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  1. I, personally, don't write a huge amount for a number of reasons. Since february family stuff has taken priority - and a side-effect of such guff has been a half-assed attitude to playing games, let alone writing crap about them. I'm also graduating in the summer, so have to do the odd bit of work here and there. Further reasons revolve around watching Neighbours and Hollyoaks (primarily to try and spot the non-character that is Wayne who appears every month or so and doesn't say anything, who spends his days at a local pub), trying to figure out what went wrong with Jonathan Creek after the
  2. While I may get shot down for pimping (Eighthours has already received a little dig) I hope this article raises a smile or two: clickety, homies Of course it may well be ripped to shreds, whatever. As for the site in general? The design is a little naff, but we might have forgiven it if the obscure choice of using 'street' talk hadn't been taken. As it is, it's embarassing.
  3. And that, Gabe, is fair comment - and I genuinely appreciate your thoughts. As a feeble defence: I'm not going to suggest the theme is uber-strong; and I'm not going to say it's connected with anything, whatever that means; I just don't think the piece should be taken as anything but a jokey, light-hearted stab at a gaming figure - with a few parallels along the way. Funny? Perhaps not that. But it was never meant to be this deep, serious piece to be analytically nitpicked over. Still, thanks again.
  4. To be honest I'm quite enjoying the response from people who don't pussyfoot around. Sometimes things have to be told as people see them, and although I think some of the criticism we've taken is somewhat unwarranted, much of it's been really helpful.
  5. That's fair enough. And I did understand that there would be people who wouldn't get it, as such. I just thought it would be an interesting take on the Phil Harrison talks a whole of crap topic. Which I had hoped a couple of people would read, smile and move on with. Also: the description given before about the toipic is a little way off. It's not about the absurdity of console wars and stuff. It's about Phil. And how he chats crap. Maybe not that funny. But whatever.
  6. Wow, seems that the piece I wrote (A Letter) hasn't gone down too well, with the best thing anybody having to say about it (bar other PS writers) is "not too bad." It was never meant to be an attempt to mimmick Biffo, although I was a huge digi fan back in the day, and drop by his forum from time to time so I probably unconsciously come across as some sub-standard, cack-handed Biffowannabe. Anyhoo, thanks for the feedback anyway. It's a departure from the kind of stuff I've written before - some of which is lurking on the pages of this forums Review folder - and I'll make sure that future outp
  7. Wow, thanks for that. It took about 45mins, an hour at most though. Just something I do when I'm bored if you will. Anything slightly more constructive appreciated.
  8. E3 came along, threw in the air a few appetising details about forthcoming game guff and proceeded to leave. The pools of sweat, as well as those tiny puddles of drool – so helpfully left by overexcited Zelda-entranced attendees – have long been mopped up, yet the consequences of what went on behind the hallowed LA doors remain. Do you know what the experience – and the subsequent happenings – reminded me of? That’s right little Bobby: Pinocchio. It’s a well known tale, the intricacies of which escape me momentarily, yet the basics go a little like this: Pinocchio, a little puppet chap crafte
  9. FCatCS


    Another piece (kinda review/article mishmash almost) I wrote a li'l while ago - hope you enjoy: “Good day to you, Mr Sweeper” I nod at the game. A begrudging respect hides the feelings of frustration and anger he builds inside of me. “I’m going to play you”, I say “and by the time I’ve finished, I’m not only going to beat you. I’m going to humiliate you. I’m going to own you” So it started. The premise of Minesweeper is simple; you have three sets of grids: easy, intermediate and expert. The easy setting lays out 64 squares, the expert 480. There are 10 mines in easy; there are 99 in expert
  10. I agree to a certain extent; they aren't well used in the piece and, on occasion, they are cheesy. If used sparingly though, I think they can be used well - I'm sure many will be familiar with this piece bow, nigger - where they're used effectively. When I used 'em they were rubbish though. Nice to see you here anywayz Foolish.
  11. Cheers jim, for the comments on both pieces. The term 'chuff' is perhaps overused by myself, but is handy as an alternative to what would be swear words. Thus: for chuffs sake fan-chuffing-tastic chuff off etc
  12. While I do read redeye on occasion, I can honestly say I haven't deliberately taken anything in either content or style from him. Is there any way you could point me towards where he's written anything similar? Cheers.
  13. Another article I wrote not long back - not as good as the other article I've posted up, but I kinda like it. The world watched. The world waited. The world murmured, scrutinised and uttered a few muffled words in anticipation. It's strange though. There are certain times in life where you know what to expect. If Hugh Grant is going to play a role in a film, you expect him to play a quaint British fop; loveable, but at the same time a bit goofy. That's all he really does, so it can be expected. If Man Utd play a home game (or any game come to think of it) you expect the referee to turn a blin
  14. I've written a few, none as good as this one though (a couple really crap tbh) - I'll post some of the others up sometime.
  15. It's an article I wrote for a site that isn't actually running at the moment www.darkdesigns.doctorevil.co.uk - Don't bother clicking the link, as there isn't anything there at the mo. I know what you mean though; the older I get, the more I don't really give a damn what people think. There is still a stigma attached to it though in my eyes, at least by certain people.
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