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  1. Yes that is the other factor. If they have to recompile an x86 executable they need publisher permission to do that, with MS being publisher then that is easier. There will be many games where publisher doesn't give permission for many reasons. But saying that we don't have PGR and that was MS published so who knows with their own properties. Anyway, fact is it isn't an emulator you can chuck discs at hence why it is down to individual game to be recompiled etc.
  2. The way the 360 is emulated means x86 recompilation of the executable for the game, it isn't an emulator programme that runs original roms. When you insert an original disc it downloads the recompiled executable for that game so it can be run. So there isn't an emulator programme that can just run against any old disc and hope for the best, it needs a new recompiled x86 executable for each game and that would breach the rights as you are re-releasing it. Here is DF explaining it https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2017-xbox-one-x-back-compat-how-does-it-actually-work
  3. Thats cool , apologies for no reply was just waiting to see if anyone else was missing. We are missing Walks and Barley but I think we will continue as we are gaining a bit of momentum in the base recon mission and Barley and Sardan tend to be hanging backa bit due to lack of dark vision etc. I will control Walks purely for battle but it will be simple attacks etc.
  4. Yeah it’s fine m. Last night tonight and hopefully I’ll be clear after we take down the set tomorrow fingers crossed
  5. what's that? I now have zero chance of accidentally watching an episode of this utter dreck I stopped watching due to it being a fucking embarrasment that is the worst Trek ever made? Great! (pats his TOS and TNG blurays smugly)
  6. I don't know and neither do you, but it does. ANd those people who do care may be tempted to AFK in matches or do other disruptive things to "win challenges" and that will adversely impact others. Therefore 343 probably need to adjust those problematic challenges accordingly. Simple.
  7. They already have a PS5 at home, your kids have suffered enough.
  8. Ostentatsiously gross indeed , the good old Playstation wouldn't sully itself https://www.trulyexquisite.co.uk/24k-gold-ps5
  9. People liked the colourised version of night of the living dead as well - and the 30th anniversary version where someone added “new footage” and the shot for shot remake of psycho. and predators and evil dead etc “shitty” remasters are nothing new. Some people like them - and more power to them. in film forums the popular refrain is that people can choose and no one has destroyed the originals*. The issue I have here is that rockstar have made an attempt at restricting access to the originals. That is unforgivable for an industry that wants to be taken seriously. I have no issue with attempts at remasters as long as the originals still exist. * and yes I know Lucas has restricted access to the pre remastered original trilogy and his behaviour is as shitty as rockstars
  10. yeah and its not a true Series exclusive so is obviously held back by last gen - they probably only clicked the "upscale to Series X" button on the Xbox One version.
  11. I warn you they are dry as hell compared to arcade racers but I can tone down the sim stuff to make them playable for me. I play Ride 3 for motorcycle racing and that is also pretty dry, if you think it is slim pickings for top level arcade racers for cars try looking for a motorcycle equivalent!
  12. Forza mainline is fairly configurable to be less "sim like" - I play them in an arcadey way as I don't do serious sim racing - but I take your point. PGR and Blur were perfect for what you want but noone seems to want to make them. FH has a different sort of design ethic behind it and I don't think it would work shoehorned into a race to race game as the whole thing is built on the "discoverabilty" element.
  13. isn't that the main Forza series? You load it up and choose a race to do and do it. And that race can be anywhere in the world. The point of FH is you drive around a map within an area and join events/races instead of being insta-transported to a track somewhere in the world and race it. EDIT - I preferred PGR and Blur for those types of games but they don't make those anymore.
  14. it's a joke - this is a joke thread for utter over the top nonsense Just like the Playstation.
  15. what with this insulting "early drop" of Halo MP without campaign and a year late PLUS Forza Horizon 5 not being "day one on Gamepass" I am utterly disgusted. Sony have cleverly avoided all these traps by not releasing any exclusives for this holiday period at all. Now that is how to avoid the sort of traps that MS are falling into!
  16. You don't understand! FFS! You have to exclude others from playing! That enhances the enjoyment, knowing that others cannot play the games* you are playing because you bought a certain box. *Actually someone did list on here that exact reasoning once which was hilarious. Actually I think it was in respect of games difficulty but it is just as nonsensical and mean spirited.
  17. Just think yourself lucky they aren't "remastering" it and reducing the framerate and making it look even shitter
  18. And surely they are all playing Gran Turismo as that wasn't delayed til 2022 was it?
  19. so the Currys code doesn't let you buy a console? only a bundle?
  20. Sorry for late note but I am still in dress rehearsal so won’t make tonight!!! will be on next week
  21. great finally a place I can order a PS5! (one quick click later) Oh out of stock and no way to order. pfft
  22. Oh far from poor just rarely anything above ok to good.
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