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  1. Ahh this is sad news indeed. Norm was genuinely one of the funniest and unique comedians I can remember. He’s done so much but his Burt Reynolds on SNL Celebrity Jeopardy still gives me those stupid giggles. RIP.
  2. State of all this. Penalties are the equivalent of flipping a coin. It's a 50/50 (* citation needed). That's why no matter what team is taking them, they all hug and pray to whatever deity that luck goes their way. It's an absolute crap way to decide a game, but a necessary evil. If England win penalties (or any team you don't support) - "Oh well done you only won cos of penalties" If England (or your team) lose "Haha you're shit you're shit you're shit we knew you could never beat us HAHAHAHAHA"...! Again, state of this nonsense! 'England always lose on penalties' - what? Yeah cos it's the same team that played before with the same manager...right England lost out of absolute shite luck. And if it happened the other way, then Italy would have lost out of absolute shite luck. England took a really decent, International-level team all the way to the finals. That's something to be proud of if you support them, and if you don't, just admit they got there and fair play.
  3. This is on my list this weekend now
  4. I hope he still lives in a mansion conducting business meetings from a hot tub with a brick mobile phone.
  5. "...like real seals.." Seriously it's such a subtlety brilliant format for Alan. I never thought we'd see great Alan again after I'm Alan Partridge, but the Partridge multi-verse is definitely strong. Loving it.
  6. 1989 - just goosebumps even watching that reveal again... and then "shields"... I also have vivid memories of enjoying this moment far too much in Returns... From 3:20-ish onwards, when that music climax hits and that bit happens
  7. I nearly stuck this chump on my list!
  8. I guess I’m going less annoying cute kid and more just irritating kid actors. I know Dakota Fanning is a great actress, but her 40yr old way of speaking began to grate incessantly. Also, the main kid in Kindergarten Cop can get tee fook. Mopey over acting show off.
  9. Time to introduce this into our daily converse. Steal! Complete with the air hand snatch as well?
  10. It really is something else this film. It's my go to every couple of months when I need to watch something I know I won't regret. I secretly have Black Swan in that category as well... And they are similar in theme as I saw on a YouTube comparison once so makes sense.
  11. Just apologising for any bashing of the latest series I made. This is the show I just want on 24/7 and has cut across so much COVID Neg. Just come back on ASAP.
  12. S3 was really fun, but it was the worst of the 3 seasons imho. Just, nothing happened. Stories dropped without a trace quickly, and just in all a bit of a mess. S2 > S1 > S3 is my rank. So much fun but just 'meh' / 'argh' / 10
  13. Oof that episode was a hard one to make a definitive judgement on. But I'm leaning more towards 'meh'.
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