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  1. The best game and the worst game all in one handy package. Absolutely amazing how they pulled that one off, but there it is. I stopped playing during Season 2 and will never go back, it was so good for a while then descended into utter shit.
  2. Some of the artists who contributed concept art have posted their work on Artstation today, location spoilers so be aware: https://www.artstation.com/community/channels?sort_by=trending Edit: Quite interesting that other dev teams contributed art, one of the profiles is from a Blizzard artist https://www.artstation.com/mayday
  3. Traps and other environmental hazards are really underused in this. With the improved AI, dismemberment and less linear levels, I thought the game would offer the opportunity of creating more situations for cleverly taking enemies out and enjoying the carnage. Even with the equipment it does give you, there isn't much of an opportunity to use it - some of the weapons and equipment I don't think I used even once and I'm nearly at the end. I just wish they'd done more with the amazing world they created instead of prolonging it with the same activities. I mean things like chucking an electrical cable into a pool of water to electrify it; why not a skill tree that lets you drag enemies underwater to drown them, pulling/pushing enemies off ledges etc; setting traps in outdoor areas, using the environment to your advantage. It doesn't feel like they fully exploited this magnificent world by giving the player much new to do. Even the skill trees that are there are fairly inconsequential and boring - you never look forward to getting to the end of those trees and unlocking something that changes the game.
  4. I really like the stealth in this but there is nowhere near the depth of opportunity or ingenuity offered in MGSV. It's just madness to suggest that.
  5. Comparing this to MGSV is like comparing Toploader to the Rolling Stones, let's keep our heads guys.
  6. I still think it's a poorer stealth game than Manhunt, in that there's no risk/reward or gamble when you're doing a stealth kill. It's pretty much hit Square to win. In Manhunt you had the three increasingly graphic ways of killing with each weapon, depending on how long you dared to hold the kill button, but doing so exposed you to being discovered. In Last Of Us it's always the same outcome and always the same animation, with no incentive or visual feedback to discern between a quick messy kill or a beautifully planned and executed, well, execution.
  7. Is this incorrect then? "Development of The Last of Us Part II began in 2014, soon after the release of The Last of Us Remastered." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Last_of_Us_Part_II Not being a dick (for once) genuine question.
  8. Pretty much, it is dated and prehistoric in gaming terms. All of its systems and events have made me feel nostalgic for old games - remember when we used to do this in games? Remember when this was a thing? The entire game is a throwback. But when it does come together it is better than the games it reminds you of, it's done with such style and panache that your memory is tricking you into thinking you've done this already - but it's never been as slick or exciting as this. This game was in development for seven years though, which I think is too long for any creative project - movie, album or game. Maybe the systems and gameplay would have been moved on considerably more if Naughty Dog had released this game in chapters and responded to current innovations and progressions in gaming, rather than dragging their seven year old ideas into the end of another generation and the beginning of a new one. I would love to see them let rip with the same creativity in gameplay as they do in visuals and character design, but their processes and pursuit of insane visual fidelity are clearly holding that back. Did anyone really think they would be powering generators and finding notes to open safes in Sony's big AAA game in the space year 2020 though? It's pretty absurd.
  9. Just me or are the visuals and environments even more impressive in the second half? The way they've used lighting, the weather, subtle effects and an absolutely insane amount of detail seems to be really ramped up in the last few chapters I've played. The water, not just in pools, but running down surfaces, the way the rain comes down in sheets, it's absolutely staggering. Other games are going to feel rough after this, there was nothing in the Sony PS5 reveal that looked even near as good. There's a tastefulness and maturity to the art direction, it's sophisticated and wants you to take it seriously. The colour grading is beautiful, muted but atmospheric, again incredibly tasteful. Imagine going back to Days Gone after this. In one of the early levels of the game there are band/gig posters plastered all over a wall, not in pastichey, RockStar way, they actually feel authentic, bands and club nights you'd go to in real life. That alone must have been weeks of work, coming up with the band names, logos, club/venue names, the whole typography style and art direction to make them all feel unique. And this was in a side/optional room that would be really easy to miss. The story has completely lost me, it's silly and just a pointless meandering mess at this point, but when the gameplay comes together and the stealth and shooting are front and centre there's still enough to like to get me to the end.
  10. Can you say how it evolves and changes without being spoilery? I'm at the (location and weapon spoilers):
  11. Okay, thanks, I will see it to the end, I just might rush it a bit. Already skipping cut scenes.
  12. It's just the usual Sony beautiful world with nothing to do in it syndrome that leads to boredom. Absolutely stunning set dressing and all the rest of it, but gameplay wise they must come up with something more interesting than walking up to drawers and hitting triangle>combat>repeat, because that is almost all you do in this world apart from the occasional set piece. The environment, like God Of War, is just a backdrop, there's no consequence or trepidation to exploring this world. It should be dangerous and intimidating, but there's nothing that makes it feel post apocalyptic or challenging to you. I'm not saying every game should be like Dark Souls (every game should be like Dark Souls) but remember the first time poking your way into Darkroot, absolutely terrified of every corner and sound, inching along, sweating and panicking. Every environment in Dark Souls had its own challenges besides the enemies. There should at least be some of that intensity to exploring the landscape in Last Of Us II, not just another A>B trek punctuated with the exact same gameplay which is all carried out at waist height. So this has definitely lost its shine for me, the storytelling has got lazy (flashbacks for pity's sake, notes everywhere) and if anything the gameplay progression has rewound itself which is incredibly frustrating. It felt like things were about to go full-tilt mayhem, but instead it got really slow and dragged out. I'll stick at it and hope it picks up.
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