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  1. Just the framerate improvements alone make the classic Halos feel like new again, bombing around in a Warthog on Tsavo Highway in H3 used to be a framerate nightmare, now it's buttery smooth and plays beautifully. The entire series has never looked or played better. Halo 4 though, holy shit it looks unbelievably good - did that get a massive upgrade on the One or do I just not remember how good it looked on the 360? The lighting, fog, textures and how clean the models are makes it look like you're playing concept art. It's really stunning.
  2. It is on a completely different level to anything else, time hasn't diminished it at all. Games like Gears just don't have that secret sauce that makes Halo such a riot to play. There's always some crazy off the cuff madness happening that you just didn't expect, a line of unexpected dialogue, a chain reaction of explosions and the physics engine making you laugh out loud, it's such an unpredictable and funny game. I definitely do appreciate a lot of what 343 have done. Halo 4 has some incredible levels. I was going through some of the playlists last night and played The Composer f
  3. The two biggest missteps in Halo's history - playing as the Arbiter and fighting against the Prometheans. Playing as the Arbiter is awful because it's so confusing. After putting a bazzillion hours into HCE you are instinctively wired to unleash hell on Covenant scum as soon as they're in your sights. H2 upends that and expects you to unwire your highly trained response by buddying up with the enemy. It's just so confusing to be unloading a full clip into a Grunt but the fucker won't go down. An absolutely bewilderingly awful design decision that should never have got the go ahead.
  4. I've been replaying every Halo on the Series X, just got the last bit of ODST to go. If anything they have stood up a lot better than I remember, especially 2 and ODST. I've enjoyed all of the sequels more this time around than when they came out. The improved framerate makes the MCC on Series X feel like the way it was meant to be played. As a package this is incredible. Just nothing out there like Halo, and nothing since has come even vaguely close to being as good. That moment to moment combat is as joyous as ever and still has the capacity to shock and surprise you.
  5. Smells like a 6/10 OG Xbox game. Looks awful.
  6. Days Gone would've been infinitely better if you controlled the zombie horde instead. Role reversal can be done, look at Carrion. Imagine tearing through the countryside as a zombie horde, losing/gaining members of the horde as you kill/get killed. Just thinking about it is exciting especially if you've played Carrion. That concept would be so fresh, unique and wild, compared to the relentlessly dull, predictable and borrowed feel that Days Gone actually had.
  7. Give me a demo and if it's good I'll buy your game. In the absence of demos I'm far, far less likely to take a punt. In the case of this particular developer, their game was completely average and needed patching/updating for months before they were finally done with it. Based on that form I'll be waiting for their future games to be at least six months old before buying, inevitably in a sale. This is how it works.
  8. The movement and control of Carrion is beautiful, it feels exactly like you'd imagine being that creature would feel. The way it slinks, flicks and oozes around is so satisfying and weird, then the way it murders people, shaking them and obliterating them, outrageously violent and shocking. I think they nailed that creature feel perfectly and the graphics just tell you enough.
  9. Are you keeping them in a piss filled sealed cupboard?
  10. Uncle Nasty


    What is the deal with this new album? Did Prince want these recordings to be made public?
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