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  1. Damn 16 wins gg man. Cancelo is indeed amazing at CM. I’ve just sold him though as wanted to get Ferran Torres and Rudiger in and was just struggling to link everyone. I’ve went with this for now playing 4222 in game, Dest moving to LB and Acuna to CDM. Also been meaning to try out Raul for ages (500k!!) but I’ve kept Mbappe and will go back to him if Raul is ass.
  2. No I don’t think so. The DVD extra with the pages came after the website. It’s possible he was behind the website idea but for me it sounds more plausible that it was a studio-driven marketing thing.
  3. I’m pretty sure that the Director’s Cut has all the content of the pages of the book included in the additional scenes, thereby providing the full explanation, maybe at the expense of a certain sense of mystery.
  4. I love this. Basically, if you watch the original theatrical cut, you almost couldn’t fully get it without the other stuff outside the movie. When it was first released you could visit the official website, follow the clues and at the end of the little game, you were presented with several pages from Roberta Sparrow’s book, which explained a few key tenets of the time travel element of the movie. I remember printing them off and storing them in the DVD case for future reference. Probably in my top 50 movies of all time.
  5. Fut Sheriff (@FutSheriff) Tweeted: BOOOOOOOOOOOOM! I don't know what happened to EA, but they are finally giving us good Icon SBC's?? MID R9 is going to drop during Future Stars Promo as a SBC Right into my team!!! Are you grinding him?? #leak #fifa22 https://t.co/Wmid7e5xab https://twitter.com/FutSheriff/status/1489915708322762753?s=20&t=UexpxlCBhqAb15GHS1E1vg
  6. @Steelyi did about 60 of the Ligue 1 / Prem upgrades (a small sample size really) and packed one walk out so I stopped. The pain of packing Matip, Hojberg and Icardi duplicates over and over was driving me insane. Plus, it’s fair to say, I used my luck up already so wasn’t expecting lightning to strike again.
  7. Card looks very very good! How are you gonna work him into your team?
  8. You can save the TOTW pack for a better week… well, provided your will power exceeds mine anyway.
  9. What a guy I’ve played 7 games of WL. Currently 6-1. Half the goals I have conceded have been bullshit oriented including numerous bounces back to attackers. My keeper also passed the ball to the opponent forward for a tap-in. He also let a pass back roll past him into the net. Maybe time for a new keeper…
  10. Elite 7 wins and 90 Milestone reward. 1 x walkout from 4 x 100k packs (Busquets). Lovely. Im pretty sure the pack weight on these is dialled down as it’s been the same every season.
  11. I changed my team to this yesterday and still play my 442 in-game with moving Cancelo to CM and for the (admittedly hefty) price tag he is basically everything you’d want from a CM and I’m really impressed with him.
  12. You are right. There is a lot of cards behind the curve. Even packing POTM Fofana isn’t really getting in my team. And despite my efforts to avoid gambling SBCs, this one was just such a unique and interesting one I had to roll the dice. I probably wouldn’t have done it without the fodder in the club to do so.
  13. Looking good. How about Winded Wildcard Sterling for Salah as your next upgrade? That card has been very good every time I d played against him and the 4* WF upgrade and change to left foot makes that a really nice card. Thinking about giving it a try myself.
  14. 11-5 in WL. Gave the rest away. Kimmich red pick was the highlight. Tried the new Foden card at LM and he was alright but overall not worth the coins. Tried Ice Jesus (again) and found him good but frustratingly dropping deep into midfield (again). Sold up the tradeables after WL though Hit the 90 for milestone this season so will have one last pack opening bonanza on Thursday and then see what team I can throw together.
  15. No it won’t work at least with that starting formation. It might work somehow with a different one but I can’t see it off the top of my head. It is possible to add concept players on the Companion App. But Futbin is way easier. Don’t you have Futbin?
  16. Awesome some good luck there. How’s the team looking and how you spending millions?
  17. Decided to do the Ligue 1 League SBC since I had 7 silvers and every Ligue 1 player under the sun. Out pops Messi from the small rare gold players pack (untradeable) - can’t believe it!
  18. Ripped open all my packs. I had 1.6m worth. Best pull 88 Tony Kroos. I did get about 10-12 walkouts, but all fodder. I only saved good packs (worst was 35k mega packs) so I’m a little disappointed with tonight’s results but overall I did pack Hakimi when I look at the bigger picture so I cant be too frustrated. stupidly decided to dump my fodder into the mid/prime Icon Sbc (which I didn’t have enough high rated fodder to complete so it cost me about 80k) and out pops Mid Nakata for the second year running. a potent reminder not to touch these stupid gambling SBCs. Annoyed at myself so may take a few days out.
  19. Lol, no idea how I missed that
  20. Just buy this guy and sub him on. Really nice card as 5*/5* and he has 97 attack positioning which is noticeable in-game. He’s 18k approx.
  21. Seems they are quite a high drop-rate overall and especially for defenders. I don’t think it’s a mistake. I’ll be interested to see how it plays out once they are all in packs alongside the Honourable Mentions cards.
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