similar 5 star skill. He also has a mega team and a top connection.
  5. Last couple of weeks have been a lot of fun for me as far as squad building. the plummeting in price of the top gold rare meta cards (Neymar, Mbappe, CR7, Messi) combined with pre-TOTS panic selling has created loads of good opportunities to try different cards and formations. it’s this time of year I usually break the discipline with Spending so I bought 1m coins from a guy on Facebook (all legit, was fine). ive been able to try out a bunch of other cards recently that dropped in price making them affordable-ish to try. FB Atal - nice but for is based o
  6. Neymar comes in clutch so often! You’ll be fine man you’re a very good player. Sounds just like me first few. Connection was really bad in a few, I know one win and two defeats were largely connection influenced.
  7. 3 games into WL and immediately reminded me why I rarely play WL.
  8. Moments Zola for me. Looks OK in theory, like a juiced up Insigne. Also like Insigne, he gets blown over in the wind. It’s at the stage where I will not be doing these unless it’s a player pick. Too late in the cycle to be stuck with cards that don’t improve your team.
  9. Drop rate for TOTS cards seems really high (19% in 100k pack and almost 5% in a 45k pack) but there is a lot of fodder. looking back on last year the hype train seemed to lurch from one league to the next and each time the previous weeks cards largely plummeted in price and few recover as more and more viable cards are released. So I see most of these dropping 40-50% maybe, except for those already being priced as fodder. As a lifelong Rangers fan I’m definitely tempted by Goldson. I also think Büendia and Barnes look useable cards but wouldn’t touch until they settle in
  10. 4 was the hardest. 4 has good rewards, whereas the rewards in div 2 are garbage. Don’t think I lost a game in div 3 after escaping div 4.
  11. Made it to Div 1 today having started in low Div 7.
  12. Felix headliner is under 300k at last check now! And essentially the same card. He must have a reasonable chance of a TOTS card also.
  13. I mean, short answer yes. He’s 4/4 with no traits. I was OK with that if his finishing was out of this world. He feels worse than Rooney for twice the price.
  14. Spent 950k on fraud Aguero and then they drop Kenny Moments SBC.
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