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  1. Shoot the scenery if you're blocked. That seems to be a common early stumbling point after the first boss.
  2. My leisurely progress continues - I like playing Metroids in short bursts; I find it helps with the boss battles. Done a bit of swimming around a new area, and now have my morph-ball bombs back, and can blink-dash (or whatever it's called). Feeling more like Samus' old self every day... New EMMI area is a pain - red booby traps go off and draw it to your location if you don't spot 'em first.
  3. Yeah, I was going to say the base PS4 looked terrible, especially on launch. The first update mostly fixed the general blurriness and made it look a lot better. I still loved the game.
  4. Don't rewatch the trailer in the thread, first. It spoils some of the better moments!
  5. I did. I love this game. I love how effortless it is to control Samus. And how could you get lost?
  6. Oh, hell, yes! Finally got the Morph Ball - Samus isn't Samus without it. Time to backtrack for a bunch of collectibles. Yeah, I'm only getting to play in short bursts, so it's slow going.
  7. Cheers, @Ste Pickford- I've just finished the book, coincidentally. If anyone's looking for something much shorter, much more modern, and quite quirky, give Dave Made a Maze a shot. Top tip - do NOT watch the trailer; it gives away too much. Just watch the titles and the first minute or two of the film - you'll know if it's for you by then. Hah - there was a thread, and JPickford picks up on what might turn you off it in those first few minutes:
  8. Cheers; thought I had checked/shot everywhere I could, but probably an unreachable corner in the two that are flashing.
  9. Yeah, I was wondering the same - early on there's a group of similar creatures that attack, but these just seem to congregate around light panels in the ceiling. I have a question of my own - what does it mean if a room is flashing white on the map?
  10. Dude! He must at least have eight free resurrections...
  11. I love that battle art. And please tell me that's the game music style throughout; 80's shred guitar battle stylee.
  12. My original switch is itself slightly bent when you look down on it from the top - and the screen seems to stand fractionally proud of the casing more on one side. So I have some light scratching/hazing in the surround area on that side.
  13. About where I am - I think your options are very limited; a lot of the area up and left that I have already been to is currently cut off. I had an item marked on my map to head for after I got the spider magnet, so I headed for that.
  14. Yeah, I had 1 and 2 on the 'Cube - didn't have the hardware to get 3 originally.
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