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  1. How is RE4 in portable mode? Does it control well when aiming? I've had some fps games that I find hard to play with the joycons.
  2. Dammit, I just cancelled my pre-order in an attempt to save money. Now I feel I need to order it again .
  3. Sane

    Metroid Prime 4

    599 kronen is 58 euro so this could very well be true
  4. I think that depends on your card provider. Mine doesn't charge for it.
  5. South Africa generally has the best prices and you can use your card there.
  6. Sane

    Dungeon Crawls

    That looks really good! I'm going to try it out, thanks for the tip .
  7. Looking forward to this. I really hope it has japanese voices though, the english is classic JRPG terrible .
  8. For anyone still wondering about Switch performance, this is from Nintendolife's review:
  9. It feels like they just bought a script for generic scifi series X, changed a few names and events here and there and called it Westworld. It really has nothing to do with what came before.
  10. These are my 'so cheap it'd be rude not to' picks this sale. Most of them were under 5 euro. Unexplored Pac-man Championship 2 Songbird Symphony Runner 3 Blaze Rush Conduct Together Volgarr the Viking
  11. I thought the last episode was a bit meh. The story seems a little uninspired at this point and the genre stuff didn't do much for me either. Also, with only 3 episodes to go I feel a rush to the finish line coming.
  12. I think it mentioned they tweaked the difficulty especially for the demo so people would get more out of it. A pretty daring choice but I like it, in fact I hope the full game will have the option to start like this. Nothing as annoying as a JRPG with a good turn based battle system that's too easy (I'm looking at you Grandia 2).
  13. Yeah it is good, I'm enjoying it a lot. I hope Aaron Paul's character gets a bit more interesting though, so far he's a little passive and one dimensional.
  14. Yeah it's fairly straightforward. It's nice compared to season 2 but the mystery is what made season 1 amazing.
  15. This reminds me how much I love Metal Gear. Some switch ports would be very welcome .
  16. Thanks. Would you recommend I read this thread while playing or not?
  17. Any beginner tips for someone who's never played an AC game before? Or is it better to just start playing and figure everything out for myself?
  18. I love the atmosphere of CV, especially the start of the game. I agree the game has dated quite badly though, which I guess makes it perfect for a remake.
  19. Thanks! Really appreciate it .
  20. I would like a lego dc super villains for my nephews please. They're 5 and 8 and love everything video games and/or lego so they will be overjoyed with this.
  21. Sounds good! Also, what does that last bit mean? They are no longer funded by Tencent?
  22. Sane


    Why is it common to swap out all the parts in arcade sticks? Are they usually not well made? Do any of them come with the better parts included?
  23. Schthack has been around for ages. I get PSO nostalgia every few years and they are always there to help me indulge it.
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