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  1. Just the art was a blast from the past, but then I clocked the first name!
  2. And I thought it would be just a few sets of pictures over a few levels - no, Mario keeps on adding them in sets of three levels. I have no idea how many puzzles there are in total. I just hit the 20x20 puzzles. Oh, and that's not counting the Wario puzzles; it's not just one set from Mario. So there's a lot of content. Not bad as part of the online sub.
  3. There was an auxiliary heavy beam weapon in the solo game that you had to hold down the button to fire; that was on the Tie Bomber, I think. Took a couple of seconds to warm up.
  4. There are new weapons? I thought I had bought them all years ago.
  5. Well, the problem with sneaking Alan down to the pub is that he's an 8-foot tall skeletal monster with a penchant for killing everyone he sees. Messily.
  6. It's more 'Alien' than 'Aliens'...
  7. I'm pretty sure he was one of my first solutions, possibly the first after the initial trio. I spotted him because One of the simplest!
  8. Well, you could always just play as hi- No, I can't go there; nobody wants to do that. Kassie all the way.
  9. Yeah, I sorta brute forced the last few normal seamen, but there are so many ways to work stuff out I suspect I didn't have to.
  10. Yeah, I started and got a short way in, but got distracted. Maybe an Xmas playthrough. Great port.
  11. Dunno - forgot to check on the board; I was too keen to get into a game of Clam Blitz. It's a 48h one. Hold on ... 30 Oct 22:00 to 1 Nov 22:00. Friday to Sunday. Trick or Treat. Team Treat for me.
  12. Splatoween Splatfest is on, if anyone's still playing. I had a session at lunchtime for the first time in a month and it was announced. Also had my first lockout Clam Blitz win, ever - I opened the goal, then my team proceeded to score the remaining 80 points needed for the win before the goal closed again.
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