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  1. New Savanier card for Camavinga.
  2. Been sick with covid and rewatched a few films while bed bound. Just noting them here but I’ll try and get back and flesh out the reviews. American Hustle 3.5/5 Apollo 13 4/5 The Big Short 3.5/5 Snatch 4.5/5 Platoon 5/5 The Gentlemen 3/5 Fracture 2.5/5
  3. One of the best silver cards I’ve seen. But any talk that the card is useable in regular squads vs Mbappe and Neymar is wide of the mark in my opinion.
  4. Decided to spunk all my coins on Mid Pele. Not sure how long it will last as the thought of having 5m coins tied up in one card makes me lose sleep at night lol but I wanted to try him. First 3 matches and opponents quit after seeing the team. They should not fear the team as I’m not exactly the best player in the world. Did win the next match 6-1 Mind you.
  5. Black Mass (2015) Been a few years so watched this again last night. From many perspectives it’s not doing anything original, the production and direction style is either a nod to Scorsese or a lazy copy depending on your perspective. There are some pacing issues too. That aside both Johny Depp and Joel Edgerton are fantastic, although Cumberbatch again proves that mastering accents is not his strong point. Look beyond seeking originality and you can enjoy this film and some solid performances for what they are. 3.5/5 (Rewatch)
  6. Interesting to see that one of the films I planned a short review on today has had some very polarising feedback elsewhere and that seems to be similar here too. Dont Look Up (2021) i went into this with no more expectation than what the brief biopsy offers. Now I can see in some ways why it has split opinion. It’s not an out and out comedy. If your hopes are for something that will genuinely evoke laughter you might most likely be disappointed. However I have a terrible sense of humour but I appreciated the approach, I appreciated the way the movie brings the proprieties of the Twitter generation into sharp focus and I think the strong moral message is clear. I enjoyed it for what it was, I’ll accept its label as a comedy yet the overriding message was the moral one. Plus Cate Blanchett was pretty tasty. 3.5/5 Prospect (2018) Just chose this at random from Amazon tonight. I’m a sucker for sci-fi but this had little in the way of true sci-fi. It was really more of a drama and for what it was it had some redeeming qualities but was ultimately ruined by some poor production, sound engineering and directing. Interesting concept and strong acting performances were not enough to salvage this overall despite it held my attention pretty well. 2/5 The Judge (2014) Some strong performances but overall for me just had too much emotion and drama to make it feel any more than a movie aimed at the opposite gender. 2/5
  7. Couldn’t tell you. It has no deal breaking flaws. He’s 5’11”, lean body type, 4* / 4*. He doesn’t really link to any other super meta cards so that’s the only thing I can see. i think supply of the WW cards is pretty high, too,
  8. Merry Christmas, Fifa gang. I hope Santa brings you good pack luck and a prosperous Weekend League.
  9. True seems excessive. Saying that, it’s probably about 8k-10k. So I guess cheaper than a Draft entry at 15k. I presume that’s the logic behind how it’s priced.
  10. Mine too. On all three accounts. Best was an 85 Rashford with 8k. Those 100k packs are fraudulently nerfed I’m sure of it. In other news my main account was pretty neglected - only played 33 rivals games last season - but I felt it was a crime to neglect my newly packed Neymar so have built this team and will focus more on my main account this season.
  11. The servers / gameplay were amazing last night. And indescribable difference from my recent post complaining about the gameplay last week. i guess Battlefield has flopped and EA has switched a bunch of servers back over to Fifa. Pure speculation of course. But honestly the gameplay felt as responsive and enjoyable as I can remember for FIFA 22. I actually look forward to playing at the moment. Long may it continue!
  12. 21 (2008) Entertaining enough without being anything particularly special. I like how they wrap it all up with a final little twist reaffirming that the house always wins. 2.5/5 (Rewatch). High Crimes (2002) I’ll preface this by saying I’m a sucker for legal and courtroom thrillers / dramas. This definitely had a 90s cliche overacted vibe to me. A Few Good Men this is sadly not. I’m adding half a point because Amanda Peet is so hot and does the slutty sister role well but when that is the notable highlight it gives you an idea of the moves overall limitations. 2/5 12 Angry Men (1997) The original is definitely one of my favourite films of all time so I was a little nervous and skeptical of any 90s attempt at a remake. While I think that Gandolfini could have given us more, Jack Lemmon and George C. Scott were excellent and I found this a respectful remake clearly made with a lot of heart and a great desire to keep it it as true to the original as possible. 4/5
  13. Not sure what you mean, man. You now need less qualification points to enter (1250) and less wins from more games (4/10). Everyone who qualifies will get some form of rewards for participating even if they lose virtually every match. Surely - as someone who has been vocal about the difficulty in qualifying - you see these as inclusive and positive changes? Obviously the rewards are better, the better your performance…. That’s just common sense. But now there will be a much wider range of players in qualifying you ( personally) are bound to qualify more often than not; and once you get in, you’re bound to achieve some degree or rewards between rank 7 and rank 4/3. Whatever you end up with will be better than what you were previously getting for failed qualification attempts. Will it all be worth the grind in terms of time vs reward? That’s a different question entirely.
  14. It was in the rare mega pack SBC yesterday so it’s untradeable but hardly gonna complain! This my best pull in FUT ever by a long long way.
  15. Also holy shit. Haven’t really used my main account much for the last few weeks. Barely played a game or even logged in more than once a week. boom!
  16. New WL rank structure. I am half expecting the qualification process to be eased alongside this but as yet unconfirmed.
  17. Spider-Man: No Way Home Ill preface this by saying I got a free ticket to accompany a friend to this, Marvel stuff isn’t really my thing. That said, I enjoyed it for what it was, a kids film. The effects were good and the novelty of seeing how they brought the generations together was warming. 2.5/5.
  18. Is it just me or has the gameplay (even I n rivals) been especially worse for the last week or so? player switching is terrible. passing is laughable. ball bounces / rebounds are insane. sluggish, unresponsive dribbling. any time I play recently I am still winning the majority of my matches so I’m not being a salty loser, I just feel like the bullshit has been dialled up a notch of two. Whether winning or losing it’s a weird and frustrating experience.
  19. Rivals rewards. First pack - best pull - Grealish. Second pack - best pull - Grealish.
  20. A Cure for Wellness 1.5/5 Started off well and the production and cinematography was great. The more the plot was revealed I felt like it tried to be too many things at once. The final 30 mins or so were pretty outlandish and it revealed itself to be no such psychological thriller like Shutter Island and just a pretty one-dimensional gory horror.
  21. Nah but expected within the next week max, either tomorrow or Friday.
  22. Haven’t played much since Tuesday and was looking forward to playing today. But it’s just after midnight and the connection in rivals is appalling. i find my enthusiasm for this years Fifa dwindling tbh. The promos have been underwhelming. Pack weight in general is terrible. Servers and connection are embarrassing. Back to Apex for a bit.
  23. The Invisible Guest 4/5 Compelling with some great twists.
  24. Would never be dumping 800k or whatever into a full back. He’s 2*/3* also, killer for me in both departments at that price.
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