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  1. Most of the more popular weapons, perks and load outs are all available early in the progression system. For reference: M4 assault rifle, 725 shotgun, overkill perk, claymore mines. Resupply ammo crate as your field upgrade and you’re as sweaty as any max level player within 15 levels or so
  2. Thanks for the tips, I went back and somehow had a slightly easier time and got the mission done. Ive just made it to the wind farm, by the skin of my teeth, another hairy encounter with BTs has left me pretty tired and my BB has caught a cold again and can no longer detect swamp beasties. To my surprise there seems no private room at the wind farm for me to charge up my Bb. What do I do, I’m fairly sure I’ll die with low health and no BB in the route back?
  3. So I was pretty apprehensive about this but generally positive feedback on here encouraged me to buy it. Im at a point where I basically fucked up the mission twice and had to reload from my save, and it wasn’t fun. i want to progress the story without it feeling too monotonous. I don’t mind a challenge either but there’s clearly a few things I’m not getting. Mainly the BTs, I think, the kinda black sludge swap creatures? Just as I was getting close to my objective these fuckers just appeared and hauled me down, spilling my cargo only for it to get lost up the river and I failed. Is there some technique to avoid these damn things? Obviously it suggests to crouch and hold your breath but that wasn’t working too well.
  4. Only if you are having trouble partying up with friends is it worth it. I’ve always found the net code fairly bad in COD vs other AAA shooters, but changing that never made it much better for me. actually the bad net code over the years is why I ended up playing hardcore in previous CODs. Due to the low health and usually one/two shot kill, it cuts down on bullshit connection-related hit registration. So anyone who is struggling with a bad or seemingly bad connection should give hardcore a try. It will go one of two ways - you may actually enjoy it, or it may prove to you one way or another that your connection is or isn’t a major factor. Personally, I’ve found the net code and hit reg in this COD to be marginally better than previous CODs. I’d be keen to see what the server and client refresh rates are - because in BO4 they were poor and it had a big impact on net code performance IMO.
  5. Sorry who? I missed. The COD games are annual release and so much of the playerbase moves to the newest one even if they are not fully in love with it. because it’s where all the players go and when the previous one has much reduced support, so sometimes it doesn’t feel much of a choice.
  6. I believe it’s set to favour and only in certain circumstances it will mix input methods. I’d suspect outside the top 25-30% of the playerbase will never see this mix as the conditions for it (not enough native input users) never occurs. In any case I’d be curious to know how I can check and observe for my own anecdotal evidence if nothing else?
  7. They are fundamentally different games but, I hear ya. As soon as Kings Canyon is back I’ll be hopping onto Apex again.
  8. Because it does so automatically? You are paired by input device, while cross-play is turned on. There’s a little greyed out toggle in one of the menus.
  9. I remember buying that issue of Edge too. i also recall that PRS 2004 was its better era, we did use PES for the Xbox league at the time. Also Burnout 3
  10. Iam8nit have a limited run physical release of this. 5000 copies, $35.
  11. Haha. I’ve been playing less and although I had similar urges I held off, they did say changes would be made. IW has brought many of these issues upon themselves - especially that many of the urgent things they have reverted or changed with post-launch patches were only added in AFTER the Beta. Im all for optimism but it’s worth remembering that the last two games that IW made were Ghosts and Infinite Warfare, widely regarded as two of the worst Cods of this generation. I have been pleased with the speed of their response and that gives me hope we will get there sooner rather than later.
  12. I am sure it will need either the usb cable or the usb wireless adaptor - so in short, you will need a usb socket.
  13. Still enjoying the game as much as I can and have absolutely no qualms with people playing the game for their own enjoyment. On another positive the update on Monday has improved but not fully fixed spawns. A Step in the right direction. Also, here’s me discovering the .50 handgun in hardcore
  14. Geez. This could be a long one. Firstly I would say that, lots of the small changes alone may have worked, what exacerbates things is the multiple small changes which when taken together can feel like a bit of a shit storm. In no particular order... 1. MW has reverted to "Killstreaks" as opposed to "Scorestreaks." Please tell me why this is anything other than regressive? 2. Killstreaks in an SBMM environment. I earn streaks by going on consecutive kills without dying, essentially. If SBMM is working as it should, and I'm up against players of equal skill, whats the chances I will regularly go 5,6,7,8 kills without dying? It does happen though and people get them, usually due to... 3. Unfair Maps & Bad Spawns. MW has re-introduced these less-structured, less symmetrical and less balanced maps. If you end up on the scaffold side of Piccadily - good luck to you. You are already at a disadvantage, and if you fail to gain map control, the spawns will keep you hemmed in by the cars at your spawn. 4. Niavity about the Cod community. Taking point 3 into consideration, the introduction of SBMM and these maps has exacerbated a problem thats long existed on Cod - people quitting if they are losing. It's always been bad, but this game is the worst I've played. 5. Disbanding lobbies after each match. Taking point 4 into account, disbanding lobbies is a HUGE problem. Due to the large number of people quitting matches, the matchmaking system is often placing me into matches in progress. And of course 9/10 I'm on the losing team. This happened in previous Cod games of course, but after the match finished the lobby was kept together, thereby ensuring I'd have at least the next match without having to be a backfill. MW i can literally backfill for 4,5 matches in a row. This has happened. 6. Battlechatter. Battlechatter is the term given to the call outs that characters make. We've all experinced this, your character will inexplicably and without your control, shout out what perhaps could be deemed useful information, in certain context. But it's just ridiculous that these call outs can be heard by players on your team and the other team. It's ridiculous that the game gives me no control over when the character does it. It's ridiculous that I can successfully pull of a flank, and as I'm about to engage my character will call out, alrerting the enemy to my position. 7. Gunsmith and overall cramping of a particular play style. First up I'll say that I actually enjoy the depth they have added to the gunsmith. What I'm totally against is that there are so many attachments which inhibit, limit or restrict your movement and control. Go and have a look at how many state the Cons to include, reduced sprint time, reduced ADS time, etc. 8. SBMM within a structure that is not designed for it. I'm all for SBMM. But the implementation here is lacking. There is zero transparancy about tiers or progression. What is my skill relative to others? I never know if I am moving up or down in MMR. I like to play games and be able to see improvement in myself as time progresses. Take the ranked mode in, well, basically any other game and compare it to this. Most people don't even know we are on SBMM now. I believe we should have non-SBMM lobbies for casual/quick play, and a ranked playlist for SBMM, with a tier and progression system. 9. Areas of the game which appear to be worse than previous years are map choice and design, gun balance, support for multiple play styles. There is a complete lack of a high skill ceiling, and a horrible reward system. What is there to keep people playing, progressing, improving? 10. Inconsistent application of the term 'realistic' and its sweeping use as defence for the games flaws. Stop it. The pursuit of realism in games should never come at the expense of gameplay. 11. Poor economy, risk/reward system. The way that players appraoch the game is 100% the responsibility of the developers. Everything in the game is within their control. Too many matches are ending with time limit not score limit. Wonder why? See all ten points above. As for BLOPS4, I wouldn't necessarily say it is 'deep.' There are other games that offer a higher skill ceiling. BLOPS4 could have done lots of things better. People moaned about the specialists, and how they basically rewarded noob players with free kills every few minutes. In lots of ways they felt cheap to die to. However, they were balanced, for the most part. Which meant you did see a reasonable selection of the specialists being used There was a specialist to fit most play styles. The limit to two specialist per team stopped it ever feeling excessive or oppressive. What BLOPS4 also did well was gun balance. What BLOPS4 also did well was map balance and flow. Say what you like about the limitations of three lane maps, they promote flow, they promote engagements, and they are usually fair symmetrical and equal, presenting each time a fair chance to control the map, regardless which side you spawn on. For all its faults its was genuinely inclusive for all play styles. FYI just a little tip for you, i saw you trying to get up on the container inside the building by B flag. If you go to the other side of the containers there's a little white barrel you can hop on. Allows you up onto the container, without being so easily seen from the window. Also, from where you then climb up the container, its easier to make the jump the gap into the window that you tried a few times. Yeah I mean, if you're the one camping... lol. Hardcore mode has been in Cod for as long as I can remember. You have less HP (around 30 instead of 100), there is no mini-map, and friendly fire is active.
  15. And I’m pleased that’s the case for you, evidently many of the somewhat bizarre changes haven’t bothered you or you haven’t noticed them. I would be happy to list a few? I’m not trying to spoil anyone’s enjoyment here. Also the developers have plainly admitted the goal this year, you can watch them here: I’m all for the game being more inclusive, and I’m all for a fresh approach and changing things up. I’m not saying it’s easy to make a game that’s accessible for new players and deep enough for hardcore fans, but I feel this game is one step forward and two steps back.
  16. Its OK to admit your enjoying it and likewise to say that you’re not - most of us here can articulate ourselves well enough to form a fair argument even if we don’t all have the same perspective. if you can’t see what the issues or problems are - count yourself fortunate to be amongst the target audience for the game, but at the same time you must have doubts about the longevity of the game in its current state. And that’s Ok, because we know COD games last a year tops. Lots of players don’t stick it the whole year, quite often the more casual players will move onto another game. the reason much of the community is vocal is because they are usually the ones who show their loyalty and play the game for the full year. It’s fair to say that the current approach of trying to build the game around the players who probably won’t be there for the long haul has irked some long term dedicated players of the franchise. Personally, I’ve tried to keep my criticism to a minimum - the game has turned out precisely how the developers intended, for better or worse. Again i think what fuels the vocal criticism is that at its core there is a distinctly immersive and engaging FPS buried amongst some archaic and naive game design. Fortunately there’s hope it can be shaped into something more enjoyable for every play style.
  17. I had this, and it lasted basically ten years - 2005 to 2015, roughly. The last consoles I properly owned were Gamecube, Og Xbox, Dreamcast and, a glorified blur-ray player (PS2). What got me back? An utter change in life fortunes I found myself skint and out of work. A friend donated my an old Xbox 360 to help pass time and I went to CEX and bought like 5 games for a tenner. i literally spent a solid month or two hooked on PGR4, the other games didn’t get much of a look in, I absolutely loved MSR on the DC and PGR1 on Xbox and this felt like amazing to me, despite the fact I knew I was still playing an outdated game on the previous generations hardware.
  18. Getting yo know the maps a bit better, I’m doimg my best version of “play slow and tactical” with a sprinkling of Rambo like charges. Both play styles make me feel a bit dirty, but not as bad as half the people I see literally lying in a corner all game. I usually play hardcore but for this Cod I’ve stuck to Core so far.
  19. More shotgun play. They are really really viable this time up, and with so many people hiding in rooms I’m running Overkill so I can carry and AR plus this beast. I expect a small nerf incoming.
  20. Got my first Fury Kill, and damn - the shotguns
  21. In some way shape or form they will attempt to extract more money from the player base. They have proven in the past untrustworthy with regards to what they say and what they actually do on this subject. Y3GRP on PS4.
  22. Who is it aimed at though? This game is definitely not aimed at the Fortnite generation. I feel like it’s aimed at those who played the original - released in 2007. And I’d say that probably means those born probably no later than around 1995.
  23. 2005 1.V for Vendetta 2 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 2006 1. Lives of Others 2. The Departed 3. The Prestige 2007 1. There Will Be blood 2. No Country for Old Men 2008 1 Dark Knight 2. The Wrestler 2009 1. Inglourious Basterds 2. District 9 #### Completed.
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