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  1. This video about the Aladdin deck enhancer covers the NES Dizzy games (as well as a few more NES titles by Codemasters.)
  2. Playing on normal but pretty rusty at tactics games. Don't let my lack of skill put you off.
  3. Mutant:Year Zero:Road to Eden (PC) Really enjoyed the few hours I spent with the game but it's just too hard with the game being very much into stealth and taking out enemies one by one. If you alert even one other enemy it turns into 30 minutes of slow death, for me at least. If they add in a novice mode I'll be all over it but until then back in the pile it goes.
  4. Demon's Tilt (PC) I love video pinball. I love pixel graphics. I have no idea why this game which should be my current obsession leaves me so cold. This should be a home run but I'm just not feeling it.
  5. I've heard rumours that some of the Assassin's Creed games don't play nice. Syndicate has massive issues with global lighting doing a weird strobing thing which is a pity. Anyone tried the 2D trilogy? (China, India, Russia?) I've started playing through them on the PS 4 given I heard they may not run on the 5 but I'm not sure how much of a loss that will be as long as Mark of the Ninja works.
  6. Nov 21/11 Glass Masquerade 2:Illusions (PC) More of the same as the last game, a digital puzzle with a fairy tale theme in stained glass windows replacing the international themed clock faces. There's an option to make the game harder by having to orient the puzzle pieces manually although most of the puzzles are set in a round frame making the initial placement a bit repetitive. Perfect to pick up and drop between rounds of Hades. Previously
  7. How does it play single player? I've been waiting to play it with my partner but she only has eyes for two games at the moment.
  8. Whaaaaaaat? I need to check this thread more often. John Walker explains the premise here https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/puzzle-series-vol-5-slitherlink-review
  9. It might be hard to organise now but try to find someone else who hasn't played the multiplayer campaign of Portal 2 and play it using no voice chat but sign language. I did this with a friend a few years back and it's still a highlight in my playing history. The final puzzle had us stumped for almost half an hour before we figured it out.
  10. Jim has finally given in to pressure and has released a politics free video. Ten years ago he did the same thing when reviewing FF13. https://www.destructoid.com/stories/100-objective-review-final-fantasy-xiii-179178.phtml
  11. I've been disappointed by megagames over the years and I've moved away from AAA titles until recently. And the one that comes to mind for me recently is Death Stranding. This was going to be a complete disaster and I was quite happy to watch this from a distance. And then one week out this trailer dropped. And all of a sudden I was in despite knowing that I was setting myself up for a massive disappointment. I was not disappointed. It has it's issues. Kojima either needs to be confident enough to cut content or he needs a better
  12. Yep, really awkward at the time as well although I had an easier run on my first two playthroughs with my little brother playing as the Golem. After that though it was brutal. It had a lot of tile set variety for a single load.
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