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  1. Madworld is a weird one where I vowed never to buy it but when I did an audit of my physical games last year it was just there in my collection. God knows how. Maybe a prank by my ex? I was a bit put off by the first Bayonetta until it was reveal that the main character was designed....for the female gaze, not the male gaze. Piqued my interest enough to play the intro where I discovered that her silky satin bodysuit is made from her hair. Which just grossed me out. It's a weird thing to be grossed out about but every time I think of that suit it gives me the same itchy feeling I had when I woke up one night choking on my then partner's long mane of hair. It's a very specific thing to be grossed out about. Pity, I do love over the top games. Back on topic I do remember playing Kane and Lynch 2 a few years back when is came out on Games with Gold because I was just fascinated by the VHS style rendering that they used but it was gross enough that I would never ever play it in front of company.
  2. They've actually been playing with this for a while with some limited subs to Crunchyroll and Disney Plus being offered as perks to GamePass users.
  3. In 1987 games like Tomahawk just held no appeal for me whatsoever given I had much faster options like A.C.E. and more interesting sci fi options for noodling about pointlessly like Mercenary. So I don't really have much to say about this game. I would like to say something about Zzap's review here and the advantage of the three "head" critiques. I feel like Gary Penn is if not the most honest here then at the very least the person who's view matched mine with games like this. I remember reading about this in other magazines and the reviews being evasive before settling on 7/10. Years later I remember reading somewhere about the score of the devil 7/10. And how it was used in reviews where the reviewer couldn't get their head around a game enough to tell if it was good or not and would give it 7/10 to be safe. A lot of flight simulators during this time got 7/10. Games like this live and die on their frame rate and we've already established that the C64 did not do great in this area. Just like with sports games or football management games I don't intend to play or really comment on these in future. I don't hold any special memories of them back in the day and I don't see the point of playing any but the most excellent examples now, I'll leave that to @squirtle and Graham. Here's a video of someone who has some idea of what to do playing it though.
  4. Yeah, it's been probably over a decade since I've switched to digital purchases and while ten years ago I was concerned about having a collection these days I'm more about "death cleaning" and tidying up and getting rid of what I don't need so it's not a burden for my partner. And while I would have railed against renting games digitally decades ago I'm spending as much or actually less than I used to pay for magazines with cover mounted tapes/discs/cds back in the day. Except this time instead of a demo of Doom I'm getting pretty much most of the Doom games plus access to close to 100 more. Gamepass has already affected my spending and playing habits as much as Netflix did a few years ago. I still don't think game streaming will be a thing where I live for a long time but I don't discount the possibility of TV's with built in MS hardware with enough storage for a few games. And with new rendering techniques that make games look better even when rendered at a low resolution using AI upsampling it's quite possible gaming tech might stabilise a bit. Nintendo still owns valuable IP and the handheld space for now. Sony was in a strong position at the start of the PS4 generation but they've nobbled themselves by narrowing their focus and expecting third parties to keep coming to the biggest party in town. And this will work for a while longer, pushing that metaphor a bit they still own the biggest room/venue but Microsoft just bought the most popular bands in town. And to push the metaphor even more the risk is that Microsoft is offering more ways to experience these games. Sony might wonder why it's dance hall is suddenly emptier while the big bands play not only in MS's room but also stream to the fans. I'm a bit surprised that people here our age aren't seeing how at risk Sony is. Sega were unassailable. Until the Saturn. Nintendo were unassailable. Until the WiiU and to an extent the Gamecube. Commodore was unassailable until the IBM. Atari was unassailable. Until Commodore, Spectrum, Amstrad, Apple. Chris Crawford a couple of decades ago made a speech "A Grain of Sand, A Gust of Wind" detailing all the powerhouse identities in the gaming space now long forgotten. http://www.erasmatazz.com/library/the-journal-of-computer/jcgd-volume-5/a-grain-of-sand-a-gust-of.html He himself is probably forgotten too at this stage. (Although some of that speech does suffer from pre or early internet invisibility of movement. He cites Nasir Gebelli as disappearing from the gaming scene in 1984 when two years later he worked with Squaresoft on indie games like Final Fantasy.) And to go back further I've got a great book on pinball in the early 80's that in the epilogue talks about how this new fangled fad of "TV games" will pass and that pinball will rightfully take up it's place as king again. In short, solid structures in the way things are done are as firm as rock....until they aren't. The Netflix / Blockbuster comparison is apt. Everyone laughed at Netflix for year until they made a big pivot and changed everything. Microsoft totally changed the game here as sure as Sony changed the game at E3 a quarter of a century ago when they said "$199" and dropped the mic.
  5. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/switchs-latest-n64-update-suggests-nintendo-could-be-improving-emulation/?
  6. You're still young. Once you reach 50 you'll understand. I'm really enjoying this although, even episode 3 (because it reminded me of some of my favourite shows in the 90's that would have somewhat cheesy episodes.) I find his white teeth absolutely terrifying. Where this is suffering is I'm watching this in between watching episodes of Hawkeye and the latter is just doing a much better job of selling "tired old fighter" energy. Maybe I'm easily pleased or maybe I'm happy with this when back in my day you got Caravan of Courage if you wanted Star Wars content.
  7. 1987 is a bit of a dead year for me C64 wise. It was the year my grandfather died and we moved to a new area with a new school where I had a pretty rough time. And at the same time our TV died and we couldn't replace it. So between 1987-88 most of my videogaming material was reading CU, C&VG and Zzap. I do remember games around 87-88 being really ugly and I think there's three main reasons. -Some devs at this time start jumping over to the 16 bits early. -Some of the talented devs like Braybrook start spending more time on their next game. Development cycles increase from now. -The eight bit market is in such good health it's attracted some new blood and some chancers. Oh and around 88-89 we're going to start to see some people using digitisers to really poor effect on the eight bit machines.
  8. Yeah, still odd that they haven't made that available here.
  9. There is an argument to start afresh so that you aren't lumbered by legacy tech and design. Worked with Final Fantasy 11 and then 14 (although to be fair the original launch of 14 was a disaster.) WoW has the problem of being the market leader MMO wise in that any changes will lose them customers that have probably been paying them subs for almost two decades.
  10. Streaming might be the way to go in some countries but in Australia it's a complete non-starter and probably will be for at least the next ten years. And again for territories such as mine this makes it even more compelling for Playstation users to make the switch to X-Box. Because PSNow doesn't exist here and probably can't because of latency. Which means if Sony's next move is to fold PSNow into PSPlus it's going to piss people here off because either -it's an extra service overseas locals can't access or -it's a new streaming service which will run like rubbish
  11. You've just reminded me of a moment from 20 years ago I've probably posted about before. My then wife and I were really into Animal Crossing. And she was upset at a trade with one of the villagers gone wrong where she had traded away some nice furniture and gotten something shit in return. So I sat down and painfully and slowly wrote a letter that went something like "Dear (whatever it's name was). You made my wife terribly upset. If you show your face again I will fuck you up for life. Have an apple. Love UW." My wife and I had a good laugh about it and then forgot about it. Fast forward a week and my friends are over trying out my new Gamecube and one of my friends started playing as a new villager. From the other side of the room I see this shitty little animal trundle over to her and cheerfully say "UW is my bestest friend in the world He's always writing me letters! You should see the lovely letter he sent me last week!" I laugh now but at the time I wanted the ground to swallow me up!
  12. My partner and I were talking about this last night and saying much the same thing. The best thing for his career now would be to stick to writing (maybe under a pseudonym) and never ever step foot on a set again.
  13. I don't remember seeing a single review for Raid 2000 back in the day but I do remember the adverts. So I was curious to give this a try. First impressions are bad with a title screen that reminded me of The Comet Game. But then it turned around. I'm a sucker for a good map and this is a half decent one. As for the game proper...well it's not the prettiest game out there. This is so close to being good. It feels like this was made as an attempt to cross Chris Butler's Z with the map and strategy of Pastfinder. This feels like an early access version of what could have been pretty good. As it is it came out the same month as Mutants which it's somewhat similar too and is immediately redundant. I gave this a good go but couldn't even take out a single reactor before I was driven away by how brown it was.
  14. I also noticed that if you left the guy alone he'd start pacing around randomly which initially made me think my gamepad was drifting.
  15. Last post for a bit (I wanted to split these three out) there is a big downside to the sale in regards to staff. With the buyout this means that while things for developers, programmers and other front line staff might improve this is going to be awful for many back office staff. One could make a case that we shouldn't sympathise with Actiblizzard's HR department but leaving them aside there's going to be a lot of accountants, clerks, marketing people and other back room people who will likely be let go as it's unlikely that MS will want to duplicate admin functions within the organisation. I don't envy them finding another job in this environment, especially with Actiblizzard being the last thing on their resume.
  16. So one scenario posited on the Jimquisition podcast which was interesting was that if Microsoft made a few more acquisitions then it might be possible that Sony would have no where left to turn and might end up making the extreme move of...selling SIE to Microsoft. To an extent IF (big underlined "if" here) I could see MS going for it. This generation as of early 2022 Sony still has a larger install base than Microsoft and the differences between the two machines are so little for multiformat games at least that it would be preferable for Sony users in that case to stay with the PS5 and be subbed to GamePass. It's cheaper for them in the short term (every X-Box MS is selling is I assume at a loss and we've already established that Microsoft is quite fine and is in fact more happy when users are accessing GamePass through machines that they don't have to sell or deal with warranties or parts etc.) Of course were that to look like happening then anti-monopoly watchdogs would be very involved and who's to say GamePass wouldn't immediately be dropped for a much worse deal without the competition? You raise some excellent points and I'd counter with the talent Microsoft appears to have drawn under the stewardship of Phil Spencer. This is a very different Microsoft to the Microsoft last gen under Don Mattrick just as the current Sony is a very different Sony to the company that released the PS4.
  17. It's been bleeding users to FF14, it will be interesting to see if this stems the bleeding. (My wife and her friends cited the continuing shit at Actiblizzard as the major reason they switched.)
  18. Pederasts are just as likely to be attracted to girls as they are to boys. I think most of us think of them abusing only boys is down to a litany of reasons. (The recent revelations of widespread abuse of boys in various churches, crimes against women and girls being downplayed, the sexualisation of girls in both eastern and western culture.)
  19. That is literally where I stopped playing. I was just "nope". I quite like that sort of goth look on adult men or women but not with overly young women and children. Deathsmiles is a complete non-starter for me and there was a time when I thought I'd never be able to play a JRPG again given some of the visual choices. There was a demo of some weird survival/dungeon crawler game on the PS4 which involved some sort of survival on an island full of deserted buildings with a party made up of teens and young adults. In the second act some of the protagonists died and came back as younger versions of themselves. I might have been unfair to it but I just noped at that point. Games set in normal schools give me the creeps as well. Apart from Skool Daze.
  20. Good thing Sony didn't just close Japan Studio then. Oh...wait....
  21. I recognise the tone that guy is using. I've used it before. "Nah mate, publishers will keep making games for the Amiga, where are they going to go? The PC? Some weird console?"
  22. I'll counter with this @rafaqat. There are loads of people who only play one game on their console. That game is usually COD. That's what makes this such a game changer.
  23. See that was the genius of Sony. Sony had this wide swathe of games covering all genres. But they decided recently to narrow their focus to a few AAA games to maximise income and lower their risk and....here we are. If Rockstar and EA were to stop publishing on the PS5....
  24. I was the one that bought Death's Door a couple of weeks ago so I'm taking credit for it now being on Gamepass.
  25. I can only speak anecdotally but my spending on Steam dropped big time last year. Although I did buy Undermine on Steam because it was cheaper than buying it on the MS Store once it had left Gamepass.
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