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  1. Yeah, bragging on Reddit is what I read. Gotta get those updoots.
  2. Haven't done much gaming this year apart from Elden Ring because of a big house move/renovation project (never again) but currently making a pig of myself with this, Prodeus and Metal Hellsinger, all thanks to Gamepass. Deathloop is my favourite out of the three but fuck me is it good to come back to games after a bit of time off.
  3. I just dunno about ripping Giger wholesale like that. I get what he's saying in the Skillup review in that they're getting under the skin of the conceptual aspect (sex and fucking) of Giger's work as well as the aesthetic style, but I feel really uneasy about a creative work that's completely derivative of an artist's established style. Maybe the game opens up and the art style diversifies and develops later on and there's a big oh shit reveal. If not, hmmm. A bit shameless.
  4. Anyone else heard about the breast implants and penis forehead tattoo that Steve-O is getting? https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2022/sep/20/jackass-steve-o-on-ageing-addiction-and-planning-a-face-tattoo
  5. The very definition of grassing yourself up. I hate leakers. Falling over themselves to spoil events and surprises for internet points. Hopefully this guy signed some heavy NDAs and gets a good drubbing.
  6. I’m calling it - the game has a Mr Robot hacking plot and this “leak”is part of a promotional LARPG. Rockstar are way too organised and controlled for this to be a genuine leak. We’re being played.
  7. Uncle Nasty


    Been watching loads of Prodigy live videos, what a band. Just amazing. This caught me right in the feels though. Such a simple tribute but wow, impactful and emotional. Wish I'd seen this live.
  8. Games are the only form of entertainment/art that almost never improve with age as literature, film and music do. There are extremely rare exceptions but as this thread will demonstrate, nothing is sacred in gaming. Retro is a lovely little nostalgia escape, but for most of us five minutes of ZX Spectrum loading screens on Youtube is enough to scratch the itch. Games just don't hold up for the most part.
  9. "While I was hoping to stay with Halo until we released the Winter update, I am letting you know that I will be leaving 343 and attending to a family medical issue" So she was going anyway but the family issue has hastened her departure. Sorry to hear the circumstances and good luck to Bonnie and her family.
  10. My advice would be to follow Ranni's quest and don't feel any shame for looking up how to do it.
  11. I don't even think it would be an interesting or illuminating read. Just a depressing story of corporate mismanagement, terrible decisions and wrong turns that ends with one of the most loved games of all time an absolute shell of its former glory. It would make you angry and incredulous to discover what actually happened to reduce Halo to this. It's unbelievable that the best reason to own an Xbox has been completely gutted and fucked inside out like this. Just fucking sad.
  12. Consolevania review: That really made me excited for Immortality.
  13. How long until it’s completely gone?
  14. Uncle Nasty

    Guns N' Roses.

    I saw Guns' first UK shows with Faster Pussycat, both bands were amazing. Also saw Guns at Monsters of Rock '88 with Kiss, Dave Lee Roth and Iron Maiden. That was a great time to be into rock music, it was everywhere at the time. Radio, TV, everyone wearing band T-shirts, multiple rock pubs/clubs/venues in every town, amazing gig scene. This concert is their peak for me.
  15. Gah this is sad to read. Frey played a massive part in defining the excitement and energy of the British home micro gaming scene. His images drew you in and completely immersed you. We'd never seen magazine covers like that before, they were incredibly bold, powerful and progressive, sometimes genuinely shocking. Modern pop at for the times. His details and compositions were insane and went beyond anything we'd previously seen. Going into W. H. Smiths and seeing one of Frey's latest airbrushed masterpieces on the shelves was as exciting as the games themselves. A fond farewell to a truly innovative and brave image maker.
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