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  1. Why has someone just reposted the Halo Infinite reveal video and claimed it is for the n64? It's lazy they should have at least changed it
  2. paying for online play was shit when MS did it and shit when Sony and Nintendo followed suit (eventually). The fact that they are possibly dropping it now is just a reminder of how much of kick in the nuts it was when they did it first time round and invented all of it.
  3. I agree with your disagreement. It was a notable and very popular game - one of the best in 1984. However, games players mostly looked down their noses at a lot of other film licenses as they were cheap cash ins. If anything was likely to be a cheap knockoff game it would be a film license Usually you had to be on your guard in case they were selling a crap game with a license plastered on top It may be apocryphal but the rumour was Ocean spent more on the license than the game dev in a few instances. So I don't believe Ghostbusters (as good as it was) had anything to do with the popularity (or legitimacy) of the 8 bit micros. The legitimacy of those platforms came from the slew of quality games that grew rapidly in number in the mid 80s when the programmers got to grips with them - Ghostbusters was one of that number. In the same year you had another film license in Alien ( a tense low graphics affair), Boulderdash was a smash, Bruce Lee was massively popular, Ancipital from llamasoft, Daley Thompson licensed on the Speccy and that is just a handful.
  4. what is upcoming? I did a quick google and it looked to be indies and the usual multi-platform games? PSVR releases look a bit thin as they are mostly (welcome) ports from other platforms.
  5. interspersing your depressing world of violence with serious thoughtful quotes is the "modern" way to distract from the horror of what you are asked to do. It is a short step from that to having Soap MacTavish be playing a mournful version of Don't You Want Me by Human League inbetween neckstabbing baddies Games still are pretty juvenile in how they deal with adult themes... the cognitive dissonance between "the world is a bad place" cut scenes alongside ultra violence would put Alex to shame. Oh we were cured alright.
  6. yeah still disappointing every generation when they fail the consumer just to sell more peripherals. Especially as controllers now are prettyy much the same every gen. And double especially when they try to sell you on the idea with bollocks about wanting the games to take advantage of the new features.
  7. (slight fix) noone but if you want to play 2player with your kids it is cheaper to use a ps4 controller than to buy another ps5 controller Having spare controllers around is v useful.
  8. why don't PS5 games work with the ps4 standard controllers? they aren't that different are they?
  9. Ok no problem - 2 missing and I am at a family event so likely to be late or Ill prepared. so no session tonight and we reconvene next Sunday
  10. I have replied in kind - thankyou feltmonkey. I can see the concern over them looking too grey I have sent some reference images and stuff. Note that the kickstarter doesn't deliver til October, this thread was me dipping my toes in water - didn't realise it was such a fertile area of the forum so I have plenty to think about - so thanks for all the help everyone!
  11. appreciate the feedback - I did not consider the long period of time being harder - is it best I save up till I can afford to do all 66 as a job lot? Or are there painters who can do that sort of consistency over the longer period. I am guessing the answer to this is now going to be "it depends on the painter you find"
  12. Again thanks for the info... useful to know there are alot of options out there and yes I am obviously looking for a high end finish... there are 66 minis so it will bankrupt me but Im willing to give it a go piecemeal for as long as it takes. The Kickstarter doesnt deliver til october so I have time to put some emails together etc and work out a plan for the set. I will contact Cocky but why is this work "out of your range" just out of interest - is it because you don't do minis? or you don't do black and white work? just useful to know the different sorts of commission artists. (same question for Joek) in this realm.
  13. man... i possed that for its technial knowhow but to an old man like me I just saw a whole lot of words there
  14. Excellent, that is a good starting point thankyou and gives me an idea of price (gulp). I see some fantastic work when I search but mostly in lots of colour... I am looking for someone with a knack for monochromatic black and white shading work instead of the typical fantasy style. But I am guessing there are mini painters who do such things as well as the fantasy colourful work. Just need to research further I guess - just glad to see there are artists out there that can be commissioned! Excellent tips though thanks.
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