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  1. Ripped open all my packs. I had 1.6m worth. Best pull 88 Tony Kroos. I did get about 10-12 walkouts, but all fodder. I only saved good packs (worst was 35k mega packs) so I’m a little disappointed with tonight’s results but overall I did pack Hakimi when I look at the bigger picture so I cant be too frustrated. stupidly decided to dump my fodder into the mid/prime Icon Sbc (which I didn’t have enough high rated fodder to complete so it cost me about 80k) and out pops Mid Nakata for the second year running. a potent reminder not to touch these stupid gambling SBCs. Annoyed at myself so may take a few days out.
  2. Just buy this guy and sub him on. Really nice card as 5*/5* and he has 97 attack positioning which is noticeable in-game. He’s 18k approx.
  3. Seems they are quite a high drop-rate overall and especially for defenders. I don’t think it’s a mistake. I’ll be interested to see how it plays out once they are all in packs alongside the Honourable Mentions cards.
  4. From 81+ x1 defender pack. I’ll take that!
  5. Rumoured requirements for Varane SBC.
  6. Looks a monster card. Can’t see this Varane being any less than 550-600k and possibly as much as 750-800k. Happy to be proven wrong though!
  7. This has been on my list for a while. Where did you watch it?
  8. I was logged in prior to 6pm but the store was totally inaccessible at 6pm. Logged out and been unable to log in since. Definitely lame.
  9. @Keiths_Dad just saw Savanier won Ligue 1 POTM, might be a viable option over his HL. 82 and 84 rated squad.
  10. how much coins have you got to work with? also could you live with one or two players on 7/8 chemistry? It would mean upgrades to the right side of your Defense, more steel and defensive presence in midfield instead of Fekir, and accommodating Neymar. Personally I’d say it’s gonna be worth it.
  11. No worries - let us know how it works out!
  12. So at the moment I’m guessing Fekir is CM and upfront you have Larsson with Morales and Alessandrini either side? Neymar would replace Morales or Alessandrini?
  13. What formation do you play in-game? I’ll see if I can help make it work.
  14. Compelling review, I’ll need to check this out.
  15. Anyone on console noticed any significant differences since the patch? most noticeable for me is that the game is applying my “players in the box for corners” perfectly now, to the point I will need to adjust it to increase it slightly. Pre-patch setting it to 2 still had 5 players in the box. Now it is literally 2. Also thank fuck they no longer force me to look at stupid purple and pink pitch line, or, even worse, those psychopaths who use green. both big wins there. Otherwise gameplay … doesn’t feel too different?
  16. i like your optimism. Wow nice. Yep!
  17. You got this. Easiest Friday evening or Saturday morning.
  18. Word on the street is we are getting a base / mid Icon Player Pick Upgrade SBC tonight or tomorrow. i finally sold my investments anyway. 100 84 rated TOTW bought for 11k and sold for 28-30k each mostly. Got 11 wins in Champs and gave the last game away. Connection was pretty dog shit in a fair few matches. Also faced 5atb in four matches, weird.
  19. Changed my team a little bit.
  20. if it’s the majority of your matches it’s gotta be on your end somewhere I think.
  21. I used his TOTW which is a rating lower and was pleasantly surprised. Trust me this guy will do a good job b2b.
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