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  1. I have just done the entire mines up to this point and it was a relatively easy experience because I had already lived it through your stories. Many thanks .
  2. I don't think they look at it at all. I usually get my refund 5 minutes after dropping the item at the DHL service point.
  3. This is very true. I ended up spending too much time doing gigs and burning out on the game. My character was just an unstoppable killing machine which made the actual gameplay pretty boring. I then reached the point of no return in the main quest and thought "fuck it, I'll finish it now". I ended up with the worst ending. Only after watching Tim Rogers' review I realised how much amazing content I'd missed this way . I did actually like the ending though, it was bleak but with a tiny glimmer of light. Very Cyberpunk. I'll go back and do those sidequests some day, but I'll make a new character for it that I will try to not make too powerful. Maybe by spreading out over all the skill trees as a jack of all trades.
  4. I wrote down some impressions of the Ultimate pad in another topic. In short, I really like it. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a good pad. Also it's got those fancy hall sticks that don't drift (be aware: they only come with the bluetooth version of the pad for reason, the non bluetooth versions have traditional sticks)
  5. I read this last year and enjoyed it a lot! 99p is a steal.
  6. I watched X and Barbarian. X was OK, but very predictable. Actually nothing really interesting happens at all. Should I watch Pearl or is it similar? Barbarian I loved! Just amazing start to finish. I'd recommend it to any horror fan.
  7. Sane

    Nintendo Switch

    The Split Pad Pro doesn't have rumble (or wireless or gyro) because it doesn't have batteries. Other 3rd party pads do have rumble, I don't think official "HD Rumble" but works just fine. My 8bitdo ultimate pad has very nice rumble.
  8. I've been playing this all morning. Sunday morning Metroid is the best Metroid .
  9. I find the controls a little sluggish, especially aiming feels weird. They give you a lot of options to tweak it though, what's everyone using? I tried upping the aiming speed and turning off acceleration but it's not really good.
  10. I've read in this thread that you can jump with the morph ball, is that a power up you need to find? I can't seem to do it, there's noting about in the control scheme either. Edit: nevermind, I found it. It's RB.
  11. Some more impressionson the 8bitdo: I played Espgaluda 2, Cotton Reboot, Streets of Rage 4, Garou: Mark of the Wolves and Spelunky and I can confirm the dpad is excellent. I didn't notice any lag, pulling of special moves in Garou worked flawlessly and I did better in most of these games than usual (which is a pretty low bar to be fair). I played through Magmoor Caverns in Metroid Prime and it felt great. The only thing I didn't like was the feel of the tops of the sticks, a bit more slippery than I'd like but that might be newness. I find the Xbox Series controller to be slightly more comfortable to hold. The 8bitdo is slightly smaller and to my fairly big hands the shape of the Series pad is more suited. The "Ultimate software" app on android works pretty well. It has horrible reviews and people complaining about it crashing all the time but for me it seemed fine. It lets you manage pretty much everything: change any button, calibrate, set up different profiles (switched by a dedicated button) and even adjust deadzones on the sticks and triggers.
  12. Got my controller today. It's very, very nice! I've had several 8bitdo controllers before (The SN Pro and the M30) and I've always felt they were almost as good as first party controllers, but not quite. With this new one it definitely feels like they've reached parity and it's rightly called Ultimate. If you told me this was the new official Xbox controller I'd believe it. I'll give some more detailed impressions after playing more but I want to mention the little dock: it's great! It looks nice, especially with the controller in it and the 2.4g dongle lives in it. But what I didn't realize is that it's actually inserted into a USB port inside the dock. This means that you can connect the dock to your Switch with a USB C cable and that the controller connects to the Switch through that. Neat! I will definitely sell my Switch Pro controller and keep this.
  13. Alright, Yakuza 5 it is! Hope I can see it through to the end, it sounds like a long journey...
  14. Help me, fellow Yakuza fans! I have Yakuza 5 and Judgment, which one should I play? I started 5 but after playing the newer games it's a little rough to go back to the old engine. Judgment looks very nice, but I'm not sure about the detective stuff.
  15. What trick is this?
  16. Nice! It's on sale on Amazon Netherlands so I ordered one .
  17. Tales of Arise. I'm not far in, maybe 10 hours or so. It's a pretty good game, it looks great, much much nicer than previous entries, the combat is pretty standard Tales stuff but works well, it has all the systems you'd expect, voice acting is fine (I only heard the Japanese). It just doesn't have anything interesting. I can already safely predict how the next 50 hours or so will play out and for me that's the worst feeling with this type of game.
  18. I just chop them to tiny bits with my katana . Do you get anything for keeping them alive?
  19. That's a nice idea. Although the base game is very cheap (regularly discounted to about 10 euro) and they made it so you can start the DLC's with a levelled up character so it's almost like that already.
  20. Such a shame, this is the Tales game I have the best memories of. It deserves much better.
  21. Yeah absolutely terrible. Also runs at 30fps rather 60fps, which is how it ran originally on GC .
  22. While waiting for the physical release I'm wondering whether to use my split pad pro for better dual stick controls of the joycons for HD rumble.
  23. I played Halo CE with my nephews (age 10) in co-op this weekend and we had a blast! Their attention span is usually pretty much non existant so I was expecting to play 5 minuten, get some comments about it looking old and moving on to something else but they were gripped and we played up to the Silent Cartographer. CE is still such a good game. I continued alone and played SC on heroic and it's just the best fun I've had playing a game in ages .
  24. Is it up on amazon? I couldn't find it.
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