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  1. Is William Tang findable? He seems to have moved away from the industry in the mid 80's. Alfred Milgrom might be a better bet. http://www.ourdigitalheritage.org/archive/playitagain/creators/alfred-milgrom-2/
  2. Having now seen the correct trailer I'm pretty excited to see this! (Disclaimer, I loved the Last Jedi and liked Ghostbusters : Answer the Call so take my excitement with a massive grain of salt.)
  3. I think the time gap will also help with those who want the Last Jedi erased from cannon forever in that they'll have designed it in such a way that anyone who wants to ignore Last Jedi will be able to rewatch with a smooth transition between TFA and TROS.
  4. Mentioned in the other thread but deserves its own. http://www.indieretronews.com/2019/10/frostbite-yet-another-atari-to-c64.html#more Looking tasty! Video of it in action at the link above.
  5. As in alternate endings Bandersnatch style so that when it’s streamed later it will look at your viewing habits and history and stream the ending that’s most likely to satisfy your needs as a true fan or casual.
  6. I think I saw a seperate trailer... the D23 retrospective one? edit: nope, I’ve only gone and watched the wrong trailer. Hours before I have time to watch the new one.
  7. I suspect that she’ll probably drop making / sharing her videos which is a pity. This would have sucked the joy out of it all.
  8. Unless you turn it around. Looking forward to Churchill themed adverts.
  9. Guess what? http://www.indieretronews.com/2019/10/frostbite-yet-another-atari-to-c64.html?m=1
  10. http://www.ourdigitalheritage.org/archive/playitagain/creators/william-tang-2/
  11. Ms Pac-Man is a bit complicated. Pac-Man is defiinately Namco's. Ms Pac-Man is GCC/Midway though with some character input from Namco.
  12. There's still too many gaps. I mean how many people who played Nier Automata would have loved to go back to Nier or even Drakengaard? Right now they're out of luck
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