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  1. Everything Everywhere All at Once 


    So I went into this pretty damn blind. Just really riding the hype train without much knowledge of what to expect. 

    I liked it and I respect what they tried to do. It managed to be both light-hearted and humorous while still delivering an interesting moral message. 

    What I would say is that the pendulum swings from the really quite ridiculous humour to the hard hitting moral message, and the transitional phase is basically 20 odd minutes of what felt like quite needless kung-fu. The ending wrap up of hammering home the message felt a bit laboured and stretched. The transition didn’t feel all go natural either. 

    That said these are mostly minor niggles and I enjoyed it for the most part and admired the ambition, even if lacked a tiny bit in execution. 


  2. 11 hours ago, ScouserInExile said:

    Hacksaw Ridge


    A bit of a frustrating watch, this.


    The (true) story is amazing, it's full of great acting performances, it's well shot and there's loads of fantastically visceral action sequences.


    BUT it's also jam packed with eye roll worthy, horribly clichéd melodrama. I actually facepalmed a the scene where a character was sat in his tent, distraught at the loss of his men and the horrors of war, when a guy bursts in and shouts "hey, Cap! You gotta see dis!" and they dash off to see what's going on to the sound of stiring, hopeful music. Oh the tough guy finally opens up about why he's like he is? Dead in the next scene, then? Yep. Full of it. It even ends on a glorious, slow-mo, towards the camera heroic final charge.


    It's still a good film, it just could have been great.



    Felt the same to be honest. It practically lost me at the heroic Bible retrieval / rescue mission scene. 

  3. On 02/05/2022 at 14:44, carlospie said:

    I seem to have created a really good squad. I packed some rw tots so flogged him and bought Ronaldo and some CMS. Ronaldo is straight up broken still, iv won six in a row with most quitting at two nil.




    McGinn looks incredible for his price. This is why I love TOTS. 

  4. 7 minutes ago, klargon said:

    I started off with bronze pack method, then just moved onto selling the stuff I packed. I never use a tradable contract or chem style. Only investments were the promo players who were close to discard. No volume buying or selling. I’ve got over 3000 in my club now. Packs come from objectives, marquee matchups and weekend league really. It’s just the volume over time that ends up accumulating

    Still impressive! Pack luck can’t have been that bad!! Still sometimes the best way to make coins Is just not to waste them, it’s a good philosophy.

  5. 4 minutes ago, klargon said:

    Just £40 for the game and then graft. Terrible pack luck in general, so I’ve not had any easy income from that. Just the one account too. First time I’ve ever done a full season, but I’ll be glad when it’s over. It genuinely consumes my life!

    Yeah it really does, man. I like the grinding aspect tbh, I have plenty spare time. It fills a void. Have you been trading I take it? I did more trading last year tbh, having such a good team has made me lazy with it this year. 

  6. 10 hours ago, klargon said:

    Most of the team is gone. I’ve got 9m in the bank now! I can still put together an entirely reasonable team for all the major (and some of the minor) leagues if I want to. I’ll get my 99 Mbappe in a few weeks!

    9m!!! Did you buy any FP or coins?


    i sold Puskas. I only have 1m worth of tradeable players in my team and I have 4.4m liquid in my main account.


    i do have just under 4m on my SBC accounts also, just haven’t had a need to transfer them to the main, yet. 

  7. TOTS is the best promo of the year! I’ve been taking my foot off the gas the last few weeks and finally binned my 2nd account as the pack luck was tragic all year. But I’ll be back at full pelt on the main account and looking forward to Friday! 

    PS - TOTWs have went to the moon, min. 20k - sell up if you’ve got them cheapy fodder cards. 

  8. 10 hours ago, klargon said:

    It’s easy to care about coins at this stage, coming up to TOTS. I can see myself losing interest before that comes along though. Decided to just spend what I’ve got. Don’t care if everyone loses 80% value!


    Looks great tbh. 

    I’m still hoarding coins lol. I still have 4.4m but my team is still good and also 8/11 are untradeable. The 3 tradeable players amount to around 1.3m so I’m just holding them, don’t mind if they drop. TOTY Cancelo being one and he’s too good to get rid of from that CM spot. 

  9. 8 hours ago, Jerec said:

    Hey guys, been a while but thought I should just pop in and say hi, oh and to leave this down below...



    WhatsApp Image 2022-04-06 at 21.37.27.jpeg

    Awesome pull man, congrats. 

    I’ve used a lot of top cards this year and none of them perform skills and feel as good on the ball as Pele. 

  10. People Just Do Nothing: Big I’m Japan 


    I should preface this by saying I really enjoyed the series when it was on TV and watched it in its entirety. It was funny and the character development as the show progressed was a nice unexpected bonus from a comedy / mockumentary.


    Sadly I don’t feel like the film was up to much. It had an air of money grabbing, scraping the bottle of the barrel with the plot. The mockumentary aspect was toned down, and there was just an overall emptiness to the whole thing. One for fans of the show, but don’t expect too much to avoid disappointment. 


  11. The Adam Project 


    Essentially a kids action movie, with some throwback 80s elements. Doses of humour, and some really excessive levels of romance. For a film that seemed aimed at young boys I couldn’t really get the degree of romance. Was it trying to be an all things for all family members type movie? Failed to pull it all together on most levels. Even in a fairly one dimensional and simplistic role, Ryan Reynolds shortcomings were laid bare. 


  12. On 26/03/2022 at 12:48, Capwn said:


    No, 5. Long story but yeah, I never give out 5's and 4's are very rare. MAYBE one or two out of 30-40 films a year. Giving something like Turning Red a 2.5 may sound harsh but to put it into perspective, if I were to watch something like Venom2 I'd probably give it a 0 or 0.5 out of 5. 


    0 - 0.5 = Did not enjoy, possibly couldn't make it through

    1 = Some good elements

    2= Pretty good, well made film but far from life changing

    3= Very good, some interesting aspects to it. The type of film where I'll even invest in a 'ending explained' video after.

    4= Great. I know I'll remember this film fondly in 5 years, it's going to stick. It's left a footprint on me.

    5= Perfect. Which doesn't exist. I once gave Terminator 2 a 5 star but I was a naive teenager back then.


    Im the same to be honest. I like to have a way to differentiate the very best movies. Only a handful of movies are ever deserving of a 5 which essentially means perfect or very very close to.  I rarely hand out 5s and a 5 would be considerably better than 4, which is already an exceptional movie. 


    i don’t spend too much time watching bad stuff so I’m not bothered about that end of the scale either, so it’s rare I’m rating below a 2. 

  13. 4 hours ago, klargon said:

    I quite enjoyed the Simon objective - the friendly requires players you've bought for 2000 coins or under, so it's like going back to week 1!  I don't mind the current limited friendly either.  It helps that I've got a very strong gold + TOTW team though.


    The leaked players for the rest of the current promotion are so underwhelming.  They seem to almost all be players who already have one or more special cards.  It's a shame there's no real creativity in the selection.  I might try to pick up Dembele and Bamba, although I think the former will be very pricey.

    Seeing the price of ASM I can’t see Dembele being any cheaper - madness! 

  14. 1 hour ago, BitterToad said:

    Yep. That blog's an interesting explanation but calling it, or even what David Chase actually says about the ending, in any way definitive ruins what made that choice so brilliant in the first place. 



    I think it’s deemed definite because Chase refers to it as the death scene in some of the quotes at the beginning of the article. 


  15. On 17/03/2022 at 22:31, gone fishin said:


      Reveal hidden contents

    I guess the ending is ambiguous enough where you can believe (or don’t stop believin’ ) whatever ending you want it to be.


    But… I know there’s the theory that the final scene is structured around a “beat” of Tony’s face, followed by the door bell, then Tony’s POV with the final bit being where Tony doesn’t have a POV, because he’s dead. But the thing is, taking the whole final episode, there’s no-one really left who would take out a hit on Tony. He’s made amends with the New York family. There’s no other storyline implying that there’s an impending hit on Tony once Phil Leotardo has been taken care of (and even then, it’s really Phil who wants Tony killed, not anyone else in the NY family). 


    In a way, the last episode actually feels like the first episode of a new season. Except it just stop for us as a viewer, because Tony’s life will go on the same.  It was interesting in the 20th anniversary cast reunion, Edie Falco spoke about how there was no additional scenes filmed that were cut, but her interpretation of the finale was that everything continued, it’s just that as a viewer, you no longer have access to it.


    Maybe the thought of Tony living on, with Silvio in a coma, his Uncle no longer recognising him, his son a mess, his daughter a disappointment (and potential threat with her being a lawyer going after corrupt politicians) makes it worse for him than actually being killed.


    I think if they had explicitly killed off Tony at the end, it would have been a poor finale. But having 15 seconds or so of black screen makes it so you can have whatever ending you want. Which was brilliant.


    you should read this, it’s very comprehensive https://masterofsopranos.wordpress.com/the-sopranos-definitive-explanation-of-the-end/

  16. On 15/03/2022 at 18:41, gone fishin said:



    And the finale…




    Ah I’m surprised you say that about the final scene / the ending. To me it was quite clear cut that it was the opposite.  Would you feel differently about the show if you had perceived it that Tony died? 


  17. I’m a little surprised at the number of connectivity complaints because for me after TOTY it got a lot better. Having said that I never, ever play at peak times. I’m on weekdays in the early afternoon and I’ve been doing WL on Friday late morning/early afternoon. 

  18. 47 minutes ago, carlospie said:

    I hate FIFA this year. So many people have Uber teams every match is like a champions League final. A sweaty one. I won't be buying it again

    there does some to be a lot of god squads. But in some ways the market and good cards are more accessible than ever! I mean, 350k~ gets you Messi, Neymar and CR7 at the moment - all three. Sure they might not be the best cards in the game any longer but they are still absolutely useable top class cards. This year Fifa for me has been about resisting urges to spend coins, waste coins, drain coins on gambling SBCs and changing team every week. It does need some discipline which can make it feel more like a job than a hobby but that’s your only realistic way, if you’re not lucky enough to have loads of real money disposable income to pile into the game. 

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