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  1. yeah XBOX Series X is RDNA 1.7 (!?!) according to someone's notepad because of a clock speed or soemthing?
  2. yeah it is quite useful but it just gives you chat mix and volume controls instantly to hand. Without it you have to open sound menu on console to access the chat mixer
  3. nah most NMS fans now just shrug and think its been 4 years - if you still want to piss and moan about it go right ahead. This is certainly the right thread for it PS2 lies were pretty cynical attempts to kill Dreamcast - All that the next gen doesn't start til we say so garbage. And when it was launch time what did they have to show off how much more powerful it was than the DC? Fantavision and the Bouncer. It wasn't as if they n eeded to kill it anyway they could've let the DC die of natural causes without all the lies.
  4. and pretty much any stereo headset with mic as it has a standard 3.5mm jack socket that takes stereo headphones and mic input. I was using an old PC headset at one stage that had speerate jacks for headphone and mic and I just used a Y adaptor and that worked too Wireless is more of a faff but looking at the likes of Steelseries 1 xbox (as their cheapest) they are saying it is wireless compatible for Series X/S as well as for xbox one
  5. that is weird as my TV has Roku built in software (yes its a cheapo Hisense 4k HDR tv ) and when I play Youtube HDR the HDR symbol comes up in the corner. And obviously I know I may as well not bother unless its LG OLED but I didn't have just over a grand to spend on a new tv :p
  6. Yeah the best (by a country mile) launch title on either platform was free to PS+ lastgen
  7. oh god I did not need a reminder of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
  8. One where the DM told you it emitted conjuration magic and told the person looking for cracks to sneak through that is was incredibly well made with almost perfect fitting woodwork This is why I love DMing this party they will always try something
  9. Bond at xmas? yes if it is a fun one - bit of cheeky roger Moore Bond post queen's speech. but Craig's miserable turn stinking up the xmas afternoon with his constant whining and angsting? Well I guess it is very on point for 2020!
  10. I played both on release and I can see the parallels. Gears just plays that bit faster with more intensity and "heft" to the action. Resi 4 was always about the dread of it the creeping horror and Gears just more like a big action splurge like Alien vs Aliens (Bad analogy but a fun one) EDIT - and trying to expand on what I said earlier I think I love Gears because they are gamey games. Yes CliffyB put in a bollocks plot but you can mostly ignore it (the only pain in the arse was the slowly wlaking with hand to ear bits that were unskippable). The game port
  11. those MS shills at Digitalfoundry strike again!
  12. Gears was and is a fantastic set of games. Pure action 3rd person violence shooty nonsense - meaty sound and gfx - great gameplay loop! I mean REALLY great gameplay loop. Yes it is a joke to see a bunch of chest high walls and think "ooooh combat arena" but at the same moment it is just that gameplay loop. The intense gunfire needed to down each enemy and the visceral feel is like watching the gunfire in Starship troopers - 60/70/80 rounds to down a "bug". the story is as irrelevant and utter bollocks as 99.9% of videogame stories. If I judged and valued videogames on their storie
  13. Exclusive footage of Halo on Series S proves that it will struggle this gen despite MS' protestations I have been reliably informed that Series S in just over 12 months will indeed drop below 1080p and 60fps. Exclusive footage of Halo Infinite on Series S shows a dynamic resolution dipping as low as 192p and 5fps. And it isn't just resolution - Whilst GTA6 now renders interiors better than ever before, raytracing is gone from Series S and attribute colour clash is back with a vengeance. See this dive bar interior exclusive spyshot from GTA6
  14. and no disc drive and half the SSD space
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