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  1. Really! https://www.ign.com/articles/rayman-creator-michel-ancel-says-hes-quit-video-games-to-open-a-wildlife-sanctuary? Can't say I blame him.
  2. This sort of the thing is the reason I love achievements. Gives me an excuse to spend more time with a game I'm enjoying.
  3. BTW the PC version has it too now. Go back and rent out a boat and make sure you take the boat owner's kid out with you. One of my favourite games of the year.
  4. Sylvan Esso has reshot their music video for Ferris Wheel in AC. original for comparison
  5. My partner found this cosplay today. Spoilered for those who haven't reached Wall Market.
  6. Sep 08/09 A Short Hike (PC) I've heard this can be a very short game. You can reach the peak in an hour. Maybe less. I took a lot longer than that, distracted for three hours. This game is just nice. Incredibly chilled. And even though I've finished it I don't think I'll be uninstalling it. There's still more to see. The only downside is the creators preferred fat pixel mode. I usually love chunky pixels but in this case felt that the game looked much better without the chunks. (A quick trip to the graphics menu allows you to fix it.) And if you've played it before...play it again. They've added a motorboat which has a great scene. 06/09 RAD (PC) Bit of an odd one this. It's a six level rogue like with a Diablo style perspective and design somewhat like the Binding of Isaac. It's a weird collaboration between Double Fine and Namco which means it's wacky and off kilter but with classic Namco arcade sound effects. It's got an 80's straight to VHS feel down to the filters on some of the screens, the colour palette and the new wave music. The plot? After the second apocalypse teenagers are sent into the radiation infested world outside the village. You're armed with a baseball bat and the ability to absorb radiation. Every creature you kill (and some food you consume) with give you XP in the form of radiation. Every level up gives you a new mutation. Maybe a buff or resistance. Maybe extra health. Maybe an arm you can rip off and use as a boomerang, a tail that spawns spider like mini me things, maybe gas that can poison. It's great and all but it's the very definition of a 7/10 game. And I fell in love with it. After completing it eight times (out of over 50 runs) with a play time of 60 hours I've probably exhausted everything the game had to offer (and truth be told the ending was anti climatic) but I got an awful lot out of the $11AU I paid for it. I'd hesitate to recommend it over Diablo or Binding of Issac, both better games. It just felt like this was made just for me. Previously this month 05/09 Super Mario Bros (SNES/Switch) Earlier this year
  7. September 05/09 Super Mario Bros (SNES/Switch) Finally a chance to revisit the All Stars version and while purists will go for the NES version every time I kind of prefer this version. The levels seem to have more character and the Toad reveals at the end of each level become neat little individual gags. Previously
  8. Unofficial Who


    Ultimate Doom on Steam got a massive patch last night. It now supports widescreen. It supports controllers for heretics like me out of the box. And it has in game mod support. Want to play John Romero's Sigil? Just load up the game, go to add ins and select it and the game does the rest.
  9. Following up on the story above https://www.kotaku.com.au/2020/09/skullgirls-developer-lays-off-everyone-who-hadnt-already-quit/
  10. https://rgcddev.itch.io/luftrauserz/devlog/175427/luftrauserz-is-now-freepwyw?
  11. Still open for a bit and all those fakes still up for grabs.
  12. It's late, I've had a shit day at work and just want to go to bed but.... Redd is here and there are three fakes left! Fake Serene Painting Fake Graceful Painting and best of all a fake glowing Rosetta Stone! And Celeste is here as well. I'll leave the place open for a bit while I tidy up before bed. Come visit!
  13. Here's an interview with him from 2019 His passing is a huge loss to the community.
  14. So, some updates. First of all Dan Kitchen is looking at completing this game. Details at https://www.dankitchengames.com/ But some even more exciting news...a C64 port is in the works! http://www.indieretronews.com/2020/08/gold-rush-sequel-to-keystone-kapers.html#more
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