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  1. Yes Amelia was easy, only took me about 500 attempts to kill it compared to the 1000 attempts for the rest of the bastards in this game.
  2. All of the Burnouts when it got silly fast. Never got anywhere close to being able to handle the F1 cars.
  3. Fuck me. I just hope Elden Ring has summoning.
  4. That feeling when the Ash Lake Hydra is your first boss though.
  5. Yes. Quelaag’s bell is the real first bell.
  6. I agree, if you like trespassing and messing with the sequence of games, the master key is liberating and makes exploring even more exciting. I took it on my first ever play through and didn’t feel like anything was broken or compromised - if anything it made me love it more because it felt so open and intimidating. All the other gifts are shit which makes it an obvious choice.
  7. I've seen people using a shotgun with a horizontal grip near the front of the barrel, anyone know what that is please? Edit: found, the Origin. Any fans of this weapon?
  8. Cleric Knight is the most fun build that I used, it uses your starting weapon throughout the game so you don't need to depend on any RNG drops and gives you some really entertaining spells and questlines along the way. https://www.reddit.com/r/darksouls/comments/8m6n19/the_best_pve_build_in_dark_souls_become_a_cleric/ It's also an amazing build to take into NG+ I'd suggest playing it however you feel like playing it. If you need some help or a guide along the way, do so, because some of this game is so densely opaque and weird that you'd almost never figure it out yourself during your first run. I don't get some of it now after over 1000 hours.
  9. @Darwock - I just finished watching this and thought exactly the same about that song - is this The Sweet? Slade? Surely it's not…holy fuck it IS. It must have been deliberate. Absolutely no way would that song have been cleared without the director knowing the origin of the song.
  10. Worth a watch.
  11. For PSNow to be not rubbish they need to get Gradius V on there.
  12. Get a second job. But yes, the user experience of being a Playstation customer this gen has been extremely average. Samey exclusives, slow download speeds, high digital prices, ignoring classic franchises, mean selection of games on PS+, there's really nothing to keep you on the platform unless you really must have their exclusives. An Xbox with Gamepass and the new Halo looks like a much more attractive option next go around.
  13. Have to say the Cerulean blueprint was worth buying the Nikto bundle for, it's just a pimped Kilo but the upgrades make it so much fun to use, the blue tracers and glowing blue incendiary effect make it look like a Halo Covenant plasma rifle. Looks amazing on dark maps. Love this.
  14. Yep same here, most of my deaths are from pointlessly reloading. Just called in a Chopper Gunner on a game of Domination on Shipment, that felt unbelievably good. Until some bastard shot it down. I wish it was possible to disable the kill cam, I just don't need to see that on Shoot House or Shipment. Anyway, back to it!
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