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  1. Longest as in longest-running/most years, or as in longest list/most titles?
  2. I liked what I've seen of Steven Universe; like Adventure Time, it seems to be a hugely inclusive show. I worry less about the yoof of today when they grow up watching smart shows like this. I think they're less likely to turn into gammons in the future.
  3. Amazing World of Gumball. The imaginary car chase in one of the early series is possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen. No, the chase was real. It's the cars that were imaginary. And the episode where the dad gets a job delivering pizza, thereby threatening the balance of the universe has one of the darkest, yet still hilarious scenes I've seen in a kid's animation. Yes, immediately after that. The look of horror on their faces haunts me... Teen Titans Go is also a favourite. Too many epic giggles to recall. Maybe the Shia La Boofs scene from the movie is still my favourite. If you can find it, Strange Hill High was a good CBBC show - part puppet/model, part stop motion, part animated
  4. I think they even patched the final level of the original to fix the difficulty spike for you. Enjoy!
  5. @Gavin Horizon: Zero Dawn.
  6. Watched it. It was A Bad Movie.
  7. Yeah, that's the feeling I got. If I had come to this blind, with no prior experience of Discworld, I'd have liked what I've seen so far. At least, it would have piqued my interest enough to watch more.
  8. It's on iPlayer now. It's not Pratchett; this Vimes is nobody's vision of Vimes, and it absolutely isn't anyone's idea of the Watch from the books. They're not going to please anyone who loves a bit of Pterry. But I think I see what they tried to do. It's a bit thespy, like one of those anachronistic Edwardian settings for Shakespeare, and Ankh-Morpork can be seen as one of those Eternal City settings, like Viriconium, or Gibson's vision of Tokyo or LA.
  9. Did they actually sell the non-limited edition in the UK?
  10. Man, I think I bought the last copy of that in the East of England. Only I bought it from Game, so their version of 'sealed', I.e with the contents ripped out and stuffed in a drawer with a rubber band around them. At least it was new, so they left off the marker pen.
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