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  1. 1989 - just goosebumps even watching that reveal again... and then "shields"... I also have vivid memories of enjoying this moment far too much in Returns... From 3:20-ish onwards, when that music climax hits and that bit happens
  2. I nearly stuck this chump on my list!
  3. I guess I’m going less annoying cute kid and more just irritating kid actors. I know Dakota Fanning is a great actress, but her 40yr old way of speaking began to grate incessantly. Also, the main kid in Kindergarten Cop can get tee fook. Mopey over acting show off.
  4. Time to introduce this into our daily converse. Steal! Complete with the air hand snatch as well?
  5. It really is something else this film. It's my go to every couple of months when I need to watch something I know I won't regret. I secretly have Black Swan in that category as well... And they are similar in theme as I saw on a YouTube comparison once so makes sense.
  6. Just apologising for any bashing of the latest series I made. This is the show I just want on 24/7 and has cut across so much COVID Neg. Just come back on ASAP.
  7. S3 was really fun, but it was the worst of the 3 seasons imho. Just, nothing happened. Stories dropped without a trace quickly, and just in all a bit of a mess. S2 > S1 > S3 is my rank. So much fun but just 'meh' / 'argh' / 10
  8. Oof that episode was a hard one to make a definitive judgement on. But I'm leaning more towards 'meh'.
  9. It is what it is. 80’s cheese and self aware. Much prefer this than some modern ‘gritty’ revisit that is at odds with the films. The kids acting is no different than Daniel running through traffic dressed as a shower with skeletons chasing him. Cannot. Wait.
  10. Caught up on the latest one last night, and agree with everyone here - absolutely amazing episode, breathtakingly so! Missus has watched Star Wars but needed a bit of a nerd-splanation of who was who and timelines, so we agreed to watch all the films again starting at Episode 1. Going from that episode of Mandalorian to meeza owz you a life debt it demanded by de Godz was such a laughable crash from such a height. It's truly jaw dropping how shit the prequels are and how awesome Mandalorian is.
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