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  1. I also got Table Tennis for 6 euro. Still one of Rockstar's finest games.
  2. Burnout Revenge for 5 euro! I still needed to buy that, glad I waited now.
  3. Have you played Yakuza Like a Dragon or Nier Automata?
  4. Ok guys I'm going to do you all a favour and cancel my Q1 256GB order. I already bought a Series X last month and I just can't afford both .
  5. Ozark is the best (after Better Call Saul of course).
  6. Sane

    Vinyl lovers

    I wall mounted mine a while back and it's great, no vibrations at all and it let me put the turntable at a nice height so I don't have to bend over and it's out of reach of little kids who've never seen a real turntable before and might decide it would be fun to use it to play DJ (). I bought this one which is nice but expensive. If you are handy you could probably make something like it for a fraction of the cost.
  7. It's worth it for the database though, simply nothing like it anywhere else.
  8. I've been reading some of their short stories on their site and I found the full books are actually also available to read. And more interestingly there are sequel stories to There is No Antimemetics Division on the SCP Wiki. Edit: actually I think the stories under Five Five Five Five Five are part of the kindle book I read.
  9. That looks great. Makes you wonder what could've been...
  10. Sane

    Assetto Corsa

    I bought this game today because I've been looking for more focused experience as opposed to the open world approach Forza Horizon has been giving me. I first tried the new Grid because it was on gamepass but the handling in that didn't appeal to me at all. And then I saw this was on sale and I knew it's a game with it's fans because I regularly see this topic on the first page so I thought I'd give it a go. But I think I need some help because I don't have much experience with sims. To easy myself in I turned off most of the realism options and put the AI on easy but it's still kicking my ass . I'm doing the first event, I managed the two time trials with a gold medal but the quick races are very difficult. It's so easy to make a tiny mistake and go from first to last in 2 seconds. I realize it's also a matter of just practicing, but maybe I'm just doing it wrong because I don't know anything about tweaking all the car settings so I just left them at the default. Is it possible to play the game like that or do you have to get involved with that part of the game? And any other beginner tips? Should I practice with manual gears?
  11. Midnight Mass I really loved this. When I watched the first episode I nearly gave up on it because I just watched the Haunting of Hill House and this wasn't that. But it turns out this might be even better. It's clearly the product of a singular vision, it has a story to tell and themes to get across and it's not afraid to. It really goes some places I didn't expect and that's what I love about it. 5 / 5
  12. I thought I was the only one who cared about that. I used to love sitting back and watching a replay after a race but somehow in modern games it often dissapoints. Not sure what happened, guess it's just not a priority.
  13. That seems decent, thanks!
  14. Really?! Wow, I never knew. Thanks . Edit: Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but it seems to show only a handful of games. I get 68 games on sale in total for Xbox.
  15. Is there a place like dekudeals for Xbox games? I'm finding the console's store and the official website not ideal to browse for deals.
  16. It does! I did it a few weeks ago. Bought 12 months of xbox live gold from cdkeys.com, applied to my account, then started the gamepass ultimate 1 euro offer and now I have 12 (or 13) months of gamepass ultimate. Cost me about 45 euro.
  17. Does this mean the retailers are also paying more? Because I found it pretty disgusting how they just jacked up the prices because supply was low. I might be naive but this isn't really common is it? I mean the next gen consoles are also in low supply but most retailers are just charging the normal price whenever they do have some stock.
  18. Does it happen with any other games?
  19. Will this be one episode a week or everything at once?
  20. I just download everything. I don't even have very fast internet, but at most it's going to be half a day or so to download the biggest games. I just queue it up from my phone it's there the next time I'm playing. I will never be able to play everything that I can install to the internal drive all at once either, usually I will play one experience/story type game and a handful of 'gameplay games' like racers or roguelikes.
  21. Yeah this is exactly how I feel. Guess we'll find out.
  22. I couldn't find a topic on it but feel free to merge if it turns out there is one after all. No one else watching this? I'm really enjoying it. It's a TV show about a girls football team that's in a plane crash in the 90's and has to survive in the wilderness. The show alternates between then and now and it's about what happened in the time they spent in the wild and new eventus in the present. There's of Lord of the Flies stuff going on, with possibly worse (and supernatural?) things. It's currently sitting on a 100% critic rating on rotten tomatoes. It's better than I thought it would be after the first episode. I liked that but was afraid it wouldn't deliver a satisfying experience. It's actually a lot slower than I thought at first too, which is nice. The characters get time to develop and the mystery to build up. I'm not really convinced by the young/old actors, some of them don't match at all (especially Juliette Lewis and the girl who plays the young version of her character) but after a while you just accept it. I guess the best endorsement I can give is that I've been checking to see if a new episode is out frequently, despite having loads of other stuff on the go. The trailer is pretty spoiler safe, it's mostly stuff from the first episode.
  23. You can (and should) turn off all the voices.
  24. Yeah it seems very much in the spirit of the game, strange it's not in there.
  25. I also bought it. Finished the main game and the first DLC on PC back when it came out but I never played Blood and Wine, so this will be a nice way to revisit the game. I'll wait for the next gen patch because why not.
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