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  1. Ohhhhhh man Wetrix! We didn't have much money growing up so new games didn't happen often and when they did, we had to make sure we got our monies worth. Christmas of 99 was a difficult one for the family money wise and we didn't get much. One game we did end up with was... Wetrix, I suspect it had become a bargain bin title by that point? Anyway, I had absolutely no expectations going into it, I figured it would be a case of maybe getting half hour out of it before it got put in a cupboard until January when I would try and trade it at school for another game. (I actually managed to trade a copy of Clayfighter 64 for Zelda a few months later...) I BECAME ADDICTED. I literally spent the majority of my Christmas holiday playing it and just trying to break my high scores. I hadn't been this addicted to a game since Sonic 2. I still own the game and it's one of the few from my childhood I still own. (It's been through like 12 house moves!). I also own the Dreamcast version which is great. So thanks @Ste Pickford Made a big impact on my childhood!
  2. One of my favourite series but this looks a little lacklustre, there's a lack of character and modes. See how it goes when it hopefully arrives tomorrow!
  3. Yeah mine had been broken but that piece was replaced with a 3D printed one. Good as new now!
  4. I've recently bought a Virtual Boy with a handful of games and I'm actually pleasantly surprised. I wasn't really expecting to find any positives but I've actually had a lot of fun with it, especially with Wario Land, really annoying this hasn't been ported elsewhere. There are definitely cons, it should have been a headset rather than having a stand and I don't think I need to go into the Red/black only graphics. I've had a lack of headaches so far but i guess that will differ per person. They're not particularly easy to come by these days but has anybody ever owned one? What did you think of it? Can anybody remember it when it was first released? Would love to hear some stories!
  5. I've played an hour of the Switch version and I'm... nervous. I haven't bumped into any major issues yet but the framerate is a bit twitchy and I can see that I'm most likely going to bump into a fair few bugs. Really hope it doesn't spoil the enjoyment. Also the smaller levels are... weird. Hopefully I'll find it better once I start doing some of the side missions and stuff.
  6. Guess I should be happy I have a standard version on the way....
  7. Christ, this is such a bizarre game. I've been playing online and actually been doing quite well even though I think I'm pretty terrible at the game. Newcomers I guess. I played a few races offline to begin with and was a bit underwhelmed but I've actually had a lot of fun online though i never feel confident in finishing first even if I'm miles ahead.
  8. 9 Tracks is ridiculous. Garfield Kart had 16!
  9. First review I've seen. Looks like a mixed bag, i guess it will all depend on whether you think its worth £40. As said above though, coming just before the Mario Kart DLC may make up a lot of minds. That being said, I've got it pre ordered.
  10. I've got this pre ordered but the gameplay videos I've seen do concern me a little, the gameplay looks very slow...
  11. £240. Crazy price but I'm happy. I saw a boxed one sell for £500 on facebook a few weeks ago.
  12. Just wanted to show my new collection addition, though I will be wearing this daily. It's beautiful...
  13. I probably shouldn't say this as it'll come back to haunt me but I actually think Bruce might be a good option. The major concern for West Brom is that due to their dodgy ownership, if they don't go straight back up, I can see them falling down the table and finishing regularly next to my team, Brum.
  14. Daytona through VGA is beautiful Does anybody play Dreamcast online? Getting a Broadband adapter on Tuesday so want to play some Phantasy Star and Quake 3 online.
  15. It certainly seems like a game where you need to play the game a bunch of times and remember each enemy pattern. Going to be a lot of fun... and frustration!!
  16. Christ, Toki is a bit difficult isn't it.
  17. Might be worth him playing the online game as that's how a lot of my mates ended up learning how to play.
  18. Replied to your PM! In regards to teaching them how to play, they're are plenty of tutorials on YouTube, i haven't actually played the game since i was a kid so i would need a refresher as the game as changed since the early days. Collecting only for me
  19. Reminds me of my childhood. No problem whatsoever, drop me a PM with your details.
  20. No worries! Drop me a PM with your details and I'll get them sent out on Monday.
  21. Did it end up getting chucked in a drawer in the end? Yeah grading is a bit complicated for PSA, as you need to send your cards over to the USA but there has recently been a few UK based companies open, I personally won't use them but it does make the process a lot easier. I do find the idea of ten year old kids getting cards graded hilarious though, the power of Youtube! I recently did a video of my PSA Legendary Collection set which is one of the rarest and most expensive, literally thousands of pounds for certain cards: I should also say, if anybody reading this thread has children who would like some Pokemon cards, I've got literally thousands of common cards which I'd be happy to send out to start their collections or curiosities. Just give me a shout.
  22. Interested in Toki! PM incoming. Also I'm not interested in buying the console but what are the main differences between the different Lynx versions? Was there much improvement back in the day?
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