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  1. https://top-hat-gaming-man.creator-spring.com/
  2. https://youtu.be/zwPjNX5dgPE top hats new channel apparently
  3. Thanks @ferine Ffs, why can’t they just sell them without. Grrr. Seen a few rumours on twitter saying the 9th December is looking good for stock but you know, Twitter…
  4. So what’s the chances of getting a ps5 before Xmas? bugger all or sweet fa?
  5. And they are apparently “in bits” as they have been disowned by the circle jerk
  6. Meanwhile, a voice from the past reappears
  7. Lady decade has apparently deleted a load of tweets
  8. Looks like she appearing on a podcast, something called the RGB podcast? There was a trailer on the you tube channel. Had around 120 subscibers It increased to 180 subs within an hour. Then a few comments started saying "are you sure this is a good idea"? and "Are you mad" Comments started being deleted. Video went private and then disappeared. Laughable in someways
  9. So it looks like DJ slopes has deleted a tweet about him not working with TH and LD anymore. and some wag on twitter as put this
  10. She’s locked out any replies now. Get the impression that it’s a tough crowd
  11. Yep, we are all wrong, nothing to see here
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