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  1. Just about to finish The Sopranos and will be needing a new show to watch. I’ve heard good things about The Wire but curious if anyone can explain what makes it so good and is it a worthy follow up to The Sopranos? My other choice is another rewatch of Breaking Bad. TIA
  2. Dani Alves looks incredible - Nice pull!
  3. Gee, nice pull. I’d take the 2.5m, I expect the card to go down a bit and settle around 1.3m in 2-4 weeks time.
  4. Somehow managed to make it to 36 years old without ever watching this as I didn’t have ready access to Sky. Now I do so I’ve started binging it about a week ago and I’m currently at the beginning of S5. Top quality TV and feeling a little ashamed at never having seen it before, also already overcome with a feeling that I just don’t want it to end. Is there any better TV depiction than James’s depiction of Tony?!
  5. FFS, turns out there is 5 clues per player. league, team, nation, age, position. for some reason I didn’t see the position, only realised it was a clue when discussing this with a mate. had to adjust my browser text size to 85% and it showed up. 6 guesses for the next one, but might have been less for both so far had I seen the position clue.
  6. Been busy binging The Sopranos but did watch 12 Years a Slave recently. It was good, like a PG version of Django obviously without the cartoon violence and with a Hollywood happy ending instead of a bloodbath ending. Michael Fassbender was excellent. On one hand I felt the Hollywood happy ending took the shine off the whole thing but I can see it might have been overly morbid without some kind of happy outcome. 3.5/5
  7. That was fun. Felt like I got lucky. deleted the pic as didn’t realise we all get the same player. got it in 5.
  8. Has everyone stopped playing?
  9. Allan looks incredible and this might be the most useable Suarez card ever.
  10. Im curious how this will work out for Nolan because think this will be a big challenge for him.I’m unsure how he will go about distracting the audience from his generally terrible screenwriting in a film like this.
  11. Finally got around to watching Clound Atlas on Saturday. I’m still digesting it though and not ready to review or score. Gut feeling Is that I need another viewing soon before I can confidently do either.
  12. Yeah agreed. Would’ve been a cool promo back in October mind you! Content feels a bit flat tbh, RTTF has been a bit of a let down also, especially since we didn’t get a single player SBC, and my team just dumped Dortmund out the Europa league but we don’t have a single card to represent us…
  13. Warrior 2011 i thought that Joel Edgerton was pretty decent but Tom Hardy was below his best. The plot was all quite cliche with very few surprises and I felt that it dragged a little and I was happy once it finished. 2/5 The Father (2020) Fantastic performance by Anthony Hopkins and an overall great watch. It was emotional of course but had a good focus on the mental aspects of dementia with some nice directing touches to keep the viewer suitably confused. 4/5 Inside Man 2006 i was quite conflicted about this. The acting from the main characters was overall very good although the support cast was all ove-the-top b-movie kinda vibes for me. I felt like the movie overall was somewhat spoiled by the “flash forwards” to the interviews after the event. I disliked the action scenes but felt the other side was a little under developed. 3/5
  14. i have the same problem. Plus all my forwards goals per game ration is trashed due to this and people quitting at 1-0 or 2-0 down in the first half. First world problems I guess!
  15. He’s brilliant. Might not be the big money pull we all hope for, but he’s a legit hidden gem.
  16. Been quite busy recently and have tried to watch stuff I haven’t seen rather than rewatching classics. Motherless Brooklyn Edward Norton directing and an all-star cast tempted me to give this a try. It had some redeeming qualities but overall I found Ed’s character irritating more than anything else and the slow pace was not balanced by an intriguing enough plot. Some nice acting performances but overall unremarkable. 2.5/5 A Ghost story I’ll be honest the first ~15 minutes or so had me wondering what I’d let myself in for. The ghost in the sheet looked particularly quite jarringly low budget but I persevered and was in the end quite glad I did. I don’t think everyone will like this but it was compelling and intriguing enough while also being neat and compact at under 1hr 30 mins. One I would watch again, 3.5/5 Deception (2013) The synopsis didn’t exactly reel me in but it was one I took a chance on. Even though the twist wasn’t hugely unexpected, I still found this a somewhat charming and compelling watch. Gave me Talented Mr Ripley vibes. 3.5/5 Dallas Buyers Club This was fantastic and a very good performance from Mathew McConaghy, however he was upstaged by Jared Leto. Fantastic film. 4/5 Crash (2004) i really liked the concept and the bravery of this film in tackling a difficult subject. I did like how it was all woven together although I also do have some criticisms. I felt that there was simply too many characters and some of them were given too marginal a role as a result, I also felt like a number of scenes were just really lacking in plausibility and credibility. Overall the racism aspect felt over the top and awkwardly forced. Nice concept with lacking execution. 2/5 One Eight Seven (1997) Not one of Samuel’s more well known films and I might even have skipped this were it not for curiosity of his involvement. I like that he takes one a completely different role from what he usually applies himself to. The film had some pacing issues at times and some below average acting from the supporting cast but the final 30 mins somewhat rescued it and it was a fair watch. 3/5
  17. That’s still really good honestly - only 2 x 85 is a win.
  18. 100% - way better than expected and way better than most people will get from these packs. Gill, Raspadori and Daka all look very useable! i did. fancy the Player Pick but not for 25 tokens. And the FS pack (non-pick) was too much of a gamble for me. at least talking the fodder packs means you’re left with crap you can throw in an SBC at the very least. imaging doing the pick and getting the choice of Gakpo, Botman and Tomiyasu!
  19. Swaps rewards are unfortunately never tradeable. This should not surprise you by now.
  20. Nice pull, got him on my other account and he’s still a really good card.
  21. Fully expecting these to be new cards and not upgrades to the current cards on the market. Keane is already an absolute baller and the best value card in the game at 43k currently so I can only imagine what a more powerful Keane card could do.
  22. I did the 83 squad to get young Hagi (as a Rangers fan, I had to) but I haven’t bothered to complete the rest of Senior’s SBCs.
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