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  1. Not far off £100,000 Just a shell? Pah. Fuck that.
  2. Finally after a good bit of scraping around I've managed to pick up the fantastic Club Nintendo Mario controller! This is only available through the Jap equivalent of our crappy Nintendo VIP. Other items up for grabs are a Mario memory card and a Metroid GBA SP. Here's the pad I've finally manged to procure; But how much did I pay for it? Far too bloody much but if anyone guesses right they'll get a prize.
  3. Flog the shiters and you've got yourself Disgaea and £20
  4. Am I missing something or wasn't the Tomb Raider titles developed by Core up until the PS2 iteration?
  5. Was that the platinum edition? Still excellent price. Goes for £14.99 usually.
  6. Recent bargain of mine was an absolutely mint copy of FF7 (non-platinum version) for £7.20 from eBay the other day.
  7. Unison attacks are pretty simple. Your unison guage fills up the more you injure the enemy, and when it's full you can launch the attack. Pressing Z begins the attack, you then press A, X and Y to initiate the NPC attacks to be linked. You can vary the attack by using a combination of a direction on the analogue stick and either A, X or Y. I.e. you press Z, then A + Up, X + Right, Y + Down. The attacks associated to each combination can be assigned in the Unison attack part of the menu. If you try to execute a unison attack when you're not near any enemy it fizzles out and you cannot link the attack with other NPCs attacks. The Ex sphere just allows you to add four of a selection of element-linked Ex Gems which offer status change effects such as an increase in strength, inteligence etc. You also learn new attacks via use of the Ex Gem and the attacks you learn are representative of the element linked to the Ex Gem. The higher the level of Ex Gem the better. You can trade your GRADE in for higher level ones at the Pentacosta Kats Exporation shop.
  8. The Birds and Rear Window are personal favourites. Psycho as well obviously.
  9. This seems to be related to how well you perform during the battle, though seems proportionately linked to the size of your biggest combo.
  10. In good nick Kurushi is worth £10-15. On eBay at any rate.
  11. I've got to say I'm finding ToS thoroughly enjoyable though it lacks the pizazz and originality of some of my more favoured RPGs this is still good solid stuff. The battle system is what I love the best, despite being a fan of turn-based slobberknockers. Anyway, I'm about 10 hours in, and so far I am up to the point where you decide to storm the human ranch with General Dorr. For once i decided to take the non-voilent option and head over to Palmacosta again to confront him. Just battle his daughter/monster boss thing and she gave me a bit of whupping first time round. I'm 9 hours and 53 minutes in, have had 123 encounters. Lloyd is up to level 15 the rest are sitting at 14. Currently Lloyd iand Collete are 100% S-style, Raine and Genis are 100% T-style and Kratos is edging towards T as well. Sometimes I think I avoid the crappy battles on the world map because of the poor character representation... Some of the names are just plain bad How's everyone else finding it?
  12. That's actually not bad. You were right about the high production values, seems like this game could've made it onto the PS2 as a budget release or something. Quite enjoyable little shooter. I found the aiming reticle thing a bit weird and hard to adjust to, but it was becoming easier - though I still found it instantly playable. This could be enjoyable in multi-player. "Your brain has been seperated from your tank" "Mission based single player game with flying saucer bosses!"
  13. It may simply end up as a glorified Virtua Fighter online with an adventure element, whereby players train up and customise their characters via missions and what-have-you to raise the profile of their character in order to battle in tournaments. I think I share the viewpoint that where this is good news for the series, but I would have preferred a full-blown sequel. I'll be keeping my eye on this none the less, and fingers crossed for a proper sequel in the future.
  14. Well there's lots. Some of there are just under/just over £12. Here's a few highlights. I've not played all of them but they all got good praise, look good to me and are all very tempting. Wario World £11.92 Metroid Prime £11.92 Billy Hatcher £11.92 F Zero GX £13.91 Metal Arms £11.92 Sonic Adventure DX £11.92 Splinter Cell £11.92 Viewtiful Joe £13.91 XIII £11.92 Beyond Good& Evil £11.92 There's a bunch of other good buys as well, all under £20. Likes of Wario Ware, Mario Golf, Animal Crossing etc.
  15. I think a good game soundtrack particularly compliments RPGs well - FF7 and Shenmue spring to mind.
  16. Definitely. Used to be Play but no longer! I was browsing through their catalogues and was shocked at how cheap their prices were and how many of the games I am very tempted to buy. Many great Cube games for £12!
  17. Having just used VideoGamesPlus.ca for the first time the other day, I have to say I am very pleased with the service. Having just picked up a great switched Cube, I decided it was time to get into some imported Cube games. Tales of Symphonia was a game I'd had my eye on for a bit now, so went ahead and ordered it. Order went through on monday night and was shipped shortly after, great. Turns out the game turns up on thursday morning - impressive delivery speed. My second purchase, Animal Crossing went through on thursday evening and shipped that same day. Arrived here this morning. I have to say the service is great and the prices are great. One thing that bugs me, though - sometimes you'll recieve the American version of the game, other times the horrid Canadian one (which is plastered with French everywhere), which is fair enough, VG+ being Canadian an' all. I'm guessing they always ship the Canadian version if there is one, and if not the American version. I'm not too fond of this.. is there any way to know whether I'm going to end up with a crappy Canadian copy when ordering in the future? I'd be interested to hear what everyone else thinks of VG+. On a related note, I'm finding Tales of Symphona quite comelling. I'm now over six hours in and the story is picking up pretty quickly. I'm nicely getting to grips with the awesome real-time fighting and only just beginning to find my feet. I think the graphics can be somewhat underwhelming, and the world map is very sparse. Besides this and some of the crap names this is turning into a top RPG. Does anybody know is there are plans for a Tales of Rebirth port to the Cube? Tales of Symphonia seems very 'at home' on the Cube IMO. Some of the screens for ToR look lusher than ToS it has to be said!
  18. I bought far too much considering I'm ment to be spending zilch. Sold some stuff though. Bought: Tales of Symphonia Cube NTSC £30 Skies of Arcadia Cube NTSC Pre-owned £16 Ebay Animal Crossing + Memory Card Cube NTSC Pre-owned £17 Animal Crossing Cube NTSC £20 VG+ (now for sale as duplicate) Custom Robo Cube NTSC And probably an awful lot of other stuff as well.
  19. Well done, you've made a wise decision. Best RPG ever by a long shot if you ask me. The characters and storyline are simply superb. The graphics are excellent in a ugly kind of way because the pre-rendered backgrounds are still gorgeous by today's standards, however the 3D elements and battle scenes now show some signs of ageing after seven years - they always did look a little dominated by the luscious backgrounds. I also approached FFVII as a relative RPG newbie but found it in no way restrictive. I regard FFVII as my favourite game of all time.
  20. I played Dues Ex for 10 minutes, didn't like it and put it back. Despite all the praise it gets. Also, Skies of Arcadia - one of my all-time favourite games, I got about 80% through and stuck in the eye of terror (I think? Big storm you have to navigate in the ship), got a bit lost, and never played it again. That was back in the days of the DC. Now my DC is gone, and SoA is no where to be seen.. so I've bought the Cube version and won't put it down until it's completed. Though won't pick it up until ToS is out the way Bah. Buying games, playing for a short while then shelving them is a terrible habbit of mine. So many games, so little time!
  21. The list on Nintendo.com has over 400 titles in it for the Gamecube. 103 worth owning, however? Not likely.
  22. Loved the first two. Sit well along-side favoured PSOne classics such as FF7, Tekken 3 and MGS in the old collection. Have yet to try the SF3, or the crap PS2 iteration. Don't think I'll bother either.
  23. This thread is clearly going no where. This guy's a troll. BAN REQUEST
  24. Haha, do you? I don't. It always seems to me like the most pirated format, through downloads, is PC games.
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