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  1. Framerate can be a bit dodgy as well but I'm assuming the original PS1 version was the same.
  2. Will definitely pre order! In other news, my copy of Piko Collection 2 arrived from amazon a few hours ago. I've been playing Soccer Kid non stop, great game which I'd never played before. I did have Markos magic football though. ... I'd steer clear of Football Madness though, that ones not very good.
  3. Christ, California Games Surfing is the most addictive thing ever.
  4. I bought an Evercade and all of the in stock cartridges on Amazon a few days ago, Data East was out of stock, annoyingly. I've got to say, I've had a great time so far! I'd never played Xenocrisis before and I'm so glad this gave me an opportunity to, it's a cracking game.. which I don't mind saying I'm terrible at. I fully suspect a lot of the titles I probably won't play much but there is definitely enough titles which I'll enjoy and get my monies worth. Plus, there is some good games coming with the future releases. I would go crazy for a Neo Geo Pocket collection.
  5. Yeah definitely, Evolutions prices won't drop too much either way. The set brought so many people back to the TCG that there's massive nostalgia for it. And as we all know, Nostalgia sells!
  6. I think the Evolutions reprint was a rumour going around but i genuinely don't see that happening, especially as Nintendo are struggling to print enough stock for their modern sets. The PSA price hike has affected me, I've currently been waiting 11 months for a send off to come back so there is no way I'm going to be paying more and waiting that long, I'll just go and use CGC or another grading service, sure their value won't be as high but I do it for collection purposes rather than profit. I managed to get a Shining Fates Elite Trainer Box though which I'm opening tomorrow, extre
  7. Regarding the above post, if anybody ever needs online codes, let me know. I open Pokemon cards all the time and don't use the codes, more than happy to pass them onto you! Has anybody managed to buy any of the Shining Fates boxes? Lots of controversy at the moment with people buying all available stock and doubling the price, pretty annoying really. Especially as Shining Fates is a really great set with some awesome cards. Including that Shiny Charizard. If anybody's interested, I've recently done a video on my Shining Legends Graded Collection. It's amazing how prices h
  8. I've got three copies of Evolution and two of Cotton.
  9. I actually played Ducati for the first time tonight, I kind of enjoyed how the bikes handled, however, the tracks are pretty uninspired. Watched a few reviews afterwards, seems to be universally disliked.
  10. Been playing Hydro Thunder for the last few hours, amazing fun. I know they did a sequel on the xbox 360 but would love to see a HD remake or something.
  12. Picked up Star Wars Pinball for Nintendo Switch yesterday and have been playing non stop since. Well worth giving it a go if you haven't played it yet.
  13. That looks awesome. Need to go and try to find a copy on Ebay now!
  14. Whaaaaaaaat. I thought I had every Pinball game on the GBC, was this released over here?
  15. My first ever experience with video game pinball other than Sonic Spinball was Space Cadet, i must have played that game for hours! I now need to go and have a look and see if i can find a way of playing it today.... I'm pretty sure i was horrific at it back in the day, wonder if that'll be different now. Pinball FX3 is one of my most played games on my Nintendo Switch. Some of the tables are incredible, would say my personal favourites are Walking Dead, Family Guy and Bob's Burgers. It's a real shame they haven't been able to bring the South Park ones over
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