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  1. I hope there is a better ps5 exclusive than tlou2! unless the sequel is markedly better than the original! i want a fantastic next generation arcade game like resogun - for 12 months that was the reason to have a PS4 ... not a jibe , actually what I think. we need more arcade games with max shinies and less angsty boreathons
  2. galaxian and galaga are both clones of space invaders, they both have aliens shunting left and right and shooting down... Galaxian/Galaga just added diving aliens... I'm surprised Taito didn't sue Namco Ikari Warriors is just a clone of Commando , they just added vehicles to the former... why didn't Capcom sue SNK? if you boil down videogames, especially early ones you can lump together loads of games and say "they're just the same game" I will agree on TxK that Atari seemed to have a case, albeit zombie atari are a bunch of IP ghouls so fuck them. So to keep on topic - another "controversial" opinion (for some). IP ghouls are sapping the life from the retro scene and add almost fuck all to it. Enthusiasts keep the scene around certain IP alive or use IP in creative ways and then someone buys the IP and stomps all over the community because they "own" it despite the fact htey didn't create it, aren't using it, and are doing fuck all with it other than harassing people.
  3. ahem - my comment may have been in jest as it was directly after Dumpster who is known for disliking Xenon 2 But a controversial retro view in a similar vein - Sanxion is a great shoot em up despite being slow... and in the 16-bit arena Uridium 2, despite not being as good as Uridium, is still better than most console/arcade scrolling shooters which I never really got on with.
  4. Apologies I had assumed it wasn't - my knowledge on that one is very sketchy as , like many, I never got to play it.
  5. So let us just get this out in the open now... and just be totally clear on Jeff Minter and Tempest because he has "been doing tempest games for years" and finally nailed it etc etc. Here is Jeff Minter's Tempest softography Tempest 2000 (1994)- a properly licensed Atari game he developed Tempest 3000 (2000)- a Nuon game unofficial sequel and not endorsed or licensed from Atari (CORRECTION - It was Atari licensed!) - sold 20,000 copies on a defunct on delivery system. TxK (2014)- a PSVita game which is not a licensed atari game Tempest4000 (2018) - official PS4 Atari game So two official Atari licensed games and 2 not Atari licensed games. The man who only does tempest games. 4 in 26 years if you count the low selling experimental Nuon game... And between Tempest 3000 and TxK he released 13 games (as far as I recall!).
  6. given the thread title you are most welcome to your opinion.
  7. hmmmmmmm i think that "cover" is fairly far removed from the original , maybe more so than Space Giraffe is from Tempest. Otherwise it gets to the point where you say any sideways scrolling save-em-up is a defender cover. The only ones I think of as being pretty straight covers (barring his official Tempest and Defender games) are AMC is Empire Strikes back from the 2600 Andes Attack is defender Llamatron is Robotron the rest have enough extra gameplay elements and ideas that make the games either an evolution or even revolution compared to the game it is inspired by.
  8. just out of interest what is Sheep in Space a "cover" of?
  9. Captain - Picard First Officer - Riker Science - Data Medical - Bones Security - Worf Helmsman - Geordi LaForge Engineer - Scotty Counsellor - Troi
  10. Or you can argue that the consoles were flooded with those types of games because they were an "easy win" on the consoles and suited the basic control methods they had available. Playing them now you realise alot of it is "ten a penny" platformers. The 8 bit micros had huge variety including text adventures and experimental stuff inc Minter but also Braybrook and Mike Singleton and Ultimate(im not keen on them but see the appeal) and Woakes and and and and - the "fruit of cutting edge games development" was NOT just on the consoles at all... to claim that ignores a huge chunk of games and gaming history. This sort of revisionism grinds my gears. Point is micros, like all platforms, had their fair share of rubbish but were also packed with great games and experiences and experimental stuff... and inspired a whole generation of coders and creatives. The consoles appeared later here (and US) but that was a positive for us not a negative. Also the idea it was UK centric isn't strictly true... the US sold masses of C64s before NES launched there (2 million a year I think) and there were plenty of micro games there for c64 and atari 8 bits before the consoles took over. It just took longer for consoles to take over in UK, the US market for micros was there in 82-86
  11. It is not aimless if the structure of the game is still there as a choice. So the career is there and you can go from race to race etc and progress through cars if you want. If you don't you have a "free play" mode where you can pick and choose the cars and races you want to do however you want to do them. This counts doubly for a long running franchise, if I have played Forza1 thru 7 why on earth do I have to be locked into the same progression system on every release? I know it , I know the system I've played it 7 times in a row! Just treat me like an adult and gfive me the option to play the races how I want OR follow a career mode.
  12. 90% of games on any platform are awful. We missed out on the NES not being popular here? It didn't come out til 1987! By then the home micros had been around for over 5 years! even if you take the 1985 US release we'd had 5 years of micros including 3 years of speccy and c64. So whilst these controversial retro opinions are usually subjective this one is factually wrong.
  13. Honestly do not feel this way - you are a true enthusiast. Imagine being one of those who backed it , got it, tried it quite a bit then realised it wasn't for them and punted it on ebay so that someone who did care about it bought it and they got a bit extra back...
  14. There you go solved Completely 100% true I absolutely hate grind. EDIT - and to be clear on this - I regard grind as being parts of the game I am forced to repeat to unlock stuff. I am sure there are edge cases but if I am playing a racing game (for instance) and I have to do a race more than once to unlock a new track because I dont have enough "madeup currency" then that is grind. I'd actually prefer it was all unlocked and I get to choose how I play the game not how the designer chose to stop me at certain gateposts
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