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  1. My nephew got a Switch for his birthday with this game, is it possible to play local co-op with him against online opponents? And do I need my own Switch and a copy of the game for that?
  2. How about 40-something Dutch men?
  3. It makes sense. The first one was also honed to perfection during a long period. Its the kind of game where only playing it with a large number of people will generate the feedback necessary to balance it properly. If you're someone who going to play this for hundreds of hours it makes sense to wait a bit now until all the big changes have been made.
  4. How's everyone getting along with the touch screen controls in Galaxy in handheld mode? I never played the game before and I find some situations where I have to use them a bit un intuitive. Also, I think the game wanted me to use the touchscreen while also moving Mario and pressing buttons at some point, that's something I hope I won't have to do often because it's pretty much impossible. There's a chance I just didn't really understand what to do though...
  5. Thank you, @Gabe already kindly gave me a code.
  6. It seems like a good game and I applaud them for trying something new, but the control scheme is really preventing me from enjoying it sadly . It works well enough, I just don't find it very satisfying somehow.
  7. Yeah that music is amazing. Still not sure if it's meant as a parody or not.
  8. I was thinking the same. Still runs most games at high settings at 1080/60
  9. This game really is an underappreciated gem .
  10. Can I have Lethal League if it's still available?
  11. That's a really good point actually. I almost forgot about the fact the Switch doesn't have analogue triggers because I don't really have any racing games on it. Guess this is one for PC then.
  12. This review mentions its 30fps when there are multiple cars in the race and 60fps when time trialling. Is that true?
  13. Oh man, I'm gutted. I somehow just assumed it would be on switch . The dpad is a good point though. Guess I will just get it on pc.
  14. Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but how do you use the windows + P screen to change the primary screen?
  15. Do you have a quicker way to do this than using the nvidia control panel?
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