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  1. I'm sure you could attach a few balloons to your horse and waft him that way. Although you might want to avoid a certain fairy glade after you do that; the occupant won't be pleased.
  2. Yeah, I hoped so, too. Still, props for good taste, Ste_S!
  3. Ah, that's another go-to game. Played that several times to completion on the GC.
  4. Buggy as hell, but awesome ambition. I can't remember if I did a replay - another forum darling of the time that I did replay several times was Binary Domain. Shredding robots in that never got old.
  5. Yeah, all of the Deus Ex games have had repeat play-throughs by me.
  6. The big collect-a-thons I tend not to go back to; if I really like one of those, I'll just get closer to 100%ing it. Just Cause 2 springs to mind there.
  7. Generally no, but every so often something clicks and I turn around and replay it. Dishonored (the first one) is the biggest example of this - I did at lest four playthroughs in succession (to get clean hands and ghost trophies, plus one more for maximum chaos). Then replayed it again to do a Corvo run through it and all the sequels and expansions. Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, especially SoTC. Main thing is I have to love the setting and atmosphere so much, I want to remain in the world.
  8. They've added Machete, with Danny Trejo.
  9. Thanks for posting it; shows how bad I was at this game.
  10. Max difficulty ... and he's using Level 1 weapons, to boot.
  11. It's not the most original joke, I'll give you that. I was hoping it was all in the presentation...
  12. Thank you for treating my light-hearted, humorous dig at Ubi's notorious penchant for icon-strewn, open-World, fetch-quest gameplay seriously. But it was a joke. I know they sometimes publish other game types. Your epic and deeply thought-through rebuttal has been noted, but ignored. Because I don't really care. Besides - I bet you get special versions in Canada.
  13. Buying a Ubisoft game and expecting it to be different from any of their others?
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