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  1. now come on Kerraig had Bladerunner, Smitty had (Rebooted)Tomb Raider let Zok have Dredd 3D as his regular punchbag.
  2. Nope, Rafe is an npc or a sentient magical item with a story. he was a rakish sort that was a scourge of the ladies. He seduced the wrong woman and ended up killed by the lady’s suitor and cursed to inhabit his own rapiers. he is sort of a mix of lord flasheart and Leslie Phillips and others. A dandy, a rake, a roister doister and, as you point out, a pompous prick
  3. No we are still going strong as a party of 7. We mostly communicate on Discord and writing up sessions is too much work for me on top of everything else. The campaign was the Saltmarsh book but it was heavily homebrewed and then left behind and now the entire adventure is homebrewed (hence my lack of time to do writeups). The party have been chasing down an elusive Illithid who originates from the Blightshore far to the west of the sword coast. This illithid has arcane powers and has been working towards becoming an Illitholich. To this end he has enslaved/is controlling a Kraken using two arcane chains that bind him , one in the Nine Hells and one in the Plane of Fire. The current plan is for the Harpers to dispel one chain in the plane of fire while the party find and dispell the chain in the city of Dis simultaneously. They are currently in Dis and trying to find a Pit fiend called Blordak and a rakshasa called Galabra*. Once they have released the Kraken (hehe) they intend to go to the Illithid's tower called Lunamis on Blightshore to defeat him. * Galabra was a rakshasa that killed Rafe Recidio ,a dandy who has his soul bound to his rapiers during his demise. The tabaxi in the party has these rapiers and talks to Rafe regularly, Rafe wants revenge on Galabra.
  4. I've used it for a while in curries, as long as you add it in middle of hot pan and sizzle it/cook it out when you add it then it's usually ok for base flavour. Adding it into a sauce wouldn't be a good idea.
  5. Thanks both - I assumed that fridge was important bit however chicken can be a funny thing so thought I’d check with the food prep people
  6. stupid question time. I don't food prep as such but as a singleton I often make enough for two and freeze one. I always pop it in fridge about 30 mins after cooking then put it in freezer once completely cold. I made a lovely spanish chorizo chicken chickpea potato thing last night I ladled out a "clicky box" for a 2nd portion and popped it in fridge 30 mins after cooking. However I forgot to pop it in freezer but remembered this morning. Food safety wise will that be ok? or was it in fridge too long before freezing.
  7. the spinach is a hit - i tend to cook it into stews and curries and it is so simple to use frozen garlic and ginger is a hit as well. I use KTC jars of minced garlic and ginger but I think I'll use a mix of that and frozen now.
  8. Its odd, they spent a couple of seasons on the whisperers which I thought didn't deserve more than half a season given their limitations as an adversary. THen they spend less than a season on the COmmonwealth, a huge community of thousands. It was all horribly rushed and as a result they had to jump from one conclusion/plot point to the next without any time. If you want to have political intrigue with a governor etc you have to give it time otherwise it will just look compressed and messy. the final episode made little sense and the closure wasn't there. the reappearance of It's all watchable as I like zombie films/tv shows and watch them all and this is a decent stab at a zombvie tv show, it just could have been so much better. As for the possible spinoffs, Daryl is ok I could watch more of him if he was given good material. Carole is spent as she has checked out and back in so many times it isn't relevant anymore. Negan as a character was almost destroyed by the finale but he is always watchable so I could stand a spinoff with him. The rest I can take or leave. I like Khary Peyton as an actor but that send off actually worked for him I thought. I will now continue my rewatch from season 3 episode 2
  9. Mine was 1978. No England but for some reason I was drawn to the Netherlands throughout and they are my 2nd team to this day.
  10. As I share my name with a porn star* I don't google myself. I can see the logic of Google "combing the internet more thoroughly" but in practice I don't notice search results being that different, it was the one thing I assumed would be worse when I gave it a whirl but it seems fine. I do prefer google maps though and use that. * The curse the day my parents christened me Benjamin Dover!
  11. I usually am quite picky about stuff and the user experience. I get used to an OS or interface and stick with it and am resistant to change. iOS was my first smart phone and since then I've tried android and I find it horrible but I'm aware many love it. I was reticent to changing search engine for the same reason but I switched it to Bing and I don't find it much different. I type in stuff into a search box and I get results, I don't notice those results being less useful than Google etc. What are the issues with Bing?
  12. the good news is that it is 10.99 a month if you pay full price, not 14.99 - so even better value. it is worth it for me as I don't have a ps5. I have a switch and PC and Xbox. That is a good combination for me ands my sporadic gaming. Switch for portable fun, pc for indie ish stuff, xbox for console stuff. The switch and pc stuff is cheap as chips as i buy in sales and the xbox stuff is mostly Gamepass. I just miss out on ps5 exclusives but I haven't got time to play what I have so currently I am defeating the FOMO - just.
  13. 72000 points gets you 13 months of ultimate. Gold is 15k for 3 months so you get 4 of those and 12k for a month of ultimate. You let gamepasss expire then redeem the gold then convert with the 1 month. There are cheaper ways to do it but that is the way I do it. SO that would be 6k a month As to how easy it is to earn 6k or even 12k a month. Well I get 20k a month without spending money. The vociferous opinions on both sides indicating it's a doddle or a massive chore are both right. It depends on your own usage of xbox and pc and daily routine and gamepass games. For me it is a doddle to get 12k and 6k would be very easy based on my own usage. When I sit down and switch on pc I just click through the various links for daily set and I do the PC online game one. Takes 5 mins. About 400 pts for that a day. I use bing as my search engine which gets me a few points. I don't always do it at weekend as streaks aren't worth it. I could get 8k a month just doing that. It helps that I get offered the PC online game daily thing as not all do. Then in evening I switch on xbox and check rewards app , I dont do the daily achievement (not worth it for 50pts). If it is a new week I check the weekly set. Often that is just open rewards app 3 times or use bing 3 times etc. Then check the weekly game challenges, if they aren't games I want to play I don't but it often inspires me to try new games. Inside is a recent example, I bounced off Limbo so had avoided Inside but turned out to be more my thing. The PC stuff takes me 5 mins a day and the Xbox stuff minimum is 5 mins a day or more if its a game challenge. I can see why some people think it's a chore but I am an old gamer short on time who doesn't play as much as he used. I have other pulls on my time and this kind of encourages me to switch on xbox and play more. Also my son plays on Xbox and it pays for his gamepass as well. The best suggestion I can make is try it for a few days and see if the routine/effort is a doddle or a chore
  14. i used conversion and now I use rewards points to stack when ti runs out. So unless they get rid of conversion AND rewards I am good. But if they removed all of that I'd pay monthly but I wouldnt go ultimate as I dont play much on PC
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