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  1. Great, I'm sure you'll love it as you get into it. I think it was this smooth on the 360, not sure it benefits from being on the X. At the time I remember moaning about the rubber banding, but playing it now the AI wasn't an issue at all - it feels well balanced and even quite generous with how it penalises you for crashing. I also thought how smart and crafty the AI was when trying to avoid hitting you during Aftertouch, brilliant to watch in slow-mo as it heads straight for an unavoidable collision and your boost bar fills back up again. There are so many brilliant design decisions in this game. The Crash junctions are an absolute joy in this, best in the series and an absolute pleasure to 5 star all of them. The ice cream van is a real hoot. Playing a bit more of Black, tonight.
  2. Their designers figured out how to male an IK chain at last by the look of it.
  3. Unlocked the Elite racer in Revenge and 5 starred almost everything apart from a couple of the traffic checking challenges. Just a phenomenal game even now that held my attention and made me smile a lot. I tried again with Paradise last night but it just doesn't click for me at all - the open world and removal of pretty much everything that made Revenge so great is a real downer. Started replaying Black to stay in that Criterion groove and whilst it has aged in some ways, there is a finesse and level of detail that really pulls you in and focusses you - it's not the kind of shooter that plays itself and you need to have your wits about you on the harder levels. The payoff for completing it on hard with all of the objectives checked is that amazing infinite rocket launcher - dunno if I have the patience or skills to put myself through that again but so far so good after a couple of levels.The second level with the woods leading onto the base with the first real look at the destructible buildings is still incredible. Real shame that Criterion are no more.
  4. I really love Ingress on mobile. Feels really futuristic and conveys the game's story that you're a hacker taking part in a global war against a rival faction brilliantly. https://www.ingress.com/game/ It all feels hi-tech and mysterious.
  5. Is 4 going to be retired/delisted when 5 is out?
  6. It’s not the price, though. Even at a fiver this game isn’t worth your time.
  7. Same with Borderlands 3. It was achingly slow before, like swimming through bricks waiting all the time - on the X loading is as good as instant. Completely changes the experience.
  8. The criticism of 3 and VC is very harsh. These two games stand up because they were very much games with cinematic presentation, rather than the bloated cinematic experiences with gaming bits that the later games became. You can dive in with either 3 or VC and start enjoying classic GTA shenanigans immediately which is what drew me back in with the iPad versions. Disclaimer - played them with a PS4 pad. Okay, the shooting is absolute balls but the driving is geared towards having fun - have you forgotten how great the taxi, ambulance etc mini games were? And being able to chain massive vehicle explosions together without the cops turning up as soon as you even look at a grenade? Getting up on top of a tall building and firing rockets off at the streets below? The laugh out loud physics? In general there are so many more interesting and fun diversions that just have so much more spirit and grit than the later games. I would choose 3 and VC over any of the other games, easily, and that is coming from relatively fresh playthroughs. K-Jah!
  9. GTA 3 and Vice City are still absolutely amazing. I completed both on the iPad, of all things, about a year ago. Had a great time with both. Very much down for this.
  10. And then getting the freebies when the new controller came out. Good times.
  11. Agree with this. I did play Paradise when it came out and it felt like it had been stretched too far to fit in the open world template that was all the rage back then. @Vimsterthe traffic checking was indeed contentious at the time but now, it's an absolute hoot. Trickshots, traffic takedowns, signature takedowns, crashbrerakers, this game is just rammed with moment-to-moment stuff that makes you smile. It's an absolute joy of a game. I play it every day at the moment after going through Split/Second again and it's just magnificent to play. Even the presentation makes me massively nostalgic - the guitar riffs, the way your trophies are delivered, it's of its time but very slick and lovingly put together. A real shame that Paradise was the last one. Yeah I know, Hot Pursuit, but going back to it with the remaster was nowhere near as joyous as Revenge. After playing it again I'd definitely put Revenge in my top ten of all time, top five even. Incredibly good game.
  12. Been playing both this and Burnout Revenge on the Series X, whilst Paradise looks cleaner it's a significantly worse game than Revenge. As mentioned above the route finding during a race can be a real ball ache and you'll overshoot even when the map is familiar, losing you the race. At the time I remember not liking the open world and it hasn't aged well. Revenge is glorious, though. Still plays amazingly and I'd really missed Crash mode - Revenge's Crash is the best in the series and just keeps getting sillier and more wanton as you progress, it's pure stupid fun and crazy addictive. Crashbreakers are a lovely addition and make up for the inevitable rubber-banding when you crash - a good way of balancing the races so you don't lose everything when you bail. Paradise just removed all the great things from Revenge, it's a really weird game.
  13. Haven't watched a Sterling video for years for the reasons I said, so wouldn't know of this development. Not that I care.
  14. It's the same thing, over and over and over again, though, delivered in that smarmy, self-satisfied "I'm telling mum of you" tone that makes him a completely unlikeable twat. I actually end up siding with his triple-A targets because he's so excruciating to sit through - it's the way he enjoys ripping the industry to shreds rather than actually playing games that makes his ranting so tedious. I miss Red Eye.
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