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  1. Thought this was a game about hunting dogs when it popped up on the store.
  2. That trailer, it looks like the game takes itself achingly seriously but then you see the monsters and it's about as scary as House Of The Dead. I just hope there's more to it than shooting generic bags of alien zombie flesh.
  3. Very much the same here. Haven't even launched the new COD since Vampire Survivors came to Gamepass, and now I feel like I'll have dropped too far behind in COD to ever catch up again. £100 game absolutely trounced by a £4 indie game. Even though I'm fully aware that VS is deliberately honking my dopamine horn, there's still something reassuringly unpretentious and authentic about it which is a big part of the appeal. No nothing apart from gameplay. I don't think I want to listen to any story dialogue or watch a cutscene in a game ever again. Hope they never fancy up the visuals or add anything superfluous that detracts from its homely BBC Micro-esque purity.
  4. Looks really great, unpretentious and in your face like Bulletstorm. The kind of game that gets an EDGE [7], but is really a [9]
  5. Browser version, oh please God no. https://poncle.itch.io/vampire-survivors Works nicely with a laptop trackpad.
  6. Me downloading an entire NeoGeo Romset from Usenet on a 56k modem in 1998 and getting them to run on a G3 Powermac was pretty impressive, I'd say.
  7. Walk away now while you can. The game is a crack dispensing gacha fruit machine and more addictive than that sounds. The ultimate goal is to watch the game play itself whilst you stare slack-jawed in amazement at the numbers going up. Just delete it and pretend you never even heard of it.
  8. Just hit me that the game that VS reminds me the most of is Jeff Minter's (amazing) Gridrunner remake that came out a few years back - in that Jeff wanted to make the player dish out bullet hell and to feel empowered. He did actually call it a reverse bullet hell game at the time. Vampire Survivors gives you the same kind of rush when you're completely overpowered and vaporising screenfuls of enemy waves. We don't get that enough in games, that wonderful feeling of casually mowing down anything that appears onscreen. Usually it's at the end of a game or when you're in NG+, it's a real pleasure to get OP so early on and completely wrecking everything. Wish that Gridrunner game would work on recent iOS verisons. Was an absolute blinder.
  9. I'm just pulling your chain. I'm pretty much up for all of this as well.
  10. What a weekend. Best game since Dark Souls and it's not even close. Masterpiece.
  11. Yeah, it's really exciting to see some new games and franchises on the horizon. So glad I bought the latest consoles.
  12. I knew that this one would be an Emperor's New Clothes game. Saw it a mile off and glad I didn't fall for the hype. Just a basic, 5/10 game tarted up with expensive graphics. Vampire Survivors is a better game than this.
  13. Completely binned COD for this. Looking at at least a five hour session tonight. Woof woof.
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