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  1. Anyone having problems on the PS4. Appears to be down
  2. Funnily enough I have a power pack for this so if you want it out your way give me a shout!
  3. Noob question - how does it run on an xbox series S? seems a cheaper option than upgrading my pc!
  4. Wait till you add the collection packs !!
  5. I use coin ops next 2 for the pc. It just works. Not easy to find but i might be able to get an invite to a torrent site which has it. Arcade punks also has it if you dare to go on that pop up hell site
  6. Liked to have seen J. Michael Straczynski let loose on the series but no probs with RTD returning. But no more Fear Her please
  7. I think it was just one guy who bought the stock
  8. https://www.facebook.com/groups/612026775815209/?ref=share
  9. Well things have moved on! Someone has bought the remaining stock and another has taken up the challenge to put new boards in them “Following on from Graham's post about ex-RCL stock, I'll announce that Hermit Retro Products is working on a replacement board for the Vega+. The board has been designed to fit the existing Vega+ shells and match buttons, ports, etc. plus reuse the original LCD, battery spec and speaker. However, as per other Hermit Retro boards, it'll have a Raspberry Pi Zero W onboard to make modification easier, development quicker and be a bit more transparent. This is a considerable rework from my original "spite" handheld (videos available on the Hermit Retro page) but basing this new board off that old design means there's a solid chance it'll work and be available in the near term. What "near term" means is probaby a few months as there'll be fit issues and tweaking required. Also, I've been looking at the issues with the Vega+ specifically around the shambles that was the buttons. I've identified what I suspect the issue is and we should be able to rectify those issues as well. Graham should be able to supply more details soon. Apologies in advance if this sounds perhaps a bit vague, but we wanted people to know there's maybe something recoverable out of the situation and we're working on it but, since it's basically a labour of love rather than a funded project and there will be bumps in the road, it'll take a bit of time. However, we'll be transparent about progress (or lack thereof). Ideally, we just want a handheld done that'll do Rick's design justice rather than just be lost. In the meantime, here's a render of the in-progress development board. It's mostly laid out and just needs routing. First prototypes hopefully will be ordered in the next few days....“
  10. In my days of refurbing PSP’s, getting a decent replacement battery was a pain in the arse. 1 1/2 - 2 hours if you were lucky. If you are using UMDs, even less. Don’t pay more than a fiver for one, they are all the same
  11. Jelly Any curry over a balti for heat. Vindaloos are for show offs Gin. I’ve tried it but I think it’s vile. liquorice (however you spell it) Turkish Delight
  12. well, maybe a bit for me
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